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Nightmist Original Standard Front.png

Faye Diamond took over the Diamond Investigations when her father retired. Gaining access to the agency files, she began to investigate the disappearance of her grandfather Joe over 70 years earlier. That investigation took her to Arkham, Mass. and deep into the workings of a coven of witches where she first came face to face with the Occult and magical relics.

During her time with the coven she learned that “magic” is real, and, furthermore, she had a talent for it. The Study of the Occult and magic became an obsession for her until one day a spell went terribly awry - the Mists of R'lyeh backfired! Instead of transporting her to another dimension, it brought part of the dimension into her, transforming her body into incorporeal mists! Overcome with arcane energies, she blacked out. Hours later, when she recovered, she found that she was once again solid. The incident, however, had cursed her forever - parts of her shift from solid to mist in the presence of darkness or shadow.

Only a few weeks later, a wizened Chinese man appeared at the agency, identifying himself only as The Master. He claimed that he had been called by the mists and was here to teach her to handle both her gift of magic and her curse of the mists. Years of training with The Master went by, and yet, he repeatedly insisted that she was still unprepared to face the true terrors of the other planes.

One night, while Faye was poring over the Tome of Elder Magic, there was a rapid, insistent knocking at the door to Diamond Investigations - Tachyon had gathered information about paranormal investigators and had come seeking the help of the best: Faye Diamond. Taking the name “NightMist”, Faye assisted the Freedom Five in turning back the first assault of terror from the villainous entity known as GloomWeaver.

Since that time, NightMist has vigilantly patrolled the shadows of night, seeking a cure for her curse while protecting this world from things that come from the realms beyond our own!

  • Faye Diamond is actually a pretty early character for Sentinel Comics and was around plenty of time prior to her becoming "Nightmist". Thomas Diamond was created in the days of crime/mystery comics and his daughter, Faye, was introduced as a sidekick accompanying him (and her age was inconsistently presented).
    • Joe Diamond of Diamond Investigations started the family business - searching into the mysteries of the unknown. Followed by his son Thomas. Faye grew up with her father as a private investigator, her mother died in childbirth. He tried to instill in her the idea that things always had explanations; mysteries could be solved; there's no such thing as magic. As he aged he developed Alzheimer's Disease and she takes over the business. However, some of the things he starts to say as a result of his illness don't add up when compared to what she'd been told.
    • He talks about when his father disappeared, August 9 1938, when previously she'd been told that he had died. He also mentions a wall safe hidden in the office, but she can't get the combination out of him. Surprising nobody, the combination corresponds to the date of Joe's disappearance. The contents are a key and a piece of paper. The key is marked 2C and the paper has an address on it. Having the keen investigative mind that she has, she's able to follow the clues presented to an old storage facility. [The guys try to role-play the interaction between Faye and the old man running the front office at around the 12 minute mark.]
    • She opens the storage locker corresponding to the key. She finds: lots of full filing cabinets, books, papers, scrolls, and a strange bronze amulet (which she pockets). The files were odd, as they pertained to supernatural things/events that she'd been taught don't exist. Many of them were from her grandfather, but also her fathers - some of these latter indicating her father's investigation into Joe's disappearance, but this ended in his late 30s when he met Faye's mother and decided to put it behind him. She brings everything back to her office.
    • Further digging finds lots of references to cults/covens/lodges/secret societies/etc. based around Arkham, Massachusetts. In true H.P. Lovecraft-protagonist Call of Cthulhu Player Character private investigator fashion, she decides that the best course of action upon hearing about such groups is to go there to find out more. Her documents are decades out of date, but she's still able to corroborate a bunch of it and even manages to get in contact with a still-active coven of "witches". She's been dealing with this nonsense for a few days now, and isn't convinced, but goes to the meeting under the guise of wanting to join up. It's kind of sad, just people getting together and hanging out - "like a knitting circle, but instead of knitting they do 'magic'." She joins and finds that they actually can do some magic - nothing super impressive, minor telekinesis, remote viewing, "some light hexing".
    • They then teach her to cast Mists of R'lyeh [pretty great attempts to pronounce this at 17:30]. The amulet that she took from the storage facility reacts strongly to her casting this, though. It burns white hot, and her flinching from that results in her being cast, momentarily, into another realm full of mists and bizarre sights. She passes out and wakes up back in the normal reality, but not fully as now she's partially mist - different parts of her fluctuating between states, mostly parts of her hidden in shade. The coven isn't comfortable with how this went (it's showing much more "power" or whatever than they're normally dealing with) and ask her to leave.
    • She tries going back to her normal investigation job, but having random body parts dissolve into mist becomes increasingly frustrating. She's eventually visited by a very old Chinese man who introduces himself as "the Master". Now this is odd, but she figures it might be a paying job so agrees to talk to him. He seems to already know about her mist problem and says that he was drawn to her by her aura. He concentrates on her and manages to solidify her somewhat. This display prompts her to want to learn how to control herself.
    • He begins to train her and, once he hears her experiences, turns out to be familiar with the spell and amulet involved. He brings her a book with spells that she can learn about her condition and other magic. She's now getting into the "old family business" of paranormal investigation and starts using the name Nightmist. This is her starting point in Sentinel Comics with her own leading role. Freedome Five Annual #6 is a big fight against Gloomweaver's cultists, but they can't deal with the magic going on. Wraith had heard of this Nightmist person and Tachyon runs over to Rook City real quick to enlist her help. We get all of the backstory stuff in a 6-issue follow-up series to this introduction called The Curse.
    • She gets her own book, Nightmist, after a few more guest appearances in other stories (heroes run into some sort of magic problem and call on her to help - these issues are popular so they give her her own title). Her solo book does really well and winds up involved in a lot of the metaplot across SC titles.
      • She's part of the hero group that falls through a time portal into Silver Gulch (and since time travel is mostly multiversal travel, this experience gives her greater insight into how different realities are related - gains a limited pre- and post-cognition of events).
      • She single-handedly prevent members of the Blade Battalion from breaking Baron Blade out of prison.
      • She handles a return of Voss after the initial invasion story (a smaller guerilla strike) where she winds up opening a portal to another reality and banishes him.
      • Takes part in the Dreamer event (in her solo book) by trying to break the psychic connections between the Dreamer and her projections. The other heroes are fighting the symptoms while she's the one actually solving the problem.
    • Gloomweaver is an extra-dimensional deity who wants to invade our world and is kind of the primary antagonist for her. In her interactions with him she often saw him holding a glowing stone that he used as a kind of focus. It's eventually discovered that this stone represents the essence of Joe Diamond, which she has problems with. In a confrontation with Nightmist, Gloomweaver eventually shatters it as a means to taunt her. This is kind of an unsatisfactory resolution in the comics, but there's probably more on this to come in the Gloomweaver episode.
Nightmist Dark Watch Standard Front.png

