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Madame Mittermeier's Fantastic Festival of Conundrums and Curiosities


Set: Villains


  • Year Established: Unknown
  • Earliest Recorded Appearance: 1827
  • Average Number of Tickets Sold Annually: 10
  • Number of Official Employees: Zero

You'd never heard of Madame Mittermeier’s Fantastical Festival of Conundrums & Curiosities before. You were driving into town in the morning, as usual, when you noticed that the abandoned lot just outside city limits wasn't abandoned anymore. In fact, there was a carnival set up there. There wasn't a carnival there yesterday, right? You don't remember seeing it on your drive home last night. And there's nothing in the papers about it. Odd. Well, seems like it might be worth visiting.

All day at work, you can't get the thought of that dilapidated wagon with its well-worn sign. Who is Madame Mittermeier? You haven't been to a carnival since you were just a kid. You struggle to focus on your work, but in the back of your mind, you know you're going to stop at the carnival on the way home from work.

You leave the office on time, pretending to not even be thinking of the carnival. Yet, as you drive by it, you feel yourself clicking on the turn signal to pull into the empty parking lot. What harm could an hour at the carnival do? You didn't have any real plans tonight, anyway. You make your way into the big red and yellow tent.

And then, you're never heard from again.

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Art References



  • The artwork for Unstable Kismet shows this environment in the background.


The Deck

Deck Information

Gone Without a Trace (x2)
At the end of the Environment turn, if there are more Attractions than character cards with 5 or more HP, the target with the lowest HP deals itself 5 infernal damage. If a target is destroyed this way, remove that target and this card from the game.
Art: Tempest and Captain Cosmic looking confused as Tempest hold's Drake's Pipes in front of a Hypnosis Spiral;
Flavor text: "Last I saw him, he was checking out the hypno-dome," the Maerynian explained. "When I got back, there was no sign of him. Just his pipes. I am most concerned."
Unstable Midway (x3)
At the start of the Environment turn, deal each target 2 psychic damage and 1 melee damage, shuffle the Environment trash into the Environment deck, and play the top card of the Environment deck. If that card is an Attraction, destroy this card.
Art: A Midway rolling down the middle of the Carnival;
Flavor text: Bunker stepped out of the fun house carrying Absolute Zero's limp form. "Gotta get outa here," Tyler grumbled as he avoided the falling Ferris Wheel.


Abandoned Big Top (x1)
At the start of the Environment turn, if there are fewer Attractions than active character cards, play the top card of the Environment deck.
Art: A light is shining through a whole into the main carnival tent;
Flavor text: Motes of dust danced in the shaft of sunlight as the heroes entered the empty tent. "Wait, wasn't it raining outside?" The Wraith asked after a moment.
All-Seeing Alzrabar (x1)
At the end of each turn, 1 player may discard 1 card. If they do, they may reveal the top card of a deck. If the revealed card is a One-Shot, put it into play now. Otherwise, put it back on top of that deck.
Art: Kirby bubbles surround the mechanical All-Seeing Alzrabar;
Flavor text: "Come closer." The figure's mouth opened and closed mechanically in time to the words. Its head turned to stare right at them. "Make your wish."
Carousel of Horror (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, discard the top card of each deck. Whenever a target is discarded this way, each Hero target deals itself 1 psychic damage.
Art: A carousel with one undead looking horse and a second horse with blue flames coming off it's neck and hooves that have become animated;
Flavor text: The weird music that played discordantly from unseen speakers wasn't the worst part. That honor went to the terrible death-whinny of the animated gallopers.
Freak Show (x1)
The Hero target with the lowest HP cannot deal damage. If that target is a hero character card, that Hero's player may discard 2 cards at any time to destroy this card.
Art: The Naturalist captured in a tank of water with Glamour pointing on;
Flavor text: "Step right up folks! He never stays the same for long, and who knows what he'll be next!" The Naturalist thrashed against the seemingly unbreakable walls.
Maze of Mirrors (x1)
Redirect the first damage dealt by a target each turn to the source of that damage. Treat every instance of the word "Villain" on Hero cards as if it were the word "Hero" instead.
Art: The Wraith in a mirror maze that shows alternate reflections of her as Spite, talk and lanky, as an angry looking shadow, cackling with pointed teeth, and with a full mask on her face;
Flavor text: They weren't just ordinary reflections. They wore different clothes, and even moved differently than she did. Worst of all, upon seeing her, they all screamed.
Shooting Gallery (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, the Hero character card with the lowest HP deals each Hero target 1 projectile damage.
Art: Chrono-Ranger holding his gun in a shooting gallery with three people tied up with targets on them;
Flavor text: "Now, I don't rightly know any one of you folks," drawled the time-hopping lawman. "This place has a strange sense of humor, if you'd even call it that."
Wheel of Misfortune (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, reveal the top card of the Environment deck. If an attraction is revealed, put it into play. Otherwise, discard the revealed card and each target deals itself 1 psychic damage.
Art: Setback and Expatriette in the middle of a giant wheel of fortune;
Flavor text: Expatriette glanced at her companion. "I don't know why I even bother, but please PLEASE don't touch anything." Setback let go of the spinner, sheepishly.
World's Largest Pool Table (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, deal the Hero target with the highest HP and the Villain target with the highest HP 2 projectile damage each.
Art: Guise being partially flattened by a giant pool ball with Cueball standing on the side of the pool table flexing;
Flavor text: Guise popped his thumb into his mouth and blew, reinflating his paper-thin torso as he looked around shakily. "Did anyone get the number of that giant ball?"
You Won't Believe Your Eyes (x2)
At the start of the Environment turn, each character card deals itself X psychic damage, where X = the number of Attractions in play. If fewer than 5 targets took damage this way, destroy this card.
Art: Legacy with a shocked looked on his face a Baron Blade reveals his daughter;
Flavor text: "Hello again, my old foe!" Baron blade crowed as Legacy entered the room. "Have you met my daughter, Ivanna? She follows closely in her father's footsteps!"