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Set: OblivAeon
Population: 40,000 (Approximate: The Mordengradian government is fiercely secretive of census information and does not allow outside study of the country)
Type of Government: Meritocracy (Baron Blade is acknowledged by law to have the most merit)
Languages: Russian, Hungarian, English, Romanian, Mordengradian (local dialect)
Currency: The Mordengradian Luna

Glorious Mordengrad! Our arms and minds are yours! Glorious Mordengrad! You grant us strength and life! As the moon shines down on your beauty; As the sun takes pride in your might- From our great industry; To our marvelous leader- We sing forever more the truth of our ways in Glorious Mordengrad! Glorious Mordengrad! Glorious Mordengrad! Always! -Mordengrad anthem, translated from Latvian

Mordengrad has been an industrial powerhouse for decades, but it is only in more recent years that it started shining so brightly. Under new leadership, it’s accomplishments in scientific and military fields led it to declare itself an independent country, though a very small one. Its leader, Ivan Grigori Ramonat, rules with an iron fist, instilling great nationalism from the Mordengradian people, through control of the country’s assets and impressively sweeping propaganda.

The Mordengrad capitol is home to scores of Blade battalions, walking technological terrors, and numerous Doomsday Devices. Any villain who stands against the heroes here will have much support, but only the true leader of Mordengrad can take the greatest advantage of it’s glorious might.