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Tarogath watched as the last of his people were wiped from existence. Jansa Vi Dero, the Terminarch, had offered Tarogath the chance to preserve the memory of his race, the Procitors, and he had taken it. But that meant he would be the last of his kind. He suffered the awful fate of knowing he was the last Procitor.

That was over 700 years ago.

Now, from his eternal home in the Enclave of the Endlings, Tarogath watches the galaxy. Most of the Endlings were content to distract themselves with their new life in the Enclave, but Tarogath cared not for their company. He spent his time, absorbed in observing the rest of the galaxy. He wept for the Mubbloxians and the Piunites as Grand Warlord Voss destroyed their civilizations, unsurprised when Jansa added one from each of their ranks to the roster of the Endlings. But then, he saw something horrible and familiar. He watched as cosmic events circled around a distant star-system in the Milky Way galaxy. The cosmic concurrences there could not be random. He was witnessing the beginning of another extinction event! And perhaps, just perhaps, he could be in time to stop it!

Stealing tech from many lost races and a ship from the Enclave, Tarogath made his way to the planet Earth. There, he brought his wisdom of centuries, his mourning for so many lost races, and his fury against the capricious forces which would bring about such catastrophes. Then, he became the embodiment of destruction. He knew that destroying enough of this foreign planet and killing enough of its inhabitants would slow if not stop entirely the cosmic events which threatened their very existence. With a heavy heart, Tarogath took the mantle of Deadline and sought to leave a scar which humanity may never fully recover from.

He will bring peace to the Earth… by plunging it into the dark ages!

  • First appears fairly late in the card game timeline - fairly shortly after Vengeance where the Endlings observe the various goings-on on Earth. The Enclave has been a feature in the setting since the Silver Age. They talk about the Terminarch and her mission a bit, but it's more or less the info we have in the Environment description. Worth mentioning, though, that it's explicitly not like a zoo or museum. The Endlings are not put in exhibits, but are being "preserved for all eternity" as residents of the Enclave. There are some beasts there too, which are more like a zoo, but the sapient beings are free to move about.
    • Tarogath didn't settle in and socialize with the other Endlings as well as most. He instead used his time to use the Enclave's technology to observe the universe, much like the Terminarch does. He's been there over 700 (Earth) years and has watched many species' ends. This gets to you after a while. Then he sees what he interprets as the beginning of a new extinction event on Earth, corroborated by more of the Enclave's own "early warning" systems. He feels that he can stop this and so steals a bunch of tech from the Enclave (like a ship and the Zenith Gauge as mentioned in the Chokepoint episode).
    • His plan hinges on the fact that he sees Earth's situation as one where one race is becoming too strong/important and is drawing the attention of other beings that will wipe them out. He wants to prevent this by knocking this upstart race back into the dark ages, and therefore off the radar of the larger threat. Killing 2/3 of them will allow the other 1/3 to survive. He recognizes that nobody is going to like him for this and that every part of this will be distasteful, but it needs to be done for their own good.
    • He meets more resistance than he'd anticipated. This is par for the course for Earth's heroes - they seem to consistently bring more firepower to bear than the relative unimportance of the planet on the cosmic stage would indicate. The average Human isn't particularly powerful, and we're generally outmatched in terms of technological advancement, but our heroes are so much above the average that they're still able to pull off some big upsets.
    • Deadline is traveling the world, popping up here and there in major population centers to cause havoc. The unique ability of the Prociters was an ability to see and manipulate ley lines, which allows him to find and destroy a few of them without too much trouble. He's doing a lot of damage in the process.
    • Ultimately, the heroes manage to stymie his efforts (but still hundreds if not thousands of people die). He's not actually defeated by the heroes, however. Eventually Jansa shows up (unhappy that he 1. Left, 2. stole a bunch of stuff, and 3. is killing all of these people) and takes him back to the Enclave. He's then not seen in comics for a while. During this time, Jansa explains some of the mysteries of the cosmos to him and that this wasn't an extinction event, but something else.
Aliases: Tarogath, the last Procitor
Height: 8’
Weight: 380 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Red
Birthplace: Procitor-12
Power Source: Alien physiology, Termiarch Technology, Stolen Endlings Tech
Occupation: Endling, Peacemaker
First Appearance: Cosmic Redemption one-shot

When Tarogath - the would-be decimator of planet Earth - was reclaimed by the Terminarch Jansa Vi Dero, he wept. He knew that the destruction of Earth was now unavoidable. All of his magical power and Endling Technology could not prevent the future.

