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Fireside Chats

  • "Explosion" in the Lab card text is updated to replace "hero" with "player".
  • An Isolated Hero cannot deal damage to or be dealt damage by any other hero.
  • Hero cards that look for the highest/lowest HP target will ignore hero targets belonging to an Isolated Hero. For example, if Smoke Bombs is in play, it will look for the highest or lowest HP hero targets that do not belong to an Isolated Hero.
  • If GI Bunker uses his innate power on a target, and an Isolated Hero deals damage to that target, the damage is not made irreducible.
  • If The Wraith is the only hero target and Smoke Bombs is in play, it does not redirect the damage, but still reduces damage dealt to the Wraith by 1. This also happens if The Wraith is an Isolated Hero.
  • Mr. Fixer is an Isolated Hero and plays Grease Gun. When a non-hero target tries to deal damage to a hero target, and cannot, this does not count as “affecting another hero."
  • When “Isolated Hero” is on a Sentinel, it does not isolate that Sentinel from the other Sentinels. But it does isolate the Sentinels as a whole from the other heroes. The Sentinels are a team, through and through.
  • If there is an Isolated Hero and they discard a card to redirect damage from Abject Refugees, they cannot redirect it to other heroes. Another hero cannot discard to redirect to an Isolated Hero.

VotM Deck

  • If damage is redirected by Heroes Unallied but then reduced to 0 by a damage reducing effect, Heroes Unallied will be destroyed, because the hero target would have dealt damage in the first place.
  • The text of Heroes Unallied is updated to read “Whenever a hero target would deal damage, redirect that damage to the hero target with the highest HP.”
  • Altered Fates activates when one-shots are played (like Surprise Shopping Trip).
  • Heartbreaker's damage increase effect expires if the card leaves play or the game.
  • The “then” clause on Internal Collapse happens after the “destroy this card” condition has been met. If Internal Collapse didn’t get destroyed for some reason, then the “then” clause doesn’t occur.

Spiff's Clarifications

Miss Information is not a target on her “Demure Office Worker” side

  • Miss Information has no HP on her “Demure Office Worker” side, which means that she’s not a target when on this side and can’t be damaged or affected by cards which require a target. Once Miss Information flips to her "Revealed Saboteur” side, she has a HP value so she can be targeted then.

Revealed Saboteur reactive damage effect

  • On Miss Information’s “Revealed Saboteur” side, she has an effect which says, “the first time a hero target deals damage to Miss Information each turn, she deals that target (H)-2 psychic damage.” as covered in the “the first time a target does xyz…” topic in the “other” section of this document, this effect is triggered the first time Miss Information is dealt damage per target, per turn. so, if two different targets damage Miss Information in a turn, the effect will trigger each time, but if a single target damages her twice in the same turn, the effect will only trigger once. Combat Stance