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Fireside Chats

The Dreamer

  • The heroes lose if The Dreamer is destroyed or removed from the game.
  • If Haka has projection cards under Savage Mana, and he destroys them to use the power, the projection cards go to the villain trash because cards under Savage Mana have no keywords.

Spiff's Clarifications

The Dreamer

Oversized card misprint

  • The original printing of The Dreamer’s oversized card has incorrect text for her end-of-turn effect. The text on the normal-sized card (and the reprint of the Oversized card) is correct: At the end of the villain turn, the dreamer deals each non villain target (H) - 2 psychic damage. Then, play the top (H) - 2 cards of the villain deck. Proper Damage Dealt By Flipped Dreamer