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This page is a listing of all the Minor Characters - See Other Targets - for all non character targets

Minor Characters



Fiendish Pugilist (6 hp) : A demon with his fist in his hands.
Imp Pilferer (3 hp) : Green demon with a long tail.
Relic Spirit (9 hp) : Paper colored spirit with a blade arm.

Baron Blade

Blade Battalion (5 hp) : Several men with blue uniforms and green armor, goggles, and shock sticks.


The Carbon Effect (5 hp) : Silver and Red with red eyes Argent Adept clone.
Clone Ranger (5 hp) : Chrono ranger with red eye clone.
Duplexpatriette (5 hp) : Expatriette clone.
Homunculus (7 hp) : Grey skinned creature with brown pants.
Mr Facsimile (5 hp) : Mr. Fixer clone.
Repli-Blade (5 hp) : Baron Blade clone.
Tempersonation (5 hp) : Tempest clone.


These are all members of The Organization

Crooked Cop (5 hp) : Police officer watching someone steal TVs.
Enforcers (6 hp) : Several thugs.
Hired Gun (3 hp) : Man in a coat and fedora with a Tommy Gun surrounded by bullet holes.
Informant (2 hp) : Woman in a phone booth.
Thief (2 hp) : Diamond guarded by lasers with green eyed masked person hanging from the ceiling.
The Broker (5 hp) : Woman with brown hair glasses in a green coat and red scarf with a tablet.
The Contract (7 hp) : Man in a white coat with a red shirt and a gun.
The Deputy (9 hp) : Man with a beard and ponytail, cops badge and money in hand.
The Fence (6 hp) : Man with long hair studying a diamond.
The Muscle (8 hp) : Man in a Bowler hat with a crowbar and brass knuckles.

Citizen Dawn

These are all The Citizens of the Sun

Citizen Anvil (7 hp) : Bearded man with a red shield and hammer, and golden wings behind him.
Citizen Assault (4 hp) : Man with an ax and surrounded by flying debris.
Citizen Autumn (6 hp) : Woman with red hair and a black dress in a forest.
Citizen Battery (7 hp) : Man with a large sword making a slashing motion.
Citizen Blood (5 hp) : Grey skinned man with red hair in a top hat and tails, with a cane.
Citizen Dare (3 hp) : Chiseled chin man in two toned outfit with purple energy.
Citizen Hammer (3 hp) : Bald man with a goatee surrounded by fire.
Citizen Spring (6 hp) : Blond woman in blue with green energy.
Citizen Summer (4 hp) : Woman in red dress with red hair surrounded by fire .
Citizen Sweat (5 hp) : Grey skinned woman in green corset in a graveyard.
Citizen Tears (5 hp) : Grey skinned decrepit woman in a brown dress with claws.
Citizen Truth (7 hp) : Chiseled chin man in two toned outfit with yellow energy armor.
Citizen Winter (4 hp) : White skinned woman with white hair in winter forest.

The Dreamer

Dark Hero (5 hp) : Legacy style projection in red suit and black logo.
Granite Oni (6 hp) : Rock Golem Samurai.
Grotesque Arachnoid (8 hp) : Spider like humanoid.
Illusory Demon (5 hp) : Greyish blue skinned demon projection.
Macabre Specter (3 hp) : Glowing Skeleton figure in a suit and top hat with a cane.
Tooth Fairy (3 hp) : Demon like fairy taking a bite out of a bloody tooth.
The Toy Master (5 hp) : Grey skinned male in a blue outfit surrounded by toys.
Treacherous Ape (2 hp) : Large brown ape in an amusement park area.
Whipacorn (7 hp) : Unicorn with a whip for a horn.

Grand Warlord Voss

These are the The Thorathian Armada

Field Lieutenant Tamar (5 hp) : Purple Thorathian with white hair holding a flag, possibly female.
First Lieutenant Vyktor (5 hp) : Purple Thorathian with a pistol.
Gene-Bound Banshee (3 hp) : Shouting desecrated alien
Gene-Bound Bionaut (3 hp) : Spacesuited alien in a Mushroom Forest
Gene-Bound Firesworn (3 hp) : large alien with craters and a large mouth
Gene-Bound Frosthound (3 hp) : Multi-eyed white alien hound
Gene-Bound Guard (3 hp) : Muscular alien male
Gene-Bound Ion-Lancer (3 hp) : Alien in armor with energy blade
Gene-Bound Psi-Weaver (3 hp) : Large alien centipede with a large brain
Gene-Bound Shock Infantry (3 hp) : Mutated Maerynian
Gene-Bound Soldier (3 hp) : Large brained Grey Alien with two weapons
TCF Conqueror (15 hp) : Dreadnought.
TCF Stalwart (18 hp) : Flagship.


