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Fireside Chats

  • When Headlock is destroyed, Mainstay deals 1 target 3 projectile damage. If Mainstay chooses the Headlocked target, the damage is still irreducible since the card is still in play (even though it is in the process of leaving play). Similarly, if Shard Strength is being destroyed and Mainstay uses a power, Shard Strength still provides its damage increase.
  • Suppose Sweet Rhonda is in play and you destroy a card with a “when this card is destroyed” effect. The effect on that card happens first, and then the effect on Sweet Rhonda.
  • Through a combination of Durasteel-Studded Vest, Second Opinion, and Experimental Medicine, Durasteel-Studded Vest can grant a power use during its destruction. The power on the Vest is not usable because its card is being destroyed.
  • Mano a Mano’s text is updated to read: “when that target leaves play, destroy this card.”
  • Suppose Mainstay has two copies of Preemptive Payback is in play, and he would be dealt damage. He destroys the first one to deal damage, destroying the target that would have dealt him damage. He cannot also destroy the second one, because the damage is not there to trigger the second card destruction.