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Environment: Mordengrad

Set: OblivAeon
Population: 40,000 (Approximate: The Mordengradian government is fiercely secretive of census information and does not allow outside study of the country)
Type of Government: Meritocracy (Baron Blade is acknowledged by law to have the most merit)
Languages: Russian, Hungarian, English, Romanian, Mordengradian (local dialect)
Currency: The Mordengradian Luna

Glorious Mordengrad! Our arms and minds are yours! Glorious Mordengrad! You grant us strength and life! As the moon shines down on your beauty; As the sun takes pride in your might- From our great industry; To our marvelous leader- We sing forever more the truth of our ways in Glorious Mordengrad! Glorious Mordengrad! Glorious Mordengrad! Always! -Mordengrad anthem, translated from Latvian

Mordengrad has been an industrial powerhouse for decades, but it is only in more recent years that it started shining so brightly. Under new leadership, it’s accomplishments in scientific and military fields led it to declare itself an independent country, though a very small one. Its leader, Ivan Grigori Ramonat, rules with an iron fist, instilling great nationalism from the Mordengradian people, through control of the country’s assets and impressively sweeping propaganda.

The Mordengrad capitol is home to scores of Blade battalions, walking technological terrors, and numerous Doomsday Devices. Any villain who stands against the heroes here will have much support, but only the true leader of Mordengrad can take the greatest advantage of it’s glorious might.

Battalion Command Center (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, reveal the top card of the Environment deck and the top card of the Villain deck. Put any revealed Minions into play. Discard the other revealed cards.
Art: A massive purple building with technological devices on one side of it;
Flavor text: The rhythmic sounds of marching were audible from several meters away from the steel structure. The troops within were eager to deploy and follow orders.
Conscripted Engineer [5] (x2)
At the end of the Environment turn, each Device regains 2 HP. If no Devices regain HP this way, discard the top card of each deck. At the start of the Environment turn, if this card does not have the Minion keyword, one player may move an Equipment card from their trash to their hand.
Art: An elderly engineer busy working on some sort of power suit;
Flavor text: "Yes, yes. I will make the things you ask for," the elderly tinker said, dismissively. "But I want it known that I do so under duress. I only create for the glory of the Baron!"
Device Assembly Line (x2)
At the end of the Environment turn, discard the top card of each deck in turn order, starting with the Villain deck. Whenever a Device is discarded this way, put it into play unless one player discards 2 cards.
Art: A factory assembly line making purple-hued drones;
Flavor text: The acrid smell of burning ozone from the welding torches stung the Wraith's nostrils as she looked over the sea of machinery. "We cannot allow him to make all of these..."


Mobile Alert Platform [10] (x1)
Increase damage dealt by Minions and Devices by 1. Reduce damage dealt to Minions and Devices by 1.
Art: A massive flying platform targeting lasers on a hex-divided area below;
Flavor text: The platform floated overhead with a hum and a buzz. "Keep your head down!" Captain Cosmic hissed. "If that thing spots us, it'll bring down the whole city on our heads!"
Remote Walking Tank [6] (x3)
Reduce damage dealt to this card by 1. At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the Hero target with the highest HP 3 Energy Damage. When this card is destroyed, play the top card of the Villain deck.
Art: A massive spider-shaped tank firing its big laser;
Flavor text: "Just like father always imagined!" Luminary gestured proudly at the huge, spider-like walking weapon as it turned to aim at the heroes. "Ah, yes, you might want to run."

Device, Doomsday

Black Hole Generator [8] (x1)
At the start of the Environment turn, discard the top card of each deck. Then, this card deals each target other than itself X Energy Damage and then destroys X Environment cards. X on this card = the number of Devices in all trash piles plus 1.
Art: A giant device with what appears to be a small black hole suspended in the middle of it;
Flavor text: A few stray nuts and bolts flew across the room, disappearing into the ever-expanding blackness without a sound. Bunker took a nervous step back. "Find an off-switch. Now!"


Blade Battalion Commander [7] (x2)
All non-Hero targets with a max HP of 5 or less gain the keyword: Minion. At the end of the Environment turn, each Minion deals the Hero target with the highest HP 1 Melee Damage.
Art: A Blade Battalion member with a fancier uniform and carrying a baton, leading an assembly of Battalion members;
Flavor text: "We fight for the greatest leader ever known to Mordengrad!" shouted the commander, brandishing his baton as he spoke. "We will do the great Baron Blade proud!"
Blade Battalion Platoon [9] (x3)
At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the X Hero targets with the highest HP 2 Projectile Damage each, where X = this card's current HP.
Art: A large group of Blade Battalion members all dressed in identical uniforms and trenchcoats and brandishing laser rifles;
Flavor text: "Mordengrad! Mordengrad! Mordengrad!" The troops loudly chanted the name of their country as they patrolled the streets, ever watchful for enemies of their leader.

Meta: Mordengrad

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To Other Works

  • Mordengrad is to Baron Blade what Latveria is to Doctor Doom in the Marvel Universe. At this location they are hailed as the leader and can do no wrong.


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Fireside Chats

  • If Blade Battalion Commander is in play, and Battalion Command Center reveals a non-Minion target with 5 or less max HP, it is put into play. It has the Minion keyword because of the Commander.
  • If Black Hole Generator destroys a device target while dealing damage, the amount of damage dealt to the next target increases by 1, since X updates dynamically. Similarly, when it destroys a device environment card, the number of card destructions increases by 1, since X updates dynamically.
  • When Conscripted Engineer discards the top card of each deck, that includes the Title Deck (causing that card to be shuffled into the Title Deck).