What he did not know was that the planet he tried to save was to be a nexus of all reality. Jansa observed the ripples in spacetime and read the ending of all. She could not interfere - that was not her way. But Tarogath had already proved a willingness to bend the ways of the Endlings.

Now Tarogath has returned to Earth with Jansa’s blessing. Lifeline joins his formidable command of mystical energy and ley-lines with power from the Enclave of the Endlings in order to oppose OblivAeon and prevent the destruction of all that is.

Lifeline: Bloodmage

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $400k stretch reward.

The villain-turned-hero Lifeline is the last surviving member of a race of ley-line manipulators. Like the rest of his people, he can detect and pull on the ley-lines of reality, producing impressive magical effects. However, this power is not enough in the face of ultimate destruction. Tarogath must find a more primal source of power…

Harnessing the life energy of living creatures and binding it to the power of elemental ley-lines, Lifeline steps purposefully into his role as blood mage and savior. Hopefully, the power will be enough.

Now, Tarogath has returned to Earth with Jansa’s blessing. Lifeline joins his formidable command of mystical energy and ley-lines with power from the Enclave of the Endlings in order to oppose OblivAeon and prevent the destruction of all that is.

  • Back on Earth, the Progeny event happens (there will be a full episode just on this stuff eventually). Shortly afterwards, the Void Guard are in space and are fighting in the Bloodsworn Colosseum. (aside for newbies: the Colosseum is a cosmic arena that teleports from planet to planet and makes inhabitants of the planet fight the gladiators - think a traveling circus, but instead of fun for the whole family, it's more about blood sport. If the natives win the fight, the Colosseum leaves, but otherwise it just hangs around and can just wreck the population as people continue to fight until nobody's left. Sometimes they'll also capture people as a new gladiator - Sky-Scraper is one such example.) The Void Guard were captured to be new gladiators, but a new challenger appears - Lifeline (this would be the source for the art on the preview card we got from his deck, "Cosmic Immolation", although the issue number on that can't be from the same issue given that it's #714 when cards from his villain deck are in the 750s).
    • There had been clues for some time that something big was coming (OblivAeon) - Captain Cosmic and Infinitor, Deadline himself, Progeny, etc. - and Jansa explained this to Tarogath. She's not a fighter and so can't really help directly, but he can and she gives him the opportunity to go and help. She gives him some new gear (and he gets a weapon from another of the Endlings - an axe) and off he goes.
    • He heads to the Colosseum, which has been the end of a few races over the centuries, to fight through the gladiators and gain power by absorbing their essence (plus, it's a good gauge of how strong he is). Once there, he notices the human Void Guard and they recognize him. In the end he helps the Void Guard escape (the implication is that they fight first, but it's not said outright) and they all have space adventures together for a while before returning to Earth. More finger-pointing regarding what he'd done previously, but he's vouched for by the Void Guard at this point. He's still not terribly welcome anywhere, but he doesn't have time to worry about that as he still needs to train up/prepare for the fight to come.
    • First up, a trip to the Temple of Zhu Long where he fights some ninjas (his general modus operandi is to find a source of power and then "fight it") and then hangs out for a while. He doesn't really get much out of his time there other than learning that blood magic is a thing that exists. Blood magic is not entirely different from his natural ley line manipulation, only dealing with living creatures instead of planetary systems.
    • He goes off to find a nexus of blood magic, the most powerful he could find. This turns out to be the Court of Blood - which is full of the stuff. It sounds like they're doing their standard exaggerate for comedic effect thing (blood running over the floor, through the walls, there's probably some in the ceiling, etc.), but this is literally the case. Vampires are a particular variety of blood mages, and there are plenty of them here. They fight (of course), and he also learns how to draw on the power here. This makes him a darker character (I mean, he's already killed thousands of people, but this willingness/ability to use the life force of his opponents, and himself, to attack them is a bit more visceral), but also gives him an additional edge.
