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  • Soulslayer Perith’s design, attire, and mannerisms may be a reference to the popular Adultswim.com game “Lesbian Spider Queen of Mars.”
  • S’Sdari the Bloody is designed around the popular “steampunk” motif.
  • The man depicted on “Title: ‘Stonejaw’” is Rook City detective Tony Taurus.
  • The suit of armor Haka is wearing on “Title: ‘The Unbreakable’” is identical to the one worn by the Hulk in the “Planet Hulk” miniseries.


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To Other Works

  • Kaagra’s powers, motivation, personality, and the brutal Colosseum games she sponsors are all evocative of the DC villain Mongol, specifically the version which debuted in the 2001 Justice League cartoon series. She can also be compared to the Red King of the 2006 Marvel mini-series “Planet Hulk,” who also had similar characteristics.
  • As a cyclopean parasite which takes control of its victim’s minds, Orim Hiveminded is similar to the DC villain Starro the Star-Conqueror.