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Sentinels of the Multiverse: Naturalist

Special Information

The Naturalist can use his Form cards to turn into several animals. While in these forms, additional abilities are available to him. His cards have symbols that correspond to his three forms; when you play a card with an icon that matches the form The Naturalist is currently in, you may activate the additional abilities listed after the icon. The Icons are: Naturalistcroc.png, Naturalistgazelle.png, and Naturalistrhino.png.


Incapacitated - Shadowy image of Michael Conteh lifted over the head of Deadline.


Bestial Shift (x3)
Naturalistgazelle.png The naturalist regains 3 HP. You may use a Power now.
Naturalistrhino.png Reduce Damage dealt to the Naturalist by 1 until the start of your next turn.
Naturalistcroc.png The naturalist deals 1 Target 3 Toxic Damage. You may use a Power now.
Art: The Naturalist shifting from a glowing green gazelle into a rhinoceros;
Flavor-text: "With a bellow, the gazelle transformed into a massive rhino! I love this guy!" - Haka, The Savage Haka #36
Crafty Assault (x3)
The Naturalist deals up to 3 Targets 2 Melee Damage each.
Naturalistgazelle.png You may destroy up to 2 Ongoing cards.
Art: The Naturalist as a gazelle breaks two drones of Omnitron;
Flavor-text: "Strength comes from will more than it does from muscle." - The Naturalist, Freedom Five #717
Feral Fury (x3)
The Naturalist deals 1 Target 2 Melee Damage.
Naturalistcroc.png The Naturalist deals 1 Target 2 Toxic Damage.
Art: The Naturalist as a crocodile drags a man underwater by his suspenders;
Flavor-text: "Stand not against nature. It was here first. It will be here last, as well." - The Naturalist, Rook City Renegades #5
Hyperactive Senses (x2)
Reveal the top 2 cards of any 2 decks. Put them back on top of their decks in any order.
Naturalistgazelle.png You may discard the top card of any 2 decks.
Art: The Naturalist as a gazelle sees many Wraiths, each in a different color;
Flavor-Text: "Pierce the veil in your mind. See clearly what is true." - The Argent Adept, Virtuoso of the Void #24
Primal Charge (x3)
Naturalistgazelle.png Draw 4 cards.
Naturalistrhino.png The Naturalist deals 1 Target 2 Melee Damage.
Naturalistcroc.png The Naturalist deals 1 Target 3 Melee Damage.
Art: The Naturalist as a crocodile bites Apostate in his left wing;
Flavor-text: "The prideful will meet defeat at the hands of the humble." - The Naturalist, The Savage Haka #36
Shifter's Strength (x3)
Discard any number of cards. Draw as many cards as you discarded this way. You may play a card.
Art: The Naturalist as a mutated crocodile getting blasted by Infinitor;
Flavor-text: "Our enemy is strong. We must be ready for anything." - The Naturalist, Cosmic Concurrence #19
The Predator's Eye (x3)
Increase Damage dealt to 1 Target by 1 until the start of your turn.
Naturalistcroc.png You may draw up to 2 cards. The Naturalist deals 1 Target X Melee Damage, where X = 3 minus the number of cards drawn this way.
Art: Ambuscade caught in the eye of a crocodile;
Flavor-text: "The hunter will be hunted. But will he realize in time that he is now the prey?" - The Naturalist, The Deadliest Game #6
Threatening Stomp (x2)
The Naturalist deal 1 Target 4 Melee Damage.
Naturalistrhino.png Damage dealt by a Target Damaged this way is redirected to The Naturalist until the start of your turn.
Art: A rhinoceros stomps that draws Citizen Dawn's attention:
Flavor-text: "And so the worm has turned. Very well. You have my attention." - Citizen Dawn, Freedom Five #600


