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  • Severed Ley-Line does not make the villain nor environment shuffle their trash into their deck.
  • The secondary effect on “The Ataxia Sphere” is tied to the target actually dealt damage. The wording is updated to read: “At the end of the villain turn, this card deals the hero target with the lowest HP 2 infernal damage. If a hero character card is dealt damage this way, that hero’s player must either discard 1 card or shuffle their trash into their deck.”
  • Deadline's Calculated Orogenesis plays the top card of the environment deck, then has "that environment card" deal damage. If it plays a Primordial Seed, it's not an environment card, so the damage fizzles.


  • For Lifeline’s third incapacitated ability, the check for maximum HP happens after the HP gain.
  • Alien Arcana does not ignore the plays of the other copy of Alien Arcana; only its own play.
  • Suppose Lifeline uses Nordidian Sulph-Axe to deal damage and destroy one of Akash'Bhuta's limbs when she's on her flip side. Upon the destruction, you can choose between Akash'Bhuta and the limb, and then the Sulph-Axe acts.