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  • Muerto is Thiago, from 'Potential Sidekick' in Spite's Deck.
  • Thiago goes on to take up the mantle of Ra in the Miststorm Universe

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • From Podcast Episode 74
  • Why does Muerto look so haphazardly put together? He's a pile of wreckage and wasn't so much "constructed" as "cobbled together into the best approximation possible".
  • What's Muerto's deal [enters a bunch of options in quick succession]? "Ghost possessing a robot" is pretty close. Also, when he possesses other devices the skull motif lines goes with him.
  • How does a cyborg relate to the teenager situation? Because he's a teenager's ghost haunting a robot. He does the brooding, sit in the corner and mope teenager thing, only with much better reasons for doing so. He really is one of the most heroic members of the team, though, as he's the one who's there for all of the right reasons. The cruel irony is that he's the one that had such a crushing loss to get him there.