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  • Vengeance Deck
    • There appears to be a Biometic Plasma Vat behind Baron Blade on the active side of his villain card.
    • The card “Regression Darts” reveals that Nightmist is actually a brunette.
    • Visually, Citizen Slash is similar to the Marvel character Wolverine.
    • Visually, Empyreon is similar to the Silver Samurai, an adversary of Wolverine.
    • Zhu Long is an homage, both in character and design, to classic “yellow peril” villain Fu Manchu. Zhu Long first appeared on the Mr. Fixer card “Pipe Wrench.” His card art seems to confirm that Long and the dragon pictured on Mr. Fixer’s “Overdrive” card are the same being.


  • In the one timeline, Baron Blade eventually kills the current Legacy. In an alternate timeline, Young Legacy dies instead, prompting Legacy to become Iron Legacy. It is heavily suggested that Legacy kills Baron Blade in this alternate timeline.From Iron Legacy's Background

To Other Works

  • As the science-based arch-enemy of a Superman esq. hero (Legacy), Baron Blade draws many easy comparisons to Lex Luthor. As the facially scarred despot of a small nation however, he draws more comparisons to Doctor Doom.
  • Baron Blade has a goatee, a common facial styling for many classic twentieth century villains.
  • The glowing serum (Regression Serum) that Blade is using to harm Legacy on "Hasten Doom" is meant to evoke Kryptonite.
  • The robotic suit that Blade is wearing on his "Vengeful Mad Scientist" side is similar to Lex Luthor's various "Lex-o-skeletons."
  • Much like Lex Luthor has become a hero on occasion Baron Blade will be doing the same with his Luminary persona
  • Vengeance Deck
    • The card “Old Tricks – New Allies” is a parody of the Legacy card “Bolster Allies.”
    • This new version of Blade is much more “hands-on” then his previous incarnations. He is pictured fighting heroes directly on his card art rather than simply through technology and underling proxies.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Notes from Letters Page Episode 3"
    • Luminary has a mechanical arm. He amputated his own arm to replace it with a "mostly nanotech" gizmo tied into his nervous system. He can turn it into a blade, electrify stuff with it, interface with devices. Derivative of his Flesh-Repair Nanites from his original villain deck. He also helps develop tech for other heroes (although generally with dangerous implications), notably Sky-Scraper (Extremist). He also pulls some old doomsday devices out of mothballs for the event.
    • Some former-villain heroes for OblivAeon are clearly "here's a hero who used to be a villain". Luminary is not one of them, he's acting alongside the heroes against OblivAeon, but he's by no means a hero now. He's not really a central figure in the event (although with a few big hits) but gives up his life to save some heroes (notably Legacy). (See the incap side of the Luminary card, though, as he faked his death).
    • Recruitment of minions: most are from Mordengrad who follow either due to being true-believers or are drafted. Blade Battalion card represents the grunts/conscripts, MDP environment goons with better gear or are working on stuff are the volunteers.
    • Scar hi-jinks - cut scar from Soviet soldier as a teen, burns after his suit explodes in the Ruins of Atlantis fight, exacerbated by the serum that gave him powers, all removed by the Positive Energy Field. Tactics timeline he didn't get any new scars after that, but RPG timeline resulted in a new facial scar in the event of him faking his own death.
    • Funds his Mobile Defense Platform and other stuff by selling weapons to whoever will buy them. After setting up Revocorp that earns him money too.
    • Death of Legacy stuff: in "primary reality" of the game, nobody dies as both Parsons are injured due to the Iron Legacy fight and neither go on the mission that Blade had set as a trap for them on Mars. This plot happens at different times in different realities - in the "successful" ones it's more along the time of when the Terralunar Impulsion Beam plot happened in the primary reality.
    • Revenant is the public-facing CEO of Revocorp in a power suit - initially just a lackey of Blade, but takes more initiative after Blade loses interest.
    • "Beacon" should be used strictly when talking about Felicia's role as a hero in the Tactics timeline - in the Iron Legacy reality she would have been using the Legacy name.
    • On Luminary's incap side, what's in the casket? It's not important. Just note that the heroes present are genuinely saddened since, as far as they're concerned, he died a hero.