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Fireside Chats

  • Lady Luck reveals a card when Kismet herself would be destroyed, and will prevent her destruction if the revealed card is not a Lucky card and her HP is >= 0. If it is a Lucky card, she will be destroyed. Specifically, if the card is Fortune's Smile and her HP is <= 0, she may regain HP to above 0, but since she's in the process of being destroyed, the game will still end.
  • If I'm That Guy copies Jinx cards, there is no effect (similar to copying most other "next-to" cards).
  • If "Scattered Mind" is next to a hero and they deal damage to multiple targets, they have to discard 1 card for each target dealt damage.
  • If Inconceivable Obstruction reveals a Shinobi Assassin, the Assassin goes into play and takes the damage.
  • Suppose damage that cannot be redirected would be dealt to Kismet and Inconceivable Obstruction is in play. Kismet still flips over the top card of the environment deck, and put it into play if it is a target, even though damage is not redirected to it.
  • When Trickster Kismet moves all Jinxes in play to the play area of the highest HP hero target, they go next to the highest HP “legal” target in that play area, given the play rules specifically on that Jinx.
  • Suppose Imbued Vitality and Lady Luck are in play. A villain ongoing card is dealt damage so it's at 0 HP or less and would be destroyed. Lady Luck reveals a non-lucky card, preventing the destruction and leaving the target at 0 HP or less. Lady Luck reveals another card (and so on, until finding a lucky card or running out of cards to reveal). Unless there's something like Fixed Point that says it's OK to have a thing in the state of being destroyed and NOT resolved, then it MUST resolve.

Spiff's Clarifications

Kismet’s Talisman

  • Due to the odd nature of this card, it is considered a character card (it doesn’t have a normal card back like the rest of the cards in her deck, and it flips rather than being destroyed when reduced to zero or fewer hp). this means that things which do not affect character cards (like Visionary’s “Wrest the Mind”, for example) cannot be played on the Talisman. And remember, even when the Talisman is in front of a hero, it’s still a villain target, meaning that cards which affect all villain targets (like Tempest’s “Squall” power) will still affect the Talisman. Kismet's Talisman