Cornered Beast (x2)
Power: Destroy a Target with 3 or fewer HP.
Naturalistcroc.png If there are more non-Hero Targets than Hero Targets, increase Damage dealt by The Naturalist by 1.
Art: The Naturalist as a crocodile surrounded by The Matriarch's crows;
Flavor-text: "Whether beast or man or monster, a cornered foe is a desperate one." - Fanatic, Freedom Five #690
Environmental Allies (x2)
Reduce Damage dealt to Environment Targets by 1.
Naturalistgazelle.png Hero Targets are Immune to Damage dealt by Environment Targets.
Art: The Naturalist as a gazelle watches as the Kraken grabs Doc Tusser;
Flavor-text: "You can put me down right now, consarn it!" - Doc Tusser, Vengeance #6
Indomitable Force (x3)
Reduce Damage dealt to The Naturalist by 1. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Naturalistrhino.png Whenever Damage would be dealt to a Hero Target, redirect it to The Naturalist.
Art: The Naturalist as a rhinoceros protecting the Idealist from Deadline;
Flavor-text: "The protection of innocence is the purest venture." - The Naturalist, Cosmic Concurrence #7
Natural Form's Power (x2)
Naturalistgazelle.png One Player draws 2 cards.
Naturalistrhino.png The Naturalist regains 2 HP.
Naturalistcroc.png The Naturalist deals up to 2 Targets 1 Toxic Damage each.
Art: The Naturalist with his three forms around him;
Flavor-text: "You faced your fears and weaknesses and harnessed each of them." - The Argent Adept, Tome of the Bizarre #26
Resilient Hide (x2)
Whenever exactly 1 Damage would be dealt to The Naturalist, prevent that Damage.
Naturalistrhino.png At the start of your turn, The Naturalist regains 1 HP.
Art: The Naturalist as a rhinoceros is still standing after taking a beating;
Flavor-text: "I lost a blade in the side of that beast! And it's still moving!" - The Operative, Freedom Five #723

Ongoing, Form

The Deadly Crocodile (x1)
When this card enters play, destroy any other Form cards. Increase Damage dealt by The Naturalist by 1.
Power: The Naturalist deals 1 Target 2 Melee Damage.
You may activate Naturalistcroc.png effects.
Art: The Naturalist as a crocodile on a rock;
Flavor-text: "Even now, as an apex predator, you still struggle against your nature." - The Argent Adept, Tome of the Bizarre #26
The Formidable Rhinoceros (x1)
When this card enters play, destroy any other Form cards.
Reduce Damage dealt to The Naturalist by 1.
Power: Draw 2 cards.
You may activate Naturalistrhino.png effects.
Art: The Naturalist as a rhinoceros getting ready to charge;
Flavor-text: "Ah, yes. Much more fitting, given your temperament." - The Argent Adept, Tome of the Bizarre #25
The Nimble Gazelle (x1)
When this card enters play, destroy any other Form cards.
Power: The Naturalist regains 3 HP.
You may activate Naturalistgazelle.png effects.
Art: The Naturalist as a gazelle running in the field;
Flavor-text: "You make quite the swift gazelle. A rather dour one, though." - The Argent Adept, Tome of the Bizarre #24

Ongoing, Limited

Blend Into the Pack (x2)
The first time The Naturalist would take damage each turn, reduce that Damage by the number of Environment Targets in play.
Art: The Naturalist as a rhinoceros moving with a pack of triceratops;
Flavor-text: "During the fight, you might not see me, but that does not mean I am gone." - The Naturalist, Freedom Five #511
Natural-Born Vigor (x2)
You may use an additional Power on your turn. At the start of your turn, The Naturalist may regain 4 HP. If he does, destroy this card.
Art: The Naturalist becoming the crocodile;
Flavor-text: "Do not rely on your powers. They are merely tools, and all tools can fail." - The Naturalist, Vengeance #3

