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Fireside Chats

Legacy (Hero)

  • The wording on Superhuman Durability says “whenever Legacy would be dealt 5 or more damage” but does not get evaluated at the same time as other “would be dealt damage” effects. Instead, it gets evaluated with increase/reduce effects. This card, and any card that has a condition on the amount of damage and itself modifies the damage amount, are a special case.
  • When “I’m That Guy” copies “Heroic Interception” it results in all hero targets being immune to damage.

Iron Legacy (Villian)

  • Rule from the Front requires you to either discard 2 cards or destroy 1 card. The only way you won’t do one of these things is if you have no cards in hand and no non-indestructible/character cards. For example, if you have a card to destroy and fewer than 2 cards in hand, you cannot choose to discard.
  • If Fixed Point is in play and Rule from the Front is played, you must choose to discard cards because you cannot destroy any of your cards.
  • Vigilance triggers the first time a turn any player plays a hero card (and not again that turn for other players).

Spiff's Clarifications

Legacy (Hero)


  • Note that Legacy himself will not usually benefit from his own “Galvanize” innate power. This is because of timing – Legacy will usually activate “galvanize” during his power phase, which is after having played any damaging one-shots, and “Galvanize” will last only until the start of legacy’s next start-of-turn phase, which is before he’ll be able to play cards or use powers. Of course, if some power or effect allows Legacy to deal damage while “Galvanize” is in effect, he will be able to benefit from the damage boost like anyone else.

Lead From the Front

  • This card reads “whenever a hero target would be dealt damage by a villain card, you may redirect that damage to Legacy”. What happens when a villain card does damage to every hero target? Does the damage get added up and then the total is redirected to Legacy, or does it get redirected one at a time? It gets redirected one at a time in the order of the player’s choosing. This could be important if, for example, Legacy had “Fortitude” in play which reduces damage dealt to legacy by 1. With both “Lead From the Front” and “Fortitude” in play, if each hero took 1 damage (for example), each would be redirected to Legacy and reduced to zero individually so that in the end, no hero would end up taking damage. Also, keep in mind that “Lead From the Front” says that you “may” redirect damage to legacy. You don’t have to do it every time damage occurs.

Superhuman Durability

  • This card reads “whenever Legacy would be dealt 5 or more damage from a single source, reduce that damage by 3”. each instance of damage is a separate source, so if a single target (a villain, for example) dealt three different instances of damage to a character in a single round, each instance would be evaluated by “Superhuman Durability” separately. The fact that all three came from the same ‘source’ (the villain) isn’t relevant.

Iron Legacy (villain)

Final Evolution

  • This card has an effect which triggers when it enters play (it deals damage). This effect will trigger even if the point at which it enters play is during setup, when you’re laying out the starting (H) ongoing cards. Answers to Debated Questions