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  • "For the Greater Good" depicts Knyfe stabbing the villain Choke. This would be a key event in Choke's ascension into Chokepoint.
  • Knyfe is found combating villains in several of her cards. Proletariat on "Amplified Combatant", Fright Train on "Wrecking Uppercut", Major Flay on "Kinetic Neutralizer", a Celestial Executioner from The Celestial Tribunal on "Energy Burn", and Choke/Chokepoint on "For the Greater Good".
  • Knyfe's incapacitated art shows Citizen Dawn turning Knyfe's internal light against her, as was mentioned in Letters Page Episode 5 as an example of a hero who would not be able to take on Dawn one-on-one.


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To Other Works

  • Knyfe’s military background and penchant for violence were popular tropes in 90’s comics.
  • Knyfe’s powers, attire, and the intentional misspelling of her name are tropes shared by many popular 90’s comic book characters. The power to manipulate nondescript energy was very common with 90’s superheroes, most notably ones from the now defunct Malibu Publications. Intentionally misspelled names were infamously prevalent at the time thanks to their overuse in the then-popular Image Comics; examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Dreadlox (Marvel)
    • Byrd (Image Comics)
    • Bloodwynd (DC)
  • Knyfe's powers in general are similar to those of Marvel's Psyloche.
  • The green, pointed eared enemy that Knyfe is fighting on “Energy Burn” is the Celestial Executioner, one of the AI's of the Celestial Tribunal.
  • The red-garbed ninjas on “Flawless Execution” somewhat resemble ninjas of The Hand, an evil organization in the Marvel Universe.
  • The scene pictured on “Infiltrate and Obfuscate” is a reference to a similar scene in the film “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.”
  • The surface that Knyfe is standing upon on “Primed Punch” has circle and line designs indicative of comic artist Jack Kirby.
  • The poses of Knyfe and Major Flay on "Kinetic Neutralizer" are a reference to the cover of X-Men #5 which depicts Wolverine fighting Omega Red in similar poses.
  • Knyfe's incapacitated side may be a reference to Marvel's X-Men #25 from 1993, which was itself the fourth entry of the six-part Fatal Attractions crossover. The climax of the issue was a full-page spread depicting the villain Magneto ripping away the adamantium coating from a still-living Wolverine's skeleton. Citizen Dawn and Knyfe are posed like Magneto and Wolverine respectively, with Dawn's light powers taking the place of the adamantium tendrils bursting from Wolverine's skin.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Notes from Letters Page 21 - K.N.Y.F.E.
    • Progeny fought pretty much everyone, so why is it K.N.Y.F.E. the nemesis? This is a pairing more on K.N.Y.F.E.'s end than on Progeny's. Her story involves it heavily (it's why she left F.I.L.T.E.R., it's why she went into space, her intel is what allowed the body count to be relatively low in Megalopolis, etc.). Fighting space monsters is right in her wheelhouse.
    • Based on the Block's interdimensionality, is our Paige Huntly originally from the main universe/timeline? No. She's from a very similar one, though. The observational mission she was on when she saw Progeny defeat a team of heroes was her timeline.
    • Has she encountered different versions of the heroes out in the multiverse? Yeah, Tempest from her timeline was already mentioned (along with the rest of that team who died) for example.
    • What was the purpose of her F.I.L.T.E.R. spec ops team? Did she work with Sgt. Steel? She mostly fought alien monsters but did fight with Steel on occasion, too, but not regularly.
    • Considering F.I.L.T.E.R. doesn't seem to have an issue with locking up powered individuals, why did they have problems with the information that she brought to them (regarding Progeny)? There's some sinister stuff going on above her pay grade that will get addressed in next week's episode.
    • Was the anomaly that she found Progeny or it just a part of what she discovered that led to her leaving? It was part of a whole.
    • What shape was she in after the Progeny fight? Not as bad as most heroes - "she gave worse than she got".
    • Were there attempts by Sgt. Steel to bring her back before or after Progeny? After, as mentioned.
    • Is there only one Block? Yes.
    • What all happened in Out of Time - is this her whole backstory? This is her backstory, it starts with her gaining powers and ends with her leaving F.I.L.T.E.R. - she becomes a "rogue agent" here, but this isn't where her Rogue Agent variant shows up.
    • The flavor text on the OoT quotes are more coherent than on her other cards, writers having trouble with her accent and/or how thick to make it? Her accent fluctuates based on writers/which book she's in. Since OoT required a lot of storytelling from her point of view (and if she's the main character in other books) they dial it back. Canonically she has a particularly thick Scottish accent (they even note that they're aware that there are a variety of Scottish accents - although they don't mention a specific one for her).
    • What's the deal with her nemesis icon? It's a torn F.I.L.T.E.R. emblem.
    • What's her personal view on aliens? How about people like Captain Cosmic who got their powers from cosmic sources? Robots? Magic users? Initially, when fighting mindless monster beasts she was on-board. Once she starts running into sapient aliens (like Tempest) she reevaluates. She's still wary of non-human entities, but she also spends a lot of time as a space-based hero (as the only human) and this is all part of her character arc.
    • Does K.N.Y.F.E.'s clan/family factor in at all? She's a member of Clan Gordon and no other heroes are, but there is one member who's important to the world of Sentinels [they don't specify who - maybe either Adam or Christopher themselves?].
    • What's the story with her tattoo? Does she keep in touch with her old military contacts? The tattoo is the Clan Gordon emblem. She doesn't have any ties with her old military people - it's been a long time and it's in a different reality.
    • Is she seeing anyone? She's single and not really looking for a relationship, but is open to the occasional dalliance. She'd likely bristle under the idea of a commitment.