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  • Fixer is fighting the Dreamer's Granite Oni projection on the card "Hoist Chain."
  • The scar on Dark Watch:Mr. Fixer promo card is the same place that The Operative is striking Mr Fixer on the card 'Undivided Attention'
  • The villain on the back of DWMF striking him is called Heartbreaker, and he will be part of another deck. Christopher on the Forums (he wound up appearing in the Vengeance-style Miss Information deck).
    • The scene shown is during the Vengeance events when Heartbreaker ambushes Mr. Fixer while Dark Watch is busy fighting Proletariat clones.



  • The Kanji on Mr. Fixer's Incapacitated Side reads "Owari", or 'End'. The other is a signature block, and is written in katakana, a Japanese phonetic syllabry that is typically used for foreign words. It reads "Adamu Rebotaro", i.e., Adam Rebottaro. In addition to his Nemesis symbol (to fix/mend), the other Kanji on his cards is on the style cards; they may be for the appropriate animals Forum Post by dpt
  • Mr Fixer has Always been Blind >G Forum Post
  • Dark Watch Mr. Fixer's "Bitter Strike" power still counts as a "strike." Forum post
  • DWMF In Progress - Photo taken at Origins 2013. Overheard Adam speaking that the scar is from where The Operative hit him on the card Undivided Attention and that his beard would have less grey in it due to him 'Coming back' - Mr. Fixer is killed by the Operative, but he is reanimated by Zhu Long (Letters Page 10).
  • Due to the fact that he and The Operative are nemeses, as well as certain commonalities in their back-stories, it can be assumed that the martial arts school The Operative attended as a child was the same one that Mr. Fixer used to run (Confirmed Letters Page 10).


  • The dragon that Mister Fixer is punching on "Overdrive" is the villain Zhu Long transformed. Zhu Long was later made into a Nemesis card in Baron Blade's Vengeance deck. His human form is portrayed on "Pipe Wrench."

