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Combating Spam

On the left menu you'll see a link called Recent Changes. It will show you the last 50-500 changes over the last 7-30 days (settings are on the top).

When you see a spam post (they are very easy to spot, its obviously not about Sentinels) do 3 things

a) Next to the username who created the page you should see a few links Contribs|Block (If you don't see those you may need to hit the arrow to expand the listing) - Click on block, select a time limit of infinite, make sure to check the boxes for 'Cannot send email' and 'cannot edit own user page' to prevent further edits, and then hit block. You can put a reason in their for 'spam' if you want, but its really not necessary.
b) delete the page: go to the spam page in question, and up in the upper right, under your user name , you'll see menu that can drop down. Hit it, and delete will be one of the options. confirm the delete.
c) do the same for their user page if they have created one.

Merge and Delete Spam Accounts

This extension is installed. Not sure if we are going to use it yet or not. Instructions are here for use later.

a) Navigate to Special:UserMerge from the Special Pages (Merge and Delete Users)
b) Add the name of the spam account, and the new account name to be 'Spammer'
c) select the delete account

Patrolling Pages

When you look on Recent Changes, you may notice a red exclamation point next to edits. These are edits that need to be patrolled to verify that they are good edits, and not malicious in nature. Patrolling pages is a way for moderators to say 'Yep, this is OK' or to flag potential pages for fixing.

Moderators edits are automatically patrolled.

a) Expand the listing if needed (with the little grey arrow) and click the 'Prev' link on an edit.
b) Make sure the edit is a valid one, and not malicious.
c) If valid, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the 'Mark as Patrolled' link.
d) If invalid (ie: Deleting stuff that shouldn't be deleted, or adding spam links, or just vandalizing the page) you can click the 'Undo' link on the top of the page, on the edit that was done.

Account Creation

Account Creation is back open, this is here in case we need to close them again

Until we reactivate accounts, Moderators will need to create accounts for new users. Hopefully this will be done with shortly.

For creating new accounts, get the username desired, and the email address of the person who wants a new account. If they do not want to provide their email address, that's fine, but it makes it easier.

Go to the link 'Special Pages' on the left menu bar.

About a quarter of the way down the page will be a bolded link that says 'Create account' Click that.

Put in their desired username and email. Hit the checkbox that says email them a password, and put in a reason of something like 'New user' then hit the create account button. Inform them that they have the account (PM is the best way, but responding to a post is fine) and that they have 24 hours to get in, change the password, and make an edit (the system will automatically delete the account if nothing is done in 24 hours)

If they don't want to provide an email, you can still do the same as above, just put in a fake email, ( for instance) and a password. Then you tell them the password, and to change it and make an edit within 24, and to confirm their email (They should get an email to confirm automatically, tell them to check their spam)

They will need to change the email to their own and confirm it before they can make any edits however.

Suggest they setup their user page (by clicking their username in the top right once logged in) as a good easy edit.

Current Spam Combat In Place

Currently we are using the following to combat spam

1) DNS Honeypot '', ''
2) reCaptcha for all non Moderator and Above edits
3) email Confirmation required before one can edit.
4) Manual patrol.