Major Flay

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Minor Character: Major Flay


Name: Major Flay
HP: 7
Title: Nemesis
Found in: Fright Train
Nemesis: The Visionary

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Main Episode: Has not had an episode yet

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  • Major Flay is seen grappling with Knyfe on the card "Kinetic Neutralizer"
  • Major Flay was first seen in Visionary's deck on the card "Decoy Projection"


  • From Letters Page Episode 31 - The Visionary:
    • First encounter with Major Flay when Visionary breaks into Project. Cocoon
    • He is one of the Project's early successes - he has tendrils that he can extend from his arms and electrocute people with.
    • He's a true believer and fights her when she shows up to disrupt the project. She's mostly defensive in physical fights, so this is a bit rough for her but she eventually wins (despite having to hold her mental hitchhiker in check the whole time).
  • Seen again in Vengeance. Baron Blade was aware of Project Cocoon (and vice versa) and contracted out Major Flay to capture Visionary to take back to the Project. During the big fight with everybody, Flay finds her and calls her out. She just tears him to pieces, which is a bit of a shock to everybody.