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Fireside Chats

  • If NightMist has 1 card in hand while Amulet of the Elder Gods is in play and she would be dealt damage, she can discard the 1 card for no effect. Ground Pound works the same way.
  • Suppose NightMist, Amulet of the Elder Gods, and Citizens Tears and Blood are in play. If Citizen Tears deals damage to NightMist, that damage is increased by the cards NIghtMist discards to redirect the damage using the Amulet.
  • When Mists of Time swaps the deck and trash, the top card of the deck becomes the bottom card of the trash.
  • If Oblivion is played and there is only one card in the deck, it does that card’s magic number damage to all targets. No subsequent damage is dealt to all non-hero targets.
  • The cards revealed by Oblivion go into the trash in the same order that they were revealed.

Spiff's Clarifications

Mist-Fueled Recovery

  • “Mist-Fueled Recovery” allows Nightmist to regain 1 HP for each 2 cards that are shuffled from her trash to her deck. Any effects in play which increase hp recovery will increase the amount she regains per 2 cards shuffled, rather than just affecting the total. For example, if she shuffled six cards into her deck, she would normally regain 3 hp (6 divided by 2, times 1 hp), but if “Phosphorescent Chamber” (a Ruins of Atlantis card that increases hp recovery by 1) were in play, she would regain 6 HP (6 divided by 2, times 2 hp), not 4. Note however, that Nightmist still needs to shuffle in an even number of cards to get the maximum benefit from “Mist-Fueled Recovery”. A +1 to HP recovery will not make it so that Nightmist will regain 1 hp for each one card she shuffles in. The last line of rules for this card reads, “immediately end your turn”. This means to proceed immediately to Nightmist’s end-of-turn phase, which is not the same as skipping the rest of her turn entirely. She may still take any end-of-turn actions she may have.