Michelle Hausmann

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Minor Character: Michelle Hausmann

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  • The reporter on Paparazzi on the Scene shows up occasionally; does she have a name and/or are there stories involving her? Is she really a paparazza or a more "legitimate" reporter? Michelle Hausmann is a recurring side character. She does occasionally get in trouble and has to be saved, other times she's involved in doing investigatory things. At the time of that card she's a member of the paparazzi, getting footage of heroes and putting up sensationalist stories about them online, but later she becomes a more mainstream reporter for the Megalopolis Daily Post. Different writers had different takes on her and so she has inconsistent characterization with regards to her reporting and it's gone back and forth a bunch (champion of the truth vs. hack reporter), but by the "present" of the comics she's seen as a legitimate reporter and is seen as more helpful than harmful.