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  • When Baron Blade flips, any MDPs in play are not destroyed, but simply leave play. So a card like Ammo Drop does not get to activate in response.
  • Players can decide the order between Mad Bomber Blade and Hair-trigger Reflexes when a villain target enters play. Expatriette can first damage or destroy the target, then it goes under Blade; or it can go under Blade, and nothing else happens.
  • Due to an interaction with In Medias Res, Mad Bomber's flipped text is revised to read: "When Baron Blade flips to this side, restore him to 40 HP. Shuffle all cards under this card and the villain trash into the villain deck. Destroy X hero ongoing and/or equipment cards, where X = the number of cards moved from under this card."


  • Baron Blade is not required to go first in a team villain game, but it is suggested.
  • For “Old Tricks - New Allies” the cards are played in turn order. The words "in turn order" are added to the text of that card.
  • Impulsion Beam prevents Mr. Fixer from using Strike twice in a turn. It prevents Pride from activating Prejudice. Only. One. Power. Period.
  • If Impulsion Beam enters play due to a hero playing a card on their turn, it prevents them from playing a second card.


  • When Luminary’s base power or Disposable Defender moves a device into play from the trash, the device is entering play, but is not being “played” or “put into play.”

Spiff's Clarifications

Removing “Mobile Defense Platforms” upon flipping

  • When Baron Blade flips to his “Vengeful Mad Scientist” side, we’re instructed to put all 3 copies of “Mobile Defense Platform” into the villain trash. If any of those cards are in play at the time, they are put in the trash too, but this does not count as the cards being destroyed. they are simply leaving play, so cards which would normally respond to a villain card being destroyed, like Bunker’s “Ammo Drop” will not trigger. Fireside Chats