Naturalisticon.png Complexitytwo.png

Aliases: Michael Conteh

Age: 36

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 215lbs
Hair: Black

Eye: Brown

Birthplace: Lagos, Nigeria

Power Source: Mystical, Nature
Occupation: Adventurer, Businessman

First Appearance: Tome of the Bizarre #24

Nemesis: Deadline

Nemesis: Ambuscade
Nemesis: Equity

Nemesis: Professor Pollution


Meta: Naturalist


Main Episode: Episode 23

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  • The triceratops on “Blend into the Pack” are from Insula Primalis.
  • The birds attacking the Naturalist on “Cornered Beast” are servants of the Matriarch. The card keys on being outnumbered by non-hero targets, a common occurrence against that villain.
  • The tentacles attacking Doc Tusser on “Environmental Allies” hail from the ruins of Atlantis
  • "Hyperactive Senses" shows the Naturalist seeing through Glamour's illusions.
  • "Indomitable Force" shows the Naturalist protecting Idealist from Deadline's Atomic End-Glaive.


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To Other Works

  • The Naturalist’s shapeshifting powers are evocative of Beast Boy and, to a lesser extent, Animal Man, two DC Comics staples. The fact that his animal forms are tinted green furthers the comparisons with Beast Boy.
  • The Naturalist’s views on nature preservation, as well as his distaste for environmental destruction, are common character tropes for superheroes that emerged during the 70’s.
  • The Naturalist’s symbol is a West African adinkra symbol called "sesa wo suban", which literally means "transform your life". It represents the journey toward perfection.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • From Letters Page Episode 23 - The Naturalist
    • What's the extent of his powers/how many animals can he turn into? It's very nebulous, he's got a magical attunement (as mentioned in previous episodes like Nightmist and Matriarch), but not really in a "spell casting" sense. He's powered by "earth magic" via his connection to Akash'Bhuta). We see him turn into the three canonical animals in his deck, plus the Vulture form during OblivAeon. He does get a few more, to be mentioned later. There is an alternate-timeline version of him shown in La Capitan's VotM deck that shows him as a small bird (like a parrot), showing that different universes' Naturalists wind up with different forms since they're tied to specific circumstances that impart important life lessons to him.
    • The alt-art version of Hunted Naturalist's incap art shows him as a hyena, can he turn into other animals besides the 3 in his deck, if not what's going on here? When he went to save Akash'Bhuta from Professor Pollution, she did not initially respond to him and he went off by himself and tried to create another form. He managed to turn into a hyena, but couldn't change back. He returns to her and she agrees to help him and changes him back, but this is the "Eureka!" moment that convinces her of the need to change. The hyena form's lesson is "don't reach for things not meant for you" (the vulture form's lesson is something like "don't have expectations about what you need").
    • Based on his bio, he seems to be on the periphery of the major events of the Multiverse, mostly being tied up in his own struggles and transformation, is that an accurate read on his situation? Are there major events where he's more central (and if so which)? This has mostly been answered, but the guys really wanted to drive home this question's initial statement - he's a side-character, but there's still a lot for him to do over in the sidelines. He's still involved in some major fights, but as mentioned this results in kind of a disjointed feel for him as written.
    • Is he only able to transform into animals or can he change into objects or other people? Just animals (and specifically, just those animals). He's not shape-shifting in the same way Guise does where he's just moving his body parts around into a different shape, he's magically becoming these other animals (although with the weirdness involved in his "Hunted" era he can do strange combinations of attributes between them). In the same way that Legacy is "a guy, but with other weird powers", when he's a crocodile he's "a crocodile, but with other weird powers".
    • Where was he during Progeny's assault? Already mentioned, he's off with Akash'Thriya, getting her up to speed as a "hero".
    • In his bio, it's mentioned that he's pretty mad at Argent Adept by the time he's through his initial "training" phase, does he retain any of that animosity later after his journey back to humanity? He's certainly furious at Akash'Bhuta and AA during the initial crocodile form event (that form being one of fury to begin with), but it's worth noting that his journey isn't really one "back to humanity" rather than one forward into something new. He and AA get along well now.
    • His original costume, with its clean lines and classic "superhero spandex" look, kind of seems odd for him given his naturalistic power set, why did he choose this as his look? He doesn't seem to care about his identity being secret, so why the mask? He's definitely trying to protect his identity - see all of the assassination attempts. People who know him as Michael Conteh, former head of this big oil company and people who know of the shape-changing hero known as the Naturalist do not know that they're the same person, although they both have enemies. He chose the outfit because he likes green and it's a useful color for camouflage (and is very different from anything he wore in his civilian life).
    • What's the deal with his "star" logo? It's a West African (specifically the Akan people in what is now Ghana) Adinkra symbol meaning "change" or "transformation", implying a personal change (rather than the literal shape-shifting he does).
    • Why did the Argent Adept not invite him to join the Prime Wardens? He did, Naturalist didn't want to be on a team because he had his own stuff to do on earth specifically and the Prime Wardens are off-planet periodically.
    • Why did he not seek out the Argent Adept when his powers started to lose control? He was kind of busy with the whole "being hunted" thing, but it's also not particularly easy to track AA down as it's much more likely that AA will find you - which is what happened when they found Naturalist on Dok'Thorath.
    • What caused his powers to go wild? La Capitan's meddling and the severed ley lines mentioned previously.
    • What was offered to Ambuscade as a reward for capturing him? Money ("over a million dollars" "less than a billion").
    • Does he ever regain control or at least left in peace? What a good segue into...
  • Future:
    • He and Lifeline work together to repair the ley lines to help stabilize the world. This more or less happens during the OblivAeon event, so strictly speaking isn't the "future" yet, but it's necessary to set up the other stuff where the Naturalist's story is kind of bound together with Akash'Thriya's fate.


