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Environment: Megalopolis

Set: Enhanced Edition

Established as a economic hub for local farming villages in 1876, Megalopolis has since grown to the largest city in the world. With a vibrant downtown and economic growth driven by a series of innovative infrastructure projects, Megalopolis has become a hub of finance, culture, and entrepreneurship. Thousands of tourists enjoy the museums and restaurants along the historic riverfront every day, or take the monorail to the arts district for cutting edge theatre and music.

Though several major crises have struck the city over the decades, Megalopolis has long been home of the Legacy, America’s finest hero, who has served as both a guardian and an inspiration to its citizens

Cramped Quarters Combat (x2)
Change the type of all damage to Melee Damage. Increase all Damage dealt by 1. At the start of the Environment turn, destroy this card.
Art: Legacy engaged with Grand Warlord Voss and holing back Voss's left arm;
Flavor text: The heroes jostled each other, each striving to get to Grand Warlord Voss before he could fire another blast of terrible energy!
Hostage Situation (x2)
Hero cards cannot be played. At the start of the Environment turn, each Player may discard 1 card each to destroy this card.
Art: A silhouette of the Wraith standing back as Ambuscade is holding a ran over the edge of a roof;
Flavor text: "Come on, Hero … take another step," threatened the masked man. The Wraith hesitated as the villain's captive cried out again in fear.
Impending Casualty (x3)
At the start of the Environment turn, each Hero may destroy 1 of their Ongoing cards. This card deals any Hero that does not destroy an Ongoing card 3 Psychic Damage. At the end of the Environment turn, 1 Player may discard 1 card to destroy this card.
Art: A man trying to hold back an Omnitron Drone as Omnitron is shooting his Disintegration Beam in the background;
Flavor text: The scene was a grisly one: Omnitron's drones had overrun the city. It was all the Heroes could do to save the few victims they came across.
Paparazzi on the Scene (x1)
Heroes cannot use Powers. At the start of the Environment turn, each Player may discard 1 card each to destroy this card.
Art: A newswoman on camera who has got Legacy and Bunker in the background;
Flavor text: The bright lights of the flashbulbs blinded Bunker's sensors as the press eagerly took snapshot after snapshot of the Heroes in action.
Police Backup (x2)
At the end of the Environment turn, deal 1 Projectile Damage to the Villain Target with the highest HP. Whenever a Villain card would make a Player discard a card, destroy this card.
Art: Two policeman about to open fire on Citizen Dawn;
Flavor text: While sometimes at odds with "Costumed Vigilantes," when the Citizens of the Sun began their invasion of Megalopolis, it was clear which side the police were on.
Rooftop Combat (x1)
Increase all Damage dealt by 1. When this card enters play, destroy all other Environment cards. While this card is in play, Environment cards cannot be played. When Hero Targets deal non-Hero Character cards 10 or more Damage in a single round, destroy this card.
Art: A silhouette of Legacy, Absolute Zero, the Wraith, Bunker, and Tachyon on the rooftop with Omnitron approaching;
Flavor text: "Let's take this fight to the roof!" The Wraith yelled as she uncoiled her grappling hook.
Targeting Innocents [10] (x1)
At the start of the Environment turn, this card deals each Hero Target (H) minus 1 Fire Damage. Then, look through the Environment trash for Impending Casualty and put it into play.
Art: Grand Warlord Voss's spaceships opening fire on city;
Flavor text: "Suffer!" roared Grand Warlord Voss as his artillery ships began raining fire on the city, not caring who or what was in the way.
Traffic Pileup [10] (x1)
Players cannot draw cards.
Art: A massive traffic pileup blocking Absolute Zero's path;
Flavor text: Blade's attack caused a panic, resulting in a pileup on the freeway. The Heroes would have to get past the wall of vehicles to confront the mad scientist.


Plummeting Monorail [10] (x2)
At the start of the Environment turn, this card deals the 2 Targets with the highest HP 5 Melee Damage each.
Art: An Explosion causing the Monorail to go off track;
Flavor text: "Look out!" Legacy shouted, flying as fast as he could to stop the train before it crushed those in its path.

Meta: Megalopolis


Main Episode: Episode 43

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Fireside Chats

  • Police Backup does not prevent the discard; i.e. there is no implied “instead.”
  • If all non-incapacitated heroes have a card in hand, they can activate Hostage Situation.
  • Police Backup does not care about the agency of discarding, like the Scholar of the Infinite's innate power. It just cares that a villain card caused a hero card to be discarded.
  • For River of Lava, Hostage Situation, and similar cards: all of the players must take the action (e.g. discard the top 3 cards of your deck), or none of them.
  • Cards like Combat Stance and Quark Drive (that say “the first time X”) have an implicit “since this card entered play”. This also applies to Omnitron's components and Rooftop Combat.

Spiff's Clarifications

Police Backup

  • This card reads, in part, “whenever a villain card would make a player discard a card, destroy this card.” “Police Backup” does not prevent the discarding effect however, i.e. there is no implied “instead” at the end of that sentence. Fireside Chats

Hostage Situation

  • This card reads, “hero cards cannot be played. at the start of the environment turn, each player may discard 1 card each to destroy this card.” this means that if all non-incapacitated heroes have at least one card in hand and they all choose to discard a card, “hostage situation” will be destroyed. Fireside Chats

Rooftop Combat

  • This card includes the text “when hero targets deal non-hero character cards 10 or more damage in a single round, destroy this card”. this card should be treated as if it had “… since this card entered play” in the text, meaning it starts tracking the hp dealt from the point it enters play, not from the actual beginning of the round. This is different from most cards that track things which happen during a turn or round (see under “timing” for more information). Title Timing