Chosen Disciple (7 hp) : Woman with a kris surrounded by demons.
Cursed Acolyte (6 hp) : Man in a purple cloak with green energy.
Ophidia, The Deceiver (8 hp) : Snake spirit familiar.
Profane Zealot (5 hp) : Man in a green cloak in a cemetary.

Kaargra Warfang

Ashclaw R'velos (16 hp) : Brown ape like gladiator.
Dymkharn the Fearless (10 hp) : Green four armed lizard with blue energy swords.
Impassable Andolin (14 hp) : Large beast with pangolin like scales and an axe
Orrim Hiveminded (12 hp) : 2 pig like aliens and a blue humanoid alien all with green, one eyed tentacle things wrapped around their necks.
Provocator Tarnis (18 hp) : Four armed purple gorilla.
Soulslayer Perith (14 hp) : Spider queen
S'Sdari the Bloody (12 hp) : Red haired woman in leather armor on a flying chariot.
Tyragon-Rex (16 hp) : 2 headed dragon like thing

La Capitan

These are all members of the Crew of the La Paradoja Magnifica

The Amazing Mable (6 hp) : Acrobatic woman in green dress on a trapeze.
Battle Forged (12 hp) : Viking with energy axe and bag of loot.
Chip (8 hp) : World War II Style pilot.
Final Breath (11 hp) : Samurai Ronin.
L'Epeiste (7 hp) : French Musketeer with an energy rapier.
Siege-Breaker (10 hp) : Man in knight style armor with an energy halbred
Trueshot (9 hp) : Amazonian Archer with a green DBZ Style Scouter

La Capitan Vengeance Style Deck

Chiquito (4 hp) - Green Alien Monkey


Huginn (7 hp) : Crow by a volcano
Muninn (7 hp) : Crow in a wasteland


S-83 Assault Drone (4 hp) : Blue drone with 6 bladed legs
S-84 Automaton Drone (* hp) : Many skeleton like Terminator style drones
S-85 Repair Drone (4 hp) : Ant like Drone

Plague Rat Vengeance Style Deck

Revocorp Analyst (4 hp) - Man in green suit inspecting Plague Rat with equipment
Revocorp Neutralizer (6 hp) - Man in green suit red hair with shockstick
Revocorp Restrainer (5 hp) - Man in green suit with tablet.
Revocorp Tanker (7 hp) - Man in green suit with large tank on back.

Sergeant Steel

Arsonator (8 hp) Man in red suit, scared arms, skull mask with flamethrower
Battle Medic (6 hp) Man in white and blue suit with syringe.
Bomb Specialist (6 hp) Woman with gloves and googles
Espionagent (4 hp) Filter Agent
Field Inventor (4 hp) Classic nerd trope
Infitrationist (4 hp) Woman in pink with pink HUD glasses.
Mega Gunner (8 hp) Big man with big gun.
Sharpshooter (6 hp) Woman in armor with sniper rifle.


The Block

Block Guard (7 hp) : Man in blue armor with a face-shield.
Char (14 hp) : A buff man with green energy around his arms, shirtless with a mohawk and tattoos.
F.I.L.T.E.R. Officer (9 Hp) : Man in green suit with chest armor and a red visor, carrying a pistol.
Imprisoned Rogue (6 hp) : An inmate slipping from a portal to steal a ID/Access card from a Block Guard.
Time Crazed Prisoner (4 hp) : Silhouette of a prisoner with many scratched cryptic messages on the wall : The messages are believed to be related to the plot-line in some way.
Warden Hoefle (13 hp) : A man in armor with security screens behind him.

The Celestial Tribunal

Celestial Adjudicator (12 hp) Robot with silver limbs, blue body, green face and white hair.
Celestial Executioner (6 hp) Robot with green body, red eyes, and exposed brain case.

The Court of Blood

Blood Countess Bathory (15 hp) Vampire in red armor and cape, with short sword.
Dame Katarina (11 hp) Vampire with red hood and corset, glowing red energy in hands.
Dowager Ilona (7 hp) Old vampire in green outfit and with snow globe.
Drudge Ficko (5 hp) Sickly looking vampire in brown cape.
Hunter Fulepet (12 hp) Man with long coat, hat, and shoulder-arm armor
Matro Erzsi (13 hp) Vampire with court dress and blood fountain.
Relict Dorotya (9 hp) Vampire in veil and black dress.