    • This leads into the Skinwalker Gloomweaver event in short order. As mentioned in the Gloomweaver episode, Lifeline manages to wreck Gloomy's day at first given that the body he's using is made out of blood magic. The Rotting God form was a different matter, though, and Lifeline was knocked out quickly once that got going. Void Guard (the human heroes he works with the most and who are the most comfortable with working with him - they're a team of misfits, but have a generally positive/idealistic outlook and are a good foil for Lifeline's "negative Nancy" outlook - they work together well, but probably aren't necessarily friends) helps out, though, and eventually Dr. Medico traps Gloomweaver's essence within his OblivAeon Shard.
  • OblivAeon happens. Early on, Lifeline, Tempest, and Visionary are fighting in the Maerynian Refuge (the island where Tempest's people live on Earth) against Empyreon (pronunciation! it's not Em-Pyre-on, it's more like "imperial" only with the -on instead of -al) - a minor "energy dude" villain from Vengeance, and recurring Captain Cosmic enemy, now a Scion of OblivAeon with a significant power boost. Empyreon (who will get more explanation later) is basically a hollow shell full of energy and during this fight he's just blasting Lifeline with it. Lifeline can absorb it, however, and thinks he can take whatever can be thrown at him to win on his own. He's on track to be overloaded, though, and Tempest and Visionary try to get him to work with them. He ignores them and is about to die when Tempest (being shielded by Visionary) interposes himself to take the energy blast instead and the two of them manage to beat Empyreon. They try to turn this into a "teachable moment" about teamwork.
    • Later, Jansa contacts Lifeline to inform him that OblivAeon is actually present there on Earth and warns him that she's not convinced that anything can be done to stop him. She's taking the Enclave with her into a pocket dimension outside of reality that she's set up in the hopes that they can ride things out there. She wants him to come with, but he refuses [the "conversation" at around 30:55 is pretty hilarious - especially Adam's Lifeline voice].
    • He heads to Fort Adamant, which is under siege by Aeon Master and the Aeon Men (who are made of the energy of OblivAeon himself - they're the manifestation of his own essence that he can commit to perform an action). Lifeline shows up to help the heroes, including the Void Guard, already there and starts absorbing the energy of the Aeon Men, which he can do easily but only one at a time. He meets up with the VG and talks about needing to use teamwork (which they're already well aware of, but are glad that he's finally come around). The plan is to get to Aeon Master to pull the same absorbing trick, which might kill him, but with teamwork it just might work. They manage to pull it off and Dr. Medico is able to stabilize Lifeline so he doesn't explode or anything after taking in that much energy. Once Aeon Master is taken care of, the Aeon Men go down too. Woo! Teamwork!
    • Still not giving us the full story with OblivAeon himself until we get to that specific episode (although, like in the ARG, they call out Ra as the start of the actual fight with him directly), but will continue with hints as we talk about heroes directly involved.
    • In the second main phase of the fight with OblivAeon himself (where he's this impossibly tall giant of an enemy), Lifeline manages to do some massive amounts of damage to him due to the power boost he had from absorbing Aeon Master and cracks the form of OblivAeon. This also causes a backlash of energy, though, which takes Lifeline out of the fight. That being said, being part of 2 Scion fights and landing a big hit on the Big Bad himself is nothing to sneeze at.

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Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from the Miststorm Universe, one of two branching timelines. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Tactics (and expansions). Prime War (and expansions)

Tactics - The main difference between the two futures is that in this one he joined Jansa to return to the Enclave before it went into the pocket dimension. So, he's still there. The Enclave is outside of reality for the time being in both settings, and could possibly make a reappearance, but leaving the way it did isn't something that's easy to reverse.
Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.

RPG - He got hit with a giant influx of energy when OblivAeon hit him, but there's not really a safe way to output it. So, he decides to form something out of it and basically allows the energy to form itself in this process. He creates some living entity out of it, but this is apparently a big reveal and so we don't get to know what/who it is at this point and have to wait (we'll be told "within a few months"). Since he can't return to the Enclave, but isn't particularly wanted on Earth, he goes and has space adventures. He works with Void Guard and other heroes occasionally, but he's out there trying to find his own place in the cosmos. He's not looking for redemption, but could find it nevertheless.