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Fireside Chats

  • If The Naturalist has access to multiple forms, the effects on a card must be activated in the order they are printed on the card.
  • “Blend into the Pack” says “Reduce that damage by the number of environment targets in play.” This works the same as any card that would say something like “Reduce that damage by X, where X = the number of environment targets in play.”
  • The forms all say “you MAY activate (symbol)”. Taking Environmental Allies as an example if the Naturalist is the Gazelle, that mean that every time the environment would deal a hero target damage, they can choose whether or not to enact the immunity. The Naturalist may choose to increase damage via Cornered Beast, or not, for every instance of damage. In the video game, there is an option you can toggle so that you are always asked about these decisions.
  • The Gazelle part of Hyperactive Senses says “You may discard the top card of any 2 decks.” That means you either discard no cards, or you must discard the top card from 2 different decks. You can’t just discard the top card from 1 deck.
  • If Guise can activate form effects, he can only activate them on abilities he has copied to his play area. He may not copy effects of the Naturalist's one-shots or cards in play that Guise has not copied.
  • If you play Bestial Shift and use a power to switch to another form, you may activate form abilities that are written further down on the card. The effect cannot backtrack up the card.
  • Natural Born Vigor is only destroyed if The Naturalist regains at least 4 HP.
  • If you play Bestial Shift and use a power to switch to another form, you may activate form abilities that are written further down on the card. The effect cannot backtrack up the card.
  • If you’re in the middle of activating a form ability and lose the form, the ability stops. This can include dealing damage, drawing cards, etc.
  • If a Form card is in play and Guise plays Uh Yeah, I'm That Guy, the Form card will be destroyed since Uh Yeah, I'm That Guy gains the text: "When this card enters play, destroy any other form cards." This works the same as Mr. Fixer's Style cards.
  • Suppose The Naturalist is in rhinoceros form and plays Threatening Stomp to damage a target. If he leaves rhinoceros form before his next turn, the redirection still occurs until his next turn.

Comic Books: Naturalist

Small note: Items that are in bullets are from the Podcasts, so their form may not make sense, or feel like they are missing a part - its probably on another tab

Spoilers May Be Ahead - SCU and Miststorm Universe Tabs may contain spoilers for future products.

