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Fireside Chats

  • Freak Show is changed just for the video game to respect the intent of the card as much as possible within the constraints of the system. The video game version text reads: "The hero target with the lowest HP cannot deal damage. When that target would attempt to deal damage, that target’s player may discard 2 cards to destroy this card."
  • The “would attempt to deal damage” text on Freak Show triggers when the initial damage amount is zero, or if it would be modified to zero. The target must be attempting to deal damage, even zero. That is the only requirement.
  • You can choose to discard cards for Freak Show even if you don’t have enough (like Amulet of the Elder Gods). However, if you do not discard a total of 2 cards, Freak Show is not destroyed.
  • Gone Without a Trace cannot remove hero character cards from the game, since they are never actually destroyed.
  • When Maze of Mirrors causes something to read “the hero deck” or “the hero trash” it allows player choice, similar to what happens with "the villain deck" and "the villain trash" in team villain mode.
  • When Maze of Mirrors is in play, Sub-Zero Atmosphere works on hero cards like it does on team villain cards.
  • When Maze of Mirrors is in play, cards that now reveal or affect cards from a hero deck use the same deck the players choose within their text. For example, Extrasensory Awareness uses the same hero deck as cards revealed; Brain Burn uses the same hero deck as hero trash; etc.
  • When Maze of Mirrors is in play, Updated Intel cannot trigger off of its own card play. It has to be fully in play before its text does anything.
  • Suppose a hero card says “destroy 2 villain ongoing cards.” If the first destruction causes Maze of Mirrors to enter play, the text is re-evaluated and so a hero ongoing card must be destroyed.