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Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • Jim Brooks has descendants that he's not aware of, Rook City was founded by the Over**brook** family - it's a longshot, but is Mayor Overbrook related to him? No, that's a clever theory, but they're unrelated.
    • Does Mayor Overbrook generally run unopposed? If not, does he have them eliminated or is he just more charismatic/less corrupt than the alternative? Why doesn't he have a publicist as "The Barber" is a terrible nickname? To explain this last one, he's called "The Barber" because he always takes a little off the top - meaning he takes a cut of whatever shady dealing are going on in the city. The Overbrook family had been out of power for a while, but when Chairman Pike came to power, he made a deal with the future Mayor Overbook to help bring them back to prominence in exchange for help. He doesn't run unopposed as there are always other candidates, but it's a rigged game (more through voter intimidation than actually tampering with ballots, although that probably happens too). It's all Pike Industrial and the Organization, though, and he's more of a figurehead.