Naturalist Original Standard Front.png

Michael Conteh was a very well known name in industrial development. His early investments led to fast-paced advancement of the Conteh Energy Corporation in Nigeria and, soon thereafter, most of Africa. He worked across multiple levels, ruthlessly undermining competing companies and destroying small communities to get access to their resources. By the time he was thirty, he controlled over 80% of the refineries in the southern hemisphere.

In his early thirties, Conteh began having terrible dreams. Dreams of grasping vines, pulling him down into the earth, and of all manner of animals stampeding through his bones, which turned to the very skyscrapers he’d built. Each morning, he woke to the feeling of his bones reforming themselves, but he put it out of his mind as mere remnants of awful dreams. Until the morning he woke up as a gazelle. Panicked, he crashed through a picture window and escaped into the wilderness, pursued by his own confused guards. He spent months living as a gazelle, unable to determine what had happened.

One day, he heard the sound of soothing drumming, and was drawn to the beat. He found a tall, white man with blazing red hair standing in a clearing, playing a djembe. The man turned to face the panicked gazelle. “Hello, friend,” said the drummer. “You are certainly far from home.”

The Argent Adept went on to explain to the transformed Michael Conteh that he had been cursed by the primal spirit Akash’Bhuta. The musician claimed he could help him return to his human form, but it would take time and a journey. Equally furious and scared, but unable to communicate, the former oil tycoon merely hung his head. The Argent Adept produced a stringed instrument and plucked a dissonant tune. The gazelle felt heavier, and thought he was being lulled to sleep. However, the weight increased even more, and he felt his bones start to shudder and split. With an awful rending pain, his thin furred hide split to reveal a thick, wrinkled, grey skin. He hauled his now ponderous bulk to his newly stubby feet. He was now a rhinoceros. When he realized he no longer heard music, he turned to face where the musician stood, but there was no longer anyone there.

Months passed, until one day, a rhinoceros that vaguely remembered being something both more and less than a rhinoceros heard the trill of pipes. Not a bird, but silvery pipes, played by a tall, red-haired stranger. The Argent Adept had returned, and now played a different tune. The rhino charged at the man, angry at what he didn’t know, but what he knew was coming. However, he feet fell out from under him, throwing him to the ground in a cloud of dust. His form shrunk in on itself, and thick, green plated flesh took the place of his former comfortable skin. The massive crocodile, seething at earth spirits and red-haired men, slunk into the river.

Meanwhile, years had passed since anyone had heard the name Michael Conteh, but his corporations still ran, at the cost of both the environment and a great number of people. So, when a bedraggled Mr. Conteh walked into the corporate headquarters of Conteh Energy and declared it the beginning of the end, most feared the man had gone insane. The controlling shareholders of Conteh Energy quickly kept him from having any legal control of the company, but Michael Conteh was not interested in control. Leaving his name and his company behind, he returned to the wilderness.

The Naturalist now works to protect the environment and the world from those who would destroy or exploit it for their own means. From corporations which bleed the planet dry, to mad scientists who attempt to pull the moon into the earth, The Naturalist has his watchful eye over the world, its resources, and its people, and he has learned a few tricks from his time in the wilderness…