To Other Works

  • Zhu Long is visually similar to the pulp villain Fu-Manchu, one of the characters to kick-start the "yellow peril" character stereotype. Such villains were common in low budget martial-arts films of the sixties and seventies, an era which Mr. Fixer strongly emulates.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Notes from Letters Page Episode 10:
      • Does he carry around these mechanics tools with him? Does anybody suggest he use more traditional weapons? Are the tool cards just placeholders for whatever martial-arts or improvised weaponry he winds up using? The tools aren't specific to his fighting style, they represent the idea that he's improvising with what's available. He's not using traditional weapons (Black Fist would have), but now he goes in unarmed and just makes use of whatever's available.
      • Why not start using the Black Fist name again? How does he feel about fighting alongside other heroes (before and after resurrection)? Modern writers changed the name - the Black Fist name is a product of a specific time and modern writers didn't want to dredge that back up. Beyond that, there's an outlook change between them - Black Fist was pretty ideological, Mister Fixer is more cynical (even the name is kind of ironic, he can't fix everything, but he tries to fix what he can). This is the first time he's really working with heroes as he was mostly a solo hero up until Dark Watch. He liked having allies on the occasions he worked with others before his death; after he's just angry about literally everything.
      • Does he have any wuxia/chi abilities or is his skill just 100% martial arts? His abilities are 150% martial arts, he's elevated his skill beyond what you would normally call "martial arts". Sure, you can call it "chi" or whatever, and you could say that he has superpowers, but the powers are in the form of "is so good at kung fu that he's able to do stuff that we kind of have to call super powers because what else are you going to call them". It's not "magic" that he can Grease Monkey Fist his punch into doing fire damage or something, it's just down to his martial arts training.
      • During the first fight with Expat he just disarms/blocks, no attacks - would he have taken that approach with anybody or did he see something special in her? Prior to his death, when being attacked by an unknown assailant he probably would have at least *started* with this approach, moving on to defeating (not killing) them if necessary. With Expat he could tell that there was something else going on and started asking the questions (which could have happened to other people too, but still a different reaction than random thugs would have gotten).
      • Is Mister Fixer's fighting prowess something he adapted his mechanic skills to? Prior martial arts training/extra powers other than that? Prior training, see previous discussion/answers. But they want to be specific on this, his only other "power" would be his ability to sense things around him with his aura. It's what makes him such a good mechanic too, but if he'd focused his life on being a mechanic he'd be light-years beyond his current mechanic-skill level.
      • The Organization is big in Rook City, why not more focus on the Wraith given her presence? Why is Fixer the Nemesis of both the Chairman and Operative? Operative has a personal connection with him and that history is the source of the animosity. A difference with the Wraith is a matter of focus - she's dealing with symptoms (individual crimes) while Fixer is going after the source (going after the Organization directly). She's an annoyance, but also has the rest of the Freedom Five to back her up if they take her out. He's just a guy operating on his own.
      • How many heroes know that he's blind? Most that he's worked with know because they have seen his eyes - the shadows are just a stylistic art choice. He still moves in a way that might give it away, but they can't really show that in card art. It's not a secret, but the guys liked not giving it away up front and giving clues over time.
      • Did he have a family or romantic relationships? "Slim" never had any romantic relationships, "Black Fist" had a ton. This is a result of the type of comics he was appearing in. Opening the school was a way for him to have surrogate children.
      • Does Fixer have any problems with Nightmist's magic in opposition to his martial arts thing? It's complicated due to the fact that he was never part of an official "team" until after his death, at which point he doesn't care. [Aside here about how Zhu Long's reanimation process is dealing with stuff older and darker than anything Nightmist is working with - Zhu Long "has forgotten more magic than Nightmist will ever know."]
      • [Another Arcanus Lupus limerick] Why is he Black Fist in the Enclave of the Endlings? The Enclave is a '60s event (and this is a flashback scene), thus the style, so that's why he's Black Fist. It's a rare crossover story where both he and Legacy appeared in the same story instead of Black Fist being in a separate "B" story in a Justice Comics issue.
      • Is it true that if he's shown not wearing his hat in the card game, that he's dead? Yes.
      • What happened to him in Freedom Six timeline, how did Unity get the hat? He was killed in that timeline. Prior to that, when Unity was injured and was dying, he helped her transfer her mind into the Unity bot. He didn't have the heart to tell it that wasn't really Unity and maintained their friendship. When he died, she kept the hat as a memento.
      • Who/what are the Rook City Renegades? It's the title of a comic series that is used as a source for the quotes on many cards. The book itself is an anthology series dealing with Rook City events, but isn't the name of a team. Well, not a hero or villain team - it's the local baseball team. They're all jerks. The Hippo used to play for them. Fixer's hat is actually for this team.
      • Any specific philosophy? His is largely informed by his master, Shuen Zhang. There's definitely some Buddhism in there, but it's beyond just that.
      • Is he the most skilled hand-to-hand combatant in the game? If not, where does he rank? Does this change after his death and resurrection? Who else could "go the distance" with him? Yes, the most skilled. Others may punch harder. Fanatic and Haka are both really good melee combatants, but Fixer is the most skilled/trained/precise. Part of it is if you're above a certain threshold in strength, skill starts to not matter quite as much. Operative can go the distance, Fanatic and Haka could but not because of their skill and more just the ability to take punishment, K.N.Y.F.E. is quite good but is more of a bar-room brawler type. It's hard to do one-to-one skill matchups - Expat is *very* skilled, but all of her training is in ranged combat (but even then, there's a question of how far away do they have to start from one another before that would give her a definitive edge).
      • The Scion Faultless "fixes" him during OblivAeon, what is he fixing here? As has been established earlier, Fixer has reason to be furious about - his body is broken/dead, his soul is stuck haunting his own corpse, etc. Faultless was able to restore him, he's actually alive again after this point.