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Evangelist of the Flock [30]
At the Start of this Villain Turn, if this Card is in the same Battle Zone as OblivAeon, Flip it and move it to the other Battle Zone.
When this Card is Destroyed, remove (H) Devastation Tokens from the Inevitable Destruction card. Then, remove this Card from the Game.
Whenever this Card deals Damage to a Hero, this Card regains HP equal to the amount of Damage dealt.
At the End of this Villain Turn, this card deals the 2 Hero Targets with the lowest HP 2 Melee Damage and 2 Infernal Damage each.
At the End of this Villain Turn, move this card to the other Battle Zone.
Flavor text: "Your faith is a lie! You believe in nothing but utter destruction. Like you, it is empty, meaningless." - Fanatic, Prime Wardens #63
Sycophant of Madness [30]
The first time damage is dealt to this card each turn, add 1 Devastation Token to the Inevitable Destruction card.
When this card is destroyed, flip an objective in each hero play area. Then, remove this card from the game.
If damage dealt by this card destroys a target, flip this card.
At the End of this Villain Turn, this card deals each hero target in the play area with the most rewards 3 melee damage and 3 infernal damage.
Whenever a hero deals damage to this card, move that hero to the other battle zone.
Flavor text: "So many bitings! It is not biting time. Let us try punching time instead, yes?" - Sky-Scraper, Scion Strike #4