Enclave of the Endlings

Baahsto (7 hp) : Bison head with green Tentacles, and rockets
Bloogo (13 hp) : Green Rhino with long hair
Frazzat (5 hp) : Blue four armed lizard with brown armor.
Gruum (11 hp) : Red headless body with mouth on torso and eyes on shoulders.
Immutus (35 hp) : Large robotic figure
Jansa Vi Dero (25 hp) : Green alien with purple and yellow unit.
Korruption (9 hp) : Blue bug alien
Orbo (25 hp) : Evil looking planetoid.
Phrentat (5 hp) : Ancient looking head with open third eye and mechanical apendages
Slmara (7 hp) : Twi'lek like alien with purple and yellow skin, and a black cape
Szreem (9 hp) : One eye'd, green alien with purple demonic wings
Urdid (13 hp) : Viking looking Sasquatch, with eye on the palm of one and.
Venox (11 hp) : Green and black energy like figure.

The Final Wasteland

Abominable Snowman (9 hp) : A Yeti in the moutnains
Amphibious Chupacabra (6 hp) : A lizard thing with many spiky teeth and an Alien style tongue.
Horrid Skunk Ape (5 hp) : Silhouette of an ape with a skunk tail and red glowing eyes.
Mongolian Death Wyrm (8 hp) : A four eyed giant Wyrm, with many tentacles in its mouth .
New Jersey Devil (4 hp) : Winged dinosaur creature with horn.
Rat Beast (7 hp) : A humanoid rat creature.

Insula Primalis

Enraged T-Rex (15 hp) : A large Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Pterodactyl Thief (5 hp) : A Pterodactyl stealing Expatriette Rocket Launcher : Expatriette appears to be riding said Pterodactyl on her card RPG Launcher.
Velociraptor Pack (5 HP) : A Pair of Velociraptors.


Crystal Collector (6 hp) Lava monster with red crystals protruding from various spots.
Crystalloid Behemoth (11 hp) Lizard like creature with no eyes
Ember Shaman (4 hp) Lava monster with staff with red crystal on top.
Inner Core Tunneler (12 hp) Lava monster with hard rock plating.
Seismic Defender (10 hp) Lava monster with rock shield and weapon.
Stone Shaper (8 hp) Lava monster

Realm of Discord

Portal Fiend (17 hp) : A white beast with red claws and horns and three blue eyes.

Rook City

Ambitious Racketeer (13 HP) : A man in a white shirt, black tie, and a brown fedora.
Tony Taurus (6 hp) : A grizzled looking man in a brown overcoat.
Dr Tremata (6 hp) : A woman in a lab coat taking a sample of blood from the wall.

Ruins of Atlantis

The Kraken (15 HP) : A Tentacle arm erupting from the wall and strangling an unknown character.

Silver Gulch 1883

Cyrus Hayes (4 hp) : Bald man with a beard in a red shirt and two 6 shooters.
Sheriff Pratt (7 hp) : Older man with a blue hat and a vest with a sheriffs star.
Tyler Hayes (8 hp) : A big man with a Gatling gun.
Matthew Hayes (6 hp) : Man with a rifle, in a red vest and a monocle, carrying a cup of tea.

Temple of Zhu Long

Apprentice Poisoner (3 hp) Woman in blue and kabuki paint on face
Shinobi Assassin (3 hp) Ninja
The True Form (13 hp) Yellow and White Asian style dragon.

Time Cataclysm

Charging Triceratops (8 hp) : A charging Triceratops
F.I.L.T.E.R. Spy (5 hp) : A man in blue armor carrying a pistol

Tomb of Anubis

Akana (8 Hp) : A grey woman holding an illumination of the Eye of Horus.
Anubis (20 hp) : The God Anubis standing with fire in one hand and his staff in the other.
Mdjai (10 hp) : A warrior figure with a curved sword and a shield.
Nomti (9 hp) : A buff mummy coming through a wall.
Shamise (7 hp) : A man in a Pharaoh headdress, with a golden apple and an ankh staff.
Swarm of Scarabs (5 hp) : A swam of Scarabs being faced by Bunker
Urshe (6 hp) : An oldman in armor in front of a pool and some sort of blueprints.