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The Dreamer

  • The Dreamer and her projections have more cameos in hero decks than any other villain.
  • The "Treacherous Ape" is, in reality, the doll floating at the Dreamer's side on her "The Dreamer Dreams" side. The Treacherous Ape first appeared on Tachyon's "Lightning Reflexes" card. Tachyon is in the Flavor text of the "Treacherous Ape" card.
  • The "Dark Hero" projection looks very similar to the villain that Legacy was fighting on "Thokk."
  • The Dreamer is incapacitating Sky Scraper in "Projected Paralysis."


The Dreamer

  • Mainstay has a line in the flavor text of "Whipacorn."
  • The Dreamer has the lowest HP of any Sentinels villain.
  • The Dreamer is one of two base-set Sentinels villains to have a non-promo time-line duplicate, the other being Omnitron. Greatest Legacy and GI Bunker are the Hero Versions.
  • The Argent Adept's dialogue in the flavor text of "Grotesque Arachnoid" hints that the Dreamer's condition may stem from an outside source, namely "another world."
  • Her Teddy Bear (on Night Terrors) is named Noah >G Comment from the Gathering of Heroes 2014
  • "The child is the center" refers to The Dreamer. A hint at this can be found on the infamous card "Fixed Point". The "Fixed Point" is that in every reality, young Vanessa Long manifests powers. The Visionary came from her time to prevent the Vanessa Long of this reality from going through what she did, and yet, this reality's Vanessa Long STILL manifested powers. This is important, because these "Fixed Points" across spacetime is how OblivAeon is destroying everything. The more points that realities have in common, the more they draw "close" and if multiple realities are too close, they act as cosmic anti-matter, destroying each other. The Child is the Center

To Other Works

The Dreamer

  • The Illusory Demon bears a strong resemblence to the Marvel villain Venom.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

The Dreamer

  • Notes from Letters Page 31 - Visionary
    • Why did the Dreamer have such strong nightmares? What's the new awareness of the world mentioned in her bio? It's connected to OblivAeon - the young Vanessa has these psychic powers and when the timelines shatter it affects her.
    • Is there a reason her dress changes on her flip side art? It's there to represent how casually her power can change physical reality. The progression of the "fight" is Sleeping -> Waking up (which is her flip side and is the most dangerous time) -> Awake (victory). The heroes have to get her through the waking up phase. It's like the old wives tale about how you're not supposed to wake up a sleepwalker.
    • What's the importance of the Teddy-Ape since it shows up so much? It's her favorite toy. All of her projections are derived from things she's seen or are afraid of in life.
    • Her "Decoy Projection" card is a Distortion and therefore half of the Realm of Discord's cards destroy it, what's the in-story reason? Her powers don't work as well there due to the general weirdness there that interferes with her projections.
    • Is the crystal in the toy orangutan an OblivAeon shard? No.
    • Are the Dreamer's projections foreshadowing things to come (Dark Hero for Iron Legacy, etc.)? Nope, they're all stuff from her life and her psyche. The Grotesque Arachnoid is because she's afraid of spiders. Dark Hero is her fear that these superheroes out there in the world could turn bad and come for her. The tooth fairy is her interpretation of what her parents told her about a tiny fairy that comes for your teeth. The Whipacorn is because unicorns are too good to be true - there's no way they're not up to something. The Treacherous Ape is treacherous because the toy is her most trusted friend, but what if it turned on her? The Toy Master's flavor text about it being the thing that Visionary wanted to avoid is because in Project Cocoon a lot of the tests they put her through involved toys - the primary trainer guy in that process, and the memory of him, is what the Dreamer is pulling on to create this twisted version.
    • What do each of the Dreamer's projections represent? Most were already covered. Illusory Demon is a manifestation of her general fear of the dark/evil - standard "monster under the bed" kind of thing. They're all based on her experiences.


  • Notes from Letters Page 74 - Daybreak
  • How does Muse view the Dreamer event? How do the other heroes feel about having her around given memories of the event? She's aware of it, remembers it, and it's a source of trauma due to her parents' reaction. The other heroes aren't worried about her now (well, a few might think that it is a little weird that she's around after everything, but nobody thinks she needs to be locked up or anything). The awareness of everything Visionary has gone through gives people perspective.
  • How do Visionary and Muse feel about one another? It's not that weird for them because nearly all of their life experiences have been different - they're different people from very different worlds. "Testing performed on them as babies" and "psychic powers" is pretty much the common experience for them. They also don't really interact all that much or have much in common besides the psychic thing. Visionary very much wants all the best for Muse, but knows that being around isn't the best thing for her.
  • Do Muse and Rockstar fight crime in heels? Isn't that uncomfortable/dangerous? Muse doesn't do a lot of the running/jumping style of heroics, and Rockstar wears the sorts of shoes she would wear on stage (and has the whole rock protection thing going on in the first place). Adam takes issue with the idea that heels are always going to interfere with movement - look at dancers who can move just fine in heels.
  • What prompted Muse to join a hero team (is she making up for things, was she involved in the OblivAeon fight and got a taste for it, etc.)? Does she deal with a lot of distrust or were the details of the Dreamer event not well known? There were some heroes that knew what really was going on, but the world at large has no idea what was behind the nightmarish events in Ravenwood. She became a hero because she always wanted to do something good with her powers (with Visionary as a role-model), but she didn't have a home any more and the Sentinels of Freedom welcomed her in.
  • Muse looks a lot different than expected; is she eternally grumpy or was the picture we were given just of her on a bad day? She's not grumpy, but she is very serious and tends to concentrate on things (plus has a resting face that just looks kind of grumpy, that's not her fault, though). She's not mean.
  • How much control does Muse have on her powers? An okay amount of control, but also an extremely high fear of losing control and so she tends to be vigilant about them. Sometimes her powers key off of fear, though (her own or others) and so sometimes that can backfire.
  • Why is Muse's outfit so creepy? She likes to prey on people's fears (although she boosts her friends' morale). It's also brightly colored, so it's not really meant to be scary.