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Welcome to the official Sentinel Comics Universe wiki, devoted to the storyline and universe for the various games created by Greater Than Games: Sentinels of the Multiverse, Sentinels Tactics, and the Sentinels RPG! Here you will find the bios and text from all the various cards and sourcebooks, as well as information from the official podcasts, comic tie-ins, and forum posts.

The Multiverse
The Games

We're always open to Sentinels fans helping us keep this wiki looking sharp and up-to-date! To combat spam, account creation is currently restricted to admins and mods. You can contact either Lynkfox on Reddit or post in the official wiki thread on the GTG Forums and they'll get you set up!

Once you have an account, we could use the following help:

  • References: We could always use more cataloging of references on artwork, official sources, or to other works.
  • Proofreading: Making sure our text of bios and cards matches the official sources, and spelling/grammar/broken links in general.
  • Formatting: Making sure everything is formatting according to wiki standards.
  • Stubs: Anything marked as a Stub can use expanding if you have more information to add!
  • Missing Information: Any missing information in general.

Thanks to our Moderators!

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