  • He generally winds up being a side character during big crossover events that the card game tends to model.
    • His first appearance was in an early issue of the anthology book Tome of the Bizarre when he's cursed by Akash'Bhuta. His appearance in #24-26 depicted his journey through mastering his power (see the flavor text on his Form cards) with the help of Argent Adept, but even in these issues he was the "B" story - even though it's only 3 issues of a title, his story takes place over years. This happens shortly before the Vengeance event and the writers decided to pull him into the broader stories rather than letting him be just a one-off character in their weird Twilight Zone-ish book.
    • He also wound up being a supporting character in Nightmist's book for a while (as one of a number of contacts she had regarding different types of magic than her own) and from that connection would occasionally also show up in Dark Watch stories or others dealing with magic-using villains (namechecking Matriarch and Apostate - again, unsure about why Matriarch is mentioned here given that her "only" villainous outing would have been in FFA #2 decades prior to his introduction unless told in flashback).
    • His first big story, however, was against The Organization. He shows up and brutally murders the Muscle in the sewers of Rook City (see card art for "Feral Fury" - Rook City Renegades #5 is also cited on Setback's "Looking Up" further showing the connection to the Dark Watch vs. the Organization struggle). The Operative still manages to take down the team by the end of the issue and it's a pretty bleak book in any event as she and the Chairman discuss how the heroes did basically nothing of concern.
    • Given his change in outlook after his ordeal becoming the Naturalist, he winds up at odds with the board of directors for his oil company and they wind up hiring Equity to kill him. Nothing really comes of that, it just sets up conflicts down the line, namely...
    • (Vengeance)
  • We next see him on Insula Primalis, hanging out with the dinosaurs there ("Blend into the Pack") - a lot of his solo appearances involve him "walking the earth" and communing with nature, etc. This appearance is during Citizen Dawn's big push after getting the Mobile Defense Platform (an event also involving Parse and Citizen Truth - which I assume also means Fanatic is involved given the art on "Critical Multiplier"). He doesn't do anything particularly notable in the event, but is part of the team that faces off against Dawn herself in the finale.
    • He's got kind of an odd progression. He will show up in an event, then fade into the background and not be seen for a while, but then in his next appearance he'll be a slightly more notable presence, increasingly at odds with how he's depicted in his solo stories.
    • His next major story is Deadline, where he's at the forefront (along with Scholar) due to their connections with the natural world and stuff like the ley lines. They try to defend the latter as much as possible, but they can't prevent Deadline from severing a few of them, and they can't repair them afterwards. This is bad, for both the environment and for magical reasons, and the repercussions of this are felt through the end of the Multiverse era.
    • He's then involved in the fight against the young La Capitan (i.e. her VotM incarnation), but he's almost immediately flung through a rift in spacetime and "overclocks" his power (see "Chronological Hotspot") and he wakes up on Dok'Thorath during the civil war there (this is really confusing for people just reading his solo book as now he's all of a sudden on this alien planet fighting Infinitor alongside the Prime Wardens).
    • The Prime Wardens bring him back to earth, he's got a handle on his powers again but their still in flux. His comic also has a return to more down-to-earth stories after the reader backlash to the weird space stuff he got involved with for a while. This sets up the next few events for him, though, now in the Hunted variant.
    • Bugbear is now after him (read: wants to eat him) to consume his unique magical essence - blood magic is gross. This isn't a standard "superhero fight" story - it's a chase, and generally a stealth one where Bugbear is just this relentless pursuer. He's not particularly fast in his pursuit, but tireless and doesn't give Naturalist much time to rest. In the middle of this, he also has to deal with the Slaughter-House Six who have been hired by his old oil company to finish the job they started with Equity. They manage to capture him (Glamour is namechecked specifically, see the "Freak Show" card in MMFFCC), although he does break out eventually.
    • Aviva Natasha Aldred (the last heir to the family who ran Aldred Industries until the whole Omnitron incident) now runs an environmentalist non-profit and he approaches her - she's good at this whole business thing and he doesn't want to be stuck in an office so he can do his animal-in-nature routine. He sells his 40% share in Conteh Energy to her for $1 so he can wash his hands of it (and get the board members off his back - although he gives her the goods on them too).
    • This frees up his time for heroics rather than running away and he confronts Professor Pollution. She's got "radioactive waste powers" and seems like a natural foe for him, and he defeats her. They don't mention much about this fight itself, but it does set up one of the most important arcs for him.
    • One of the things that Prof. Pollution is doing, as a side-effect, is leaching toxicity into the dormant Akash'Bhuta (dormant, recovering from the fight with the Prime Wardens). This results in something like a cancer in her which Michael becomes aware of due to his connection to her (from when she cursed him). He communes with her to convince her that she needs to change in order to survive - paralleling his own origin story - and this is what results in the creation of Akash'Thriya and they kind of become an odd "team-up" duo, fighting against Revo-Corp and Plague Rat, Omnitron IV, and others.
    • Bugbear is back on his trail, though (after getting sidetracked in a fight involving Nightmist), who is now more viscous in desperation given that he hasn't been successful in fueling his blood magic. He gets Naturalist dead-to-rights until Akash'Thriya steps in to save him (which is really the first altruistic "hero" action she took that wasn't purely in his own self-interest). They remain in this duo arrangement leading into OblivAeon.
    • Naturalist isn't really involved in the "main" lead-up events to OblivAeon, but his involvement with getting Akash'Thriya up to speed as a hero was important.
Naturalist Hunted Standard Front.png

