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  • When La Capitan moves a card under herself to the appropriate trash to prevent damage, the players pick from card backs. They do not get to see what the card is, just who it belongs to.* Temporal Thief allows players to select the order that the cards move under La Capitan. They get to see what the cards are. If a hero’s deck has no cards, they are not affected and it does not cause a reshuffle.
  • The "cannot use powers" effect from Walk the Plank is tied to the damage. If the damage is redirected, the effect applies to whoever was dealt damage.
  • The wording of Walk the Plank is changed in order to clarify that the "cannot use powers" effect happens to the target that receives the damage. The new wording is: “La Capitan deals the hero character card with the highest * HP 3 projectile damage. A hero dealt damage this way cannot use powers until the start of the villain turn.”

Vengeance Version

  • Suppose Stitch in Time is in play and La Capitan plays Throwback. That would destroy Stitch in Time at the end of the out of sequence Environment turn, allowing La Capitan to take an extra immediate full turn before returning to what was going on when Throwback was played.
  • Suppose Stitch in Time is destroyed and Throwback is played during the extra villain turn. Then the environment would take a full turn now during La Capitan’s extra turn, during which villain targets would be immune to environment damage, and then at the end of that turn it would return to La Capitan’s full out of sequence turn.
  • Suppose Throwback is in play and Stitch in Time is played and destroyed during the Throwback environment turn. Villain targets are not immune to damage during the Stitch in Time villain turn.
  • When Throwback is played, it causes things that would expire at the start of the environment turn to expire right then. It is a real and full environment turn, doing all the things an environment turn does.
  • If Chronological Hotspot causes The Sentinels to "deal themself 3 psychic damage," their player chooses one of them to do so.
  • If La Capitan is incapacitated during the extra environment turn caused by Throwback, the environment turn continues.
  • When Throwback’s effect completes, and Throwback was played during La Capitan’s Play Card phase, it returns to La Capitan’s Play Card phase, if she has anything else going on then. Otherwise, it moves to the end of her turn.
  • Stitch in Time does not remain in play for the duration of the extra turn. The extra turn triggers after its destruction.
  • Chiquito triggers the first time a turn any player discards a card (and not again that turn for other players).
  • Chiquito only look for cards discarded by a player, not by a villain or environment card. This works similarly to The Scholar of the Infinite's innate power.
  • If Rook City Wraith discards an environment card (i.e. a non-hero card), Chiquito steals it. If Setback discards a villain or environment card using Fumbling Fool, Chiquito steals it. Chiquito isn't limited to hero cards, just cards discarded by heroes.
  • A Good Time Span’s text is adjusted to read: "If La Capitan would be dealt 3 or more damage by another target, prevent that damage and La Capitan deals the source of that damage 2 energy damage."


  • The text of Combat Timing is updated to read: “If La Comodora would be dealt 3 or more damage, prevent that damage and La Comodora may deal 1 target 2 projectile damage.”
  • When using La Comodora’s base power, the player does not get to look at the top card of the selected deck while putting a card under it.
  • If Guise copies Maria Helena’s Plot, and borrows an equipment that is then destroyed, Guise’s copy of Maria Helena’s Plot reacts to that.
  • When you play Harnessed Anomaly and select a card in a trash it does not belong to (e.g. a primordial seed or a reward, the card gets shuffled into the deck it belongs to, not the deck associated with the trash pile it's currently in. Then, you play the top card of the deck you just shuffled that card into.

Spiff's Clarifications

  • Split Across Time advanced rules timing
    • La Capitan’s “Split Across Time” side has an ability which reads “whenever La Capitan would be dealt damage, move a card from under this card to the appropriate trash. if you do, prevent that damage”. her advanced rules on this side say “the first time La Capitan would be dealt damage each round, redirect that damage to the non-villain target with the highest hp”. which effect should trigger first? Because of the order in which the abilities are written on the card, La Capitan would prevent damage by removing cards from beneath her until she could no longer do that, then use the damage redirection ability. Answers to Debated Questions

Oversized card misprint

  • The text for La Capitan’s advanced mode is incorrect on the oversized card. The text on the normal-sized card is correct: the first time La Capitan would be dealt damage each round, redirect that damage to the non-villain target with the highest hp. La Capitan Advanced

Cards taken from incapacitated heroes

  • On La Capitan’s front side, she has a power which says “whenever a hero card is destroyed by a villain card, put it under this card.” If a hero becomes incapacitated, does La Capitan get to keep their cards? Nope. As stated in the rulebook, when a hero is incapacitated, all of their cards are removed from the game, including ones which are under another card, as in this case. Cards under La Capitan and Hero Death