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Welcome to the Official Sentinel Comics Wiki!

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This is the wiki for the Sentinel Comics Universe, a universe based around several games created by Greater Than Games. This wiki was established to collect the large variety of information within the game for ease of reference. An entire storyline has been developed by Greater than Games, revolving around these super heroes and villains. Bits of flavor text on the cards and hints dropped by the creators on the official forms have led to some of this information being discovered. This wiki aims to bring all that extra information into one place.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a Cooperative Card Game by Greater Than Games. 1-5 players play 3-5 40 card decks of various superheroes against a super villain or group of villains, at a selected battlefield. Each hero has a unique deck with different playable cards and powers, and each villain has unique mechanics and a deck as well. The environment has a third deck that will throw various hazards and game changers, that do not care if you are a villain or a hero!

Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game is the official video game variant of the board game. Handelabra Games (under the watchful eyes of the creators of the Sentinels themselves, Greater Than Games), has created a completely faithful adaptation of the card game for digital platforms, Steam, Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store.

Sentinel Tactics is the hex-grid, dice-based combat game that puts you in control of the heroes and villains who meet in battle across the thrilling comic book pages of Sentinel Comics! Go head-to-head in skirmish play, or experience the stories by playing through the included Scenario Books!

The Sentinel Comics RPG is an announced and as yet unreleased game that will feature all the heroes and villains you know and love from the Sentinel Comics Universe, as well as rules to create your own.

All Images are by Adam Rebottaro, Copyright 2011-2016 Greater than Games, LLC unless otherwise noted.
Thanks to Jagarciao of the >G Forums for the reproductions of the Nemesis Icons
Thanks to Spiff of the >G Forums for the front page image crops
Thanks to everyone else who contributes! Much of this work on this wiki was done by the community of Greater Than Games players on the previous incarnation of this website.

The Sentinels Statistics Project

We need your help! A community project exists to track the effectiveness of heroes everywhere. Interested in helping out to learn more about the statistics of the game? Then follow This Link! to the Sentinels of the Multiverse Survey form. Enter the information and we'll start working to discover the statistical secrets of the game!

Want to see what results there are so far? MindWanderer's Stat Page - This awesome site updates NIGHTLY to bring you the most recent statistical data about the Sentinels Statistics Project. The Full site may take a bit to load, but it is totally worth it!

What can you do to help?

Account creation is currently limited to Administrators and Moderators, to reduce spam. In the meantime, if you need an account, either head to the official subreddit here and post requesting one, or to this thread on the official >G forums. Be sure to include your desired username and your email (if you want... it just makes it faster that way). You'll need to log in and change your password and make an edit within 24 hours or the system will automatically delete your account though.

This should hopefully be a temporary measure.

  • Localization - Help Translate the pages to other languages.
  • References! - The references for various Heroes, Villains, Groups and Environments always can use more information. What comics the heroes are inspired by or pay homage to. Where the artwork might correlate. And more!
  • Clarifications - Incorporate information from Spiff's rule clarifications, incorporate new Fireside Chat info when it appears, or format existing clarification pages for easier access.
  • Proofreading Deck Lists - The deck listings were copied from the old wiki wholesale. Sometimes they contain mistakes (or the art description can be improved).
  • Formatting in general - We tried to keep everything the same format while moving to the new wiki... see the formatting link to the left if you want to help make sure it all got done (it didn't).
  • Check out the Stub Category - Every page listed there can use more work. If you can find the information, you can do it!
  • Sentinel Tactics Power cards - We have pretty much all the Sentinels cards written out on the various pages, but the Sentinel Tactics Power Cards need to be added too.
  • Spelling/Grammar/Broken Links - Always be on the look out where you can edit to make things professional.


Thanks to our Moderators!

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