Variant: Originally revealed during the Villains of the Multiverse preorder event.

First Appearance: Virtuoso of the Void #30


Those hunting Michael have drawn ever closer. It's only a matter of time before they catch him. Cornered as he is, the Naturalist has been losing his grasp on humanity, struggling to maintain focus and keep a single, stable form. The Argent Adept found Michael Conteh once again in an inhuman state, but this time, the Naturalist was not a specific animal. Instead, he had the characteristics of several different animals, including animals he had never taken form of before. The musical magician helped his old ally calm and focus his mind, but his form continued shifting. Now, the Naturalist fights those who hunt him, though his powers are in continual flux.

  • Vengeance is his first really major "superhero" appearance and he's involved in the major set-pieces: in Ruins of Atlantis he can communicate with the Kraken to help take out Doc Tusser (see "Environmental Allies", Vengeance has a lot of "mini-Nemesis fights" where heroes wind up fighting members of other heroes' rogues galleries), he's part of the team that takes down Fright Train (whose incap art shows Naturalist along with K.N.Y.F.E. and Setback), but ultimately lost, along with Haka, in a fight against Proletariat (see "Flanking Maneuvers"). He's then out of the public eye for a while.

See Related Stories on the Vengeance Story Arc Page

  • His main deal during the OblivAeon events proper involves the general magical weirdness going on at the time - he only has specific animal forms tied to specific events and he gets another one here: a giant vulture. This becomes very important as a means to get from battlefield to battlefield as OblivAeon moves. He's still part of the main fights, but as usual for him, he's still kind of a side character involved in the protection of the environment rather than your standard "fighting" contribution of most heroes.

See Related Stories on the OblivAeon Story Arc Page

Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from the Miststorm Universe, one of two branching timelines. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Tactics (and expansions). Prime War (and expansions)

  • Akash'Thriya is very badly damaged during the OblivAeon fight and, afterwards, goes off alone to recover but she takes along a bunch of OblivAeon shards which allows her to regain power much more quickly than she generally could (more in her episode) and is kind of reverting to "her old self, but worse". As a result, Naturalist is losing control of all the various magics running through him while also trying to access many new forms, resulting in blended forms and he becomes a "Chimera" - a primal force of nature rather than a hero or villain. He's not as far gone as Plague Rat, but the heroes still have to try to help him regain something of his humanity.
Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.

  • Akash'Thriya is still seriously damaged and needs to draw energy from the Nexus of the Void, but rather than using OblivAeon shards to accelerate this, the Naturalist helps her enter some kind of chrysalis state in the Akash'Flora in downtown Megalopolis. He returns to his "walk the earth" roots, but gets a few more forms, including the hyena and vulture. He's got more "far future" stories they've imagined that gets him more forms, but that's like an entire new episode's worth of stuff. His role in the RPG setting is a shaman-type character that heroes can get information/guidance from as he keeps an eye on the natural world while his ally Akash'Thriya is in hibernation.