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Danger Sense
Ongoing: When defending, treat one die in the attacker's roll as blocked without assigning a blocking die.
Flavor-Text: "Nice try, scrap pile. There may be a lot of you, but numbers alone will not win the day!" - Legacy, America's Finest Legacy #48
Flying Smash
Action: Legacy moves up to four hexes and makes this attack.

Area Attack
Origin 0, Radius 1
Flavor-Text: "That's enough! Your dastardly deeds will befoul this fair city no longer!" - Legacy, America’s Finest Legacy #15
Action: You or an ally in Legacy's line of sight gains either two Attack+1 tokens, two Defense+1 tokens, or one of each.
Flavor-Text: "We'll hit them where they're strongest and still prevail! Follow me!" - Legacy, The Wraith #9
Heroic Interception
Ongoing: Once per attack, if an ally within Legacy's line of sight would be attack during an enemy's turn, Legacy may trade places with that ally. If he does, Legacy is now the defender against that attack.
Flavor-Text: "If there is a chance someone might get hurt, that man will not hesitate to get in the way." - Tempest, The Inhuman Tempest #16
Inspiring Presence
Ongoing: Surge: You and each ally in Legacy's line of sight each gain Attack+1 token.
Flavor-Text: "The price of freedom may be high, but it's a price we're willing to pay!" - Legacy, Freedom Five Annual #1
Motivational Charge
Action: Whenever this attack resolves, Legacy and each ally regain 1 health.

Flavor-Text: "Even when we get knocked down, we stay in the fight. That's what it means to be a hero." - Legacy, America's Finest Legacy #12
Surge of Strength
Ongoing: Surge: Gain two Attack+1 tokens.
Flavor-Text: "Metallic facsimiles might look like us, but they are missing our greatest asset - our spirit!" - Legacy, Freedom Five Annual #3