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Set: Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City


DELAYED:Sentinel Tactics Character Panel

Innate Power:


Delayed: Part of the indefinitely delayed Battle for Broken City Core Set for Sentinel Tactics.

When a man (Exemplar) did step forth, he was not the same man whose sense of enterprise had build a commercial kingdom, nor was he the mastermind who had ruled Rook City's underground. Further, he was accompanied by five others: the only surviving occupants of the other tubes. Each of them were an embodiment of one of the primary drugs that made Spite the lone "successful" subject of Pike's earlier experiment. They know no names other than the monikers given to them by their glorious master: Exemplar.

The Spites each have their own abilities and personalities, but all of them are unified in their love of destruction.

He has barely any grasp of language, and thinking of anything more complex than the most rudimentary of subjects can cause him pain. However, Karnal is good at following directions, especially, when those directions involve destruction.

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Note: This is a reference for all five 'Spites' from Battle for Broken City - one reference for all 5 due to their unique style nature

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