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Fireside Chats

  • Kaargra Warfang's character card flip side is updated to read: "When flipped to this side, set Kaargra Warfang’s HP to 40."
  • Crowd's Favor: “A hero target deals 2 or more damage to multiple non-hero targets in a single turn.” This adds the token immediately upon the second damage, but only once per turn. A token cannot be added to the pool by the same target more than once per turn for this reason.
  • Crowd's Favor: “A villain target destroys a non-villain target." This does not add a token if a villain incapacitates a hero.
  • Crowd's Favor: If multiple targets are dealt 4 or more damage each, you get 1 token for each target, plus 1 for having damaged multiple targets for 2 or more.
  • Bloodsworn Judgement's text is updated to change "flip" to "reveal" and now reads: “Each player destroys one of their ongoing or equipment cards. Reveal the top card of the Title deck and put it under the villain target with the highest HP with the title effects still visible.”* When Kaargra’s advanced rule on her flipped side causes title cards to be placed under her, these count as cards entering the villain play area.
  • If there are no villain targets in play when “Bloodsworn Judgement” is played, a title card still gets revealed and then "discarded." If the title deck has no cards, this part is ignored.
  • If Kaargra Warfang is removed from the game, the heroes win.
  • When Provocator Tarnis redirects “the first damage to a non-hero target beside himself each turn”, and Tempest is dealing multiple instances of damage, only the first target that would receive damage gets the damage redirected.
  • The Crowd’s Favor card says “When a hero target destroys a non-hero target” (gain a token). If Tachyon uses Sucker Punch to destroy a target, the heroes get a token. Death Caller also counts.
  • The Crowd’s Favor token count can go above 20.
  • The wording on Dymkharn the Fearless is changed to: “Whenever this card is dealt damage, this card becomes immune to damage for the rest of the current turn.”
  • The wording on Crowd's Favor is adjusted for clarity to read: "A hero target deals 2 or more damage at once to multiple non-hero targets in a single turn." and "A villain target deals 2 or more damage at once to multiple non-villain targets in a single turn."
  • When Conscripted Engineer discards the top card of each deck, that includes the Title Deck (causing that card to be shuffled into the Title Deck).


  • When Title cards are played from the top of the Title deck, they are cards being “played” and they are “cards entering play”, as normal.
  • When Title cards are automatically moved to a target (e.g. Bloodsworn Judgement) they are entering play.
  • The age-old question: When a title looks at something “this turn” (example Title: “Champion”), it only cares about what has happened since the card came into play. It does not look back in time.
  • Suppose Champion is under target A. While it’s there, target B destroys 3 targets in one turn. Then, target A is destroyed and the Champion card goes back to the Title Deck area. It does not now consider target B to be the Champion, because that game text was not in play while target B was destroying the other targets. Effectively, it checks since the card last entered the title deck play area.
  • When Imbued Vitality is in play, if Kaargra plays Bloodsworn Judgement, then Kaargra gets credit for destroying the ongoing/equipment cards that are targets. They count for Bloodsworn favor, Title: The Champion, Title: Death-Caller, etc.
  • Title: “Chaos Lord” excludes cards that were "put into play" by the player. Cards played by another source (e.g. Set’s incapped side) do not count. Cards belonging to other heroes do not count (e.g. Omnitron-X’s base power).
  • For Title: “Reckless”, when a target deals themself damage and gets the title, they do not immediately gain 1 HP for having just been dealt damage, because they didn’t have that effect when they dealt themselves damage. Same for “The Mindbreaker.”
  • The Seeker title is not awarded if the target dealing the damage has an effect like Stun Bolt on them. The damage reduction needs to be on the target, not the damage dealer. However, global damage reduction (e.g. Defensive Displacement) does count.
  • Title: The Unbreakable does not work the same as Aegis of Resurrection. It cancels the damage AND then provides a heal. And then destroys itself.
  • A target cannot get The Seeker if damage was redirected and reduced by Smoke Bombs, because that target does not have its own damage reducing effect.