Variant: Originally released during the 2013 Holiday Season

NightMist needed more power to fight the ever-stronger foes she faced. Knowing that vast stores of magical energy drifted untouched just outside our realm, NightMist used her cursed mistform to reach beyond her native plane and harvest that energy. It was easier than she had expected - she reached out into the void and drank deep of the eldritch power she found there. However, when she attempted to return to her mortal form, she found she was lost. She had become a creature more magical than mortal, and creatures such as herself did not exist in the material realm. Magical creatures, however, did recognize her now as one of their own, but also as potential prey.

She fought. The being who was once NightMist fought against all manner of unspeakable, unknowable forms for what must have been years - perhaps centuries. She was strong, and she used her strength to extract information from her attackers. That information led her to a jagged rift between worlds which pulsed open and closed erratically. Dozens of powerful entities fought at that gateway, each striving to be the one who dove through when the portal briefly opened. Striding forward, NightMist swept all of them aside, and took control of the portal, pointing it towards her home. When Faye Diamond reentered familiar surroundings, it had only been a few days since her disappearance. Though the world around her had hardly changed, she was a very different person.

While things deteriorated more and more in Rook City, the heroes who regularly patrolled the failing city grew increasingly concerned about the disappearance of Mr. Fixer. Three of those heroes joined forces: Expatriette, Setback, and NightMist. They worked together to protect Rook City and to investigate the loss of their friend. Without NightMist and her recent power fluctuations, they would not have been able to save him.

  • Dark Watch later fights Bugbear, a blood-magic fueled beast of a man, who's hunting the Naturalist. She helps out here and sees similarities between her own circumstances and Bugbear's - somebody who's dealing with a curse. She recognizes what's going on and starts trying to "cure" him. She's able to cage off some of the magic, but is not able to separate them. This calms him enough to the point where he actually can kind of act like a hero for a while - fighting alongside Fanatic and Dark Visionary against Citizens Hammer and Anvil. The magic "cage" can't hold, though, and he turns against the heroes, mauling Fanatic's wing before Visionary takes him down ("practically lobotomized") - Nightmist checks him out afterwards and finds that between the curse and whatever Visionary did to him, he's a lost cause - not enough of him left to replace the beast. She banishes him out to the plane that she had been stuck in for so long - this is the last we see of him in the card game timeline.

  • Crossover with Ra's plot - after his defeat by the Ennead and subsequent disappearance, Faye is one of the heroes to step up to deal with them. She has a big magic duel with Isis, which Faye loses. This rattles her as she has always been the hero to take care of these magical threats. After some soul-searching she recreates the events that curses her, regaining the mist powers, but due to her new knowledge she goes further, pulling on the magic of the Void, drawing it into herself (becoming more of a "magical being" than a mortal one, leaving her trapped there for subjective centuries until she manages to find her way back). This is touched upon in her Dark Watch bio. She's only been gone a few days in the "real world", but she's changed a lot and is "legit powerful" now. She rejoins the fight with the Ennead again and just wipes the floor with Isis.
    • Dark Watch forms (see the other members' episodes and stay tuned for the Dark Watch team installment).

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  • Vengeance: Nightmist is part of the team involved in the fight with Baron Blade himself. She gets hit by his regression serum darts and this removes her powers, but also the curse and she's once again just a normal person... for a few minutes before the mist starts encroaching again. As part of the follow-up story she has some discussions with Tachyon about reverse engineering the regression serum to make it permanent. For several issues her comic is just her without the mist powers - she's still doing the magic thing since she didn't lose her training (it's no longer as easy, though).

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  • Progeny event: fights the Prime Wardens, Dark Watch, Freedom Five. Destroys a large chunk of Rook City in the process. During the Dark Watch fight, they're joined by the Scholar but lose big. Last-ditch effort to summon all of her magical power to form a barrier, which is not able to even slow him down. She's exhausted after this and fades into mist entirely, unable to reform her solid form for the rest of the battles.
    • Shortly after, the Matriarch is having a breakdown and she helps her with control. This process of training is what brings her around to being the hero The Harpy (upcoming episode for more) in the run-up to OblivAeon.
    • Nightmist, as her effort to help fight OblivAeon, tries to open portals to all different realities to bring in more heroes. Harpy is involved as her magical apprentice. She draws upon a big source of power she finds to do this and opens all of these gates ("Be the Gate"), but tapping into this power in this way, she's no longer able to manifest physically. In this way she has an outsize effect on the OblivAeon events while simultaneously not being able to participate personally. That's the end of her story.

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