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  • Her nemesis symbol was first seen on the chest of a character on the Shock Rounds card from Expatriette. Before his name was known, the forum refereed to him as 'Twitchy', due to the flavor text of the card. He is Setback
  • Her cards "Imminent Destruction" and "Inconceivable Obstruction" (featuring Visionary and Ra, respectively) show events from the confrontation between Kismet and the heroes in the Ruins of Atlantis, following her first escape from the Block. "Lady Luck" and "Scattered Mind" have cited issues for their flavor text in the same run of issues, but the art doesn't place it necessarily in the same place.
  • "Violent Trickster" shows Kismet punching Setback with a roulette wheel, dice, and playing cards as accompanying imagery. This could place it during their first confrontation as adults, during a casino heist also involving The Hippo (and planned by Highbrow).
  • The shark in "Inconceivable Obstruction" is the same shark Guise is riding in his card "Gimmicky Character".


  • The artwork for Unstable Kismet shows the environment Madame Mittermeier’s Fantastical Festival of Conundrums & Curiosities in the background

To Other Works

  • Kismet was the submission of Alex Franklin during the Create a Villain contest. This submission won first place and was revealed as a new villain during the Shattered Timelines kickstarter campaign on November 20, 2012.
  • Kismet is a word, derived from Arabic, Sanskrit, Urdu or Hindi, meaning fate or destiny, a predetermined course of events. - wikipedia reference
  • "If people are curious, her family's last name 'Adhin' is a corruption of 'ádh,' which is Irish Gaelic for luck/fortune. Her (original) first name is the female equivalent of a good friend of mine's name." - Alex Franklin via the Official SotM Forums
  • As a probability manipulator, Kismet is most similar to the Marvel characters Domino and Scarlet Witch.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Notes from Letters Page Episode 7:
      • Why is she a criminal given what we know of her power (game bio/what we see in the cards) - why not just win the lottery etc.? The backlash effect mentioned - if she uses her power to win the lottery directly, something bad will happen to negate it.
      • Setback/Kismet dichotomy seems to be a passive/active one - Pete accepts things as they happen, Gabrielle cheating fate when she can get away with it, is that accurate for their rivalry? Kind of. They don't really have a rivalry. They've crossed paths a few times and he just sees her as somebody from his past, while she hates him. It's kind of a confirmation bias thing for her - he's only really done 2 things to her, but she feels that he ruined her life.
      • What's the deal with the shark? [this is a pretty funny question at around 51:00] Shark is coming up through the floor in Atlantis. Ra had Kismet cornered and dead-to-rights, but then the shark bursts in to distract him. We find out that Ra, Visionary, and Haka (and others) were there to fight her. Guise just happened to be in the Ruins of Atlantis doing some geocaching and needed a way to get back up to the surface, so he rides the shark back up.
      • How do you get rid of Jinxes? Does she know about the curse on Setback? Could she remove it? Jinxes largely wear off automatically (and have good things happen to them in the meantime), although some heroes could do something about it themselves (e.g. Visionary). The curse is something else and is much more powerful and permanently a part of him. She's not aware of that, though. She might be able to do so, but only if she put enough power and effort into it as her teenage angst did to create it. She'd probably want to if she knew about it, if only to keep it from thwarting her later but also to study it to see how she could use it.
      • What does the Scholar think of her? He's tricky as an omnipresent figure who shows up to help lots of people, but then just goes away again. He's part of so many character's stories, while always pretty much being the same. Other characters grow or change over the years, but he's always himself. He doesn't really have any interactions with Kismet, though, in the primary continuity. He probably would put a lot of effort into changing her if he met her, though. Stay tuned for the Scholar episode in a long time.
      • She can see threads of fate and causality - does she see OblivAeon coming? More power talk: yeah she feel the strands of fate and can push on them, but it's not really "seeing" the future of reality. It's more of a feeling that "if I push here, something good will happen" more than seeing the nature of what the good thing would be. Since she's not really seeing the future, she has no way of seeing OblivAeon coming. She has some inklings of something bad approaching, but not what it is.
      • Unstable Kismet seems to have ties to Madame Mittermeier's Fantastical Festival of Conundrums & Curiosities, does that imply relationship with Glamour and Cueball? Yes, they're people she's worked with before and called up for her "hero side-show" plot. There's also been a Baron Blade event that happened there and some Argent Adept stuff, but Kismet is the "main" event for the location.
      • What's the deal with her tattoo? Started out relatively small on her shoulder- got it the first time she used her power and didn't see the repercussion. She adds to it on similar occasions, memorializing major events (for her, we don't see all of them in the comics) where she used her power without experiencing the backlash.
      • Which other villains has she interacted with the most? Has Dawn tried to recruit her? Most is probably members of the Slaughterhouse Six (separately before they teamed up). Dawn wouldn't have bothered - too much liability being around her.
      • Has she tried dating since she and Pete broke up? Yeah, it's been years. On-again, off-again thing with Re-Volt. Nothing notable story-wise.
      • Curse repeatable? Already covered, she doesn't have enough knowledge about how her power works to repeat it as well as the need for some big upwelling of power/emotion to get it going in the first place.
      • Did she do anything interesting during OblivAeon? Very much so. In the Block when it starts, sees stuff is going down (and the Block is in a precarious situation in the first place given the crashing realities). She escapes into the "card game timeline" and she seals the portal to the Block behind her - more in the Future section.
      • "Unstable" variant named for her power or her personality? Yes. Power backlashes are unpredictable and personality has never really been particularly stable, but a lot of time in the Block hasn't helped. She never really got out of the teenage temper tantrum level of growing up.
      • Repercussions of her being a fan-created character on the setting? They liked the probability shifting aspect - they hadn't really planned to have somebody filling that role. Setback was waiting in the wings already and it made sense to combine their stories. They shied away from "probability" powers due to the nature of a card game, but they liked how Alex approached it/worded how her effects played out, needing to be "outwardly focused".