Maerynian Refuge

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Environment: Maerynian Refuge

Set: OblivAeon
Name: Plavu’Col
Official language: Maerynian
Total land area: 26 km^2 (10 sq mi)
Population: Less than 100

There are under a hundred of Tempest’s people left. After their harried flight from their homeworld if Vognild Prime, and the attack on their escape ships by the thorathian fleets, its a miracle that any survived at all! Fortunately the few dozen remaining Maerynians have found refuge on planet Earth. They have worked together and used their considerable power to raise a section of submerged coral to create an atoll island in the middle of the North Atlantic. The name of their new home “Plavu’Col” is a Maerynian compound word word meaning both “shelter” and ”hope”. To protect themselves from outside threats or even prying eyes, Maerynian Stormspeakers have surrounded the island with gale force winds, keeping their new home in the eye of a hurricane. However, many are still drawn to the great power there. Heroes, you must aid the Maerynians - help them preserve their new home!


Maerynian Lightning-Dome (x1)
Reduce Lightning Damage dealt to all targets other than the target with the highest HP by 2. Increase Lightning Damage dealt to the target with the highest HP by 1.
Art: A giant device attracting and collecting lightning bolts;
Flavor text: Not content to merely control the weather using their innate abilities, the new Maerynian home on the planet Earth also depends on structures to control their surroundings.
Plavu'Col Capitol (x1)
The first time Lightning Damage is dealt each turn, each Maerynian regains 2 HP. At the end of the Environment turn, reveal the top card of the Environment deck. If it is a Building or a Maerynian, put it into play. If not, discard it.
Art: A large organic-looking building sitting attached to coral in the ocean;
Flavor text: "Welcome to Plavu'Col. We have agreed to allow you to visit our home due to your friendship with M'kk Dall'ton. But do not stay long. This is not a place for humans."
Submerged Aqua-Dome (x1)
Whenever a Hero uses a Power, deal them 1 Cold Damage. At the end of the Environment turn, a player may discard 1 card. If they do, play the top card of the Environment deck. Then, shuffle the Environment trash and this card into the Environment deck.
Art: An icy lake in the middle of a frozen landscape in the ocean;
Flavor text: The Argent Adept's hands shook too much to strum. "We m-m-must leave this chamber," the musician said as Haka's head broke the surface of the icy water. "Haha! Bracing!"

Gene-Bound Reject

Leviathan [13] (x1)
Increase damage dealt by this card by 1 for each Weather Effect in play. At the start of the Environment turn, this card deals each Maerynian and Hero target 2 irreducible Lightning Damage. Then, destroy a Weather Effect.
Art: A Maerynian in a black and red outfit and carrying a trident, with red lightning coming out of their deformed arm and eye;
Flavor text: "You're all horribly imperfect! None worthy of the truth of real power!" The twisted Maerynian raved, calling down gouts of lightning from the dark and churning sky.


Squall Guard [7] (x3)
Reduce damage dealt to the Maerynian with the lowest HP by 1. At the start of the Environment turn, this card deals each non-Hero, non-Maerynian target 1 Melee Damage and 1 Lightning Damage.
Art: A Maerynian wielding a shield and lightning-charged sword;
Flavor text: "Squall-guards, step!" shouted the leader of the guard force. Each of the armed Maerynians moved forward in parallel, keeping their shields locked before them.
Stormspeaker [5] (x3)
Reduce damage dealt by Weather Effects by 1. At the start of the Environment turn, you may destroy a Weather Effect. If no cards are destroyed this way, play the top card of the Environment deck.
Art: A Maerynian wearing a purple and white tunic and directing the air currents in a swirl around themselves;
Flavor text: As each of the aliens raised their hands above their heads, the storm sprung up seemingly out of nowhere. "Keep back, betrayer! Your words fall on deaf ears."

Weather Effect

Hurricane Shield (x1)
Whenever a non-Environment target enters play, deal it 2 Projectile Damage. Whenever a target would be dealt 5 or more damage from a single source, reduce that damage by 2.
Art: A massive hurricane with Plavu-Col centered in the middle of its calm eye;
Flavor text: "The elements themselves protect our new home," the Stormspeaker intoned, motioning towards the whipping winds with one hand while keeping the other turning aloft.
Softball-Sized Hail (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, deal each target 2 Cold Damage. If any Environment targets are dealt damage this way, destroy 1 Building card.
Art: Bunker shielding Wraith with his suit as they stand panicked in the middle of a bombardment of hail;
Flavor text: "Are they going to be OK out there?" Ryan Frost asked his speedy friend. "I mean, it should be us, right?" "They're professionals, Ryan. They'll be fine. We're needed here."
Superheated Waterspout (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, deal the 2 targets with the lowest HP 2 Fire Damage each. Targets dealt damage this way cannot deal damage until the start of the Environment turn.
Art: A giant waterspout forming in the middle of a thunderstorm;
Flavor text: Tempest's head shook sadly. "The seas boil, and none benefit from it. But this is what comes of war. I have learned much from these people. We must give even more."
Torrential Monsoon (x1)
Reduce all Projectile and Fire Damage by 1. At the end of the Environment turn, deal each target 1 Cold Damage. If at least one Hero target is dealt damage this way, destroy 1 Equipment card.
Art: Visionary in a protective psychic bubble facing off against Empyreon in the distance, in the middle of a sheeting rainstorm;
Flavor text: The rain beat down hard on the battlefield. Only the glow of the Scion's core permeated the drenched darkness. "The time is well upon us, heroes. We cannot wait any longer."
Unexpected Microburst (x1)
When this card enters play, deal each target 2 Projectile Damage and destroy 1 Hero Ongoing card. At the start of the Environment turn, destroy this card.
Art: Chrono-Ranger bracing himself against a wind storm;
Flavor text: "Whoa there! This here's a mite surprising," the time-displaced gun-slinger hollered, bracing against the wind. "I figure we'd best find cover before it gets much worse."

Meta: Maerynian Refuge

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