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The Scholar
The Void Guard

The Final Wasteland
Silver Gulch 1883
Omnitron IV
The Celestial Tribunal

Mini expansions were released one at a time, most often as Stretch rewards on various Kickstarter projects. They are a full deck, available from the store on for 5$ each. (4$ for Environments)

The Void Guard is a special mini expansion, containing four hero decks, one for each of The Sentinels characters.

Expansion Reveal/Release Date
Unity Infernal Relics Kickstarter, 50k Stretch Reward 4/27/12
Scholar Shattered Timelines Kickstarter, 100k Stretch Reward, 11/19/2012
Guise Wrath of the Cosmos Preorder, 1500 Preorders, 8/11/14
Stuntman OblivAeon Kickstarter, 2/19/16
Benchmark OblivAeon Kickstarter, 2/19/16
The Void Guard OblivAeon Kickstarter. 500k Stretch Reward, 2/10/16
Ambuscade Infernal Relics Kickstarter, 75k Stretch Reward, 5/2/12
Miss Information Shattered Timelines Kickstarter, 60k Stretch Reward, 11/4/2012
Wager Master Wrath of the Cosmos Preorder, 1000 preorders, 8/6/14
Chokepoint Villains Preorder, 3/2/15
The Final Wasteland Shattered Timelines Kickstarter, 175k Stretch Reward, 11/29/2012
Silver Gulch 1883 Shattered Timelines Kickstarter, 80k Stretch Reward, 11/14/2012
Omnitron IV Wrath of the Cosmos Preorder, 500 Preorders, 8/6/14
The Celestial Tribunal Villains Preorder, 3/2/15

Need Box Art

Miss Information
Wager Master