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  • As a dangerous, shambling monster made of trees and with the word “Man” in its name, Mangrove most resembles the Marvel anti-hero Man-Thing, but also greatly resembles DC's Swamp Thing.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • From Letters Page Nightmist
    • Man-grove is a nemesis, how did they meet as why would she need to go to a swamp? Swamps are great places to go if you're a sorceress. Lots of places of power there (like it's a top spot to go - others include old libraries, abandoned cathedrals). That's why Man-grove even exists in the first place - he was a grove of trees, then a bunch of bodies and toxic waste were dumped there (because Rook City), and then some Gloomweaver cult activity happened there and all of this combined to create Man-grove.
  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • We first see Man-Grove in Nightmist's deck in a swamp which makes sense, later we see him in Fright Train's deck in a sewer - how did he get there? Man-Grove originated as a grove of trees in a swamp near Rook City where a bunch of chemicals were dumped by Pike Industrial and where a bunch of Gloomweaver cult activity took place (because swamp magic). Between all of this, the trees animated into a man-like entity. It eventually wanders into Rook City's sewers. It started out pretty mindless, but developed some sentience over time.
    • We know some of what happens to Man-Grove in the Tactics Timeline, but what about the RPG timeline? In RPG, it's still around, but has a different direction taken. In both timelines it interacted with young Vanessa Long, which coaxes it out of just being a swamp monster - in the RPG timeline it doesn't find what it wants with either people or trees. It's still a villainous character and very protective of plants, but kind of is a wandering entity.
    • Who would win in a fight, Man-Grove or Plague Rat? They've encountered each other in the sewers, but neither has anything the other wants and so they've never had any reason to fight. If they *did* fight, Christopher thinks that Plague Rat has more direct offensive ability, but Adam counters that there's plenty of thorny/constrictive things that Man-Grove could do to kill Plague Rat in a battle of attrition while it would be difficult for Plague Rat to actually do enough damage to it to "kill" Man-Grove. Christopher concedes the point.