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  • "The child is the center" refers to The Dreamer. A hint at this can be found on the infamous card "Fixed Point". The "Fixed Point" is that in every reality, young Vanessa Long manifests powers. The Visionary came from her time to prevent the Vanessa Long of this reality from going through what she did, and yet, this reality's Vanessa Long STILL manifested powers. This is important, because these "Fixed Points" across spacetime is how OblivAeon is destroying everything. The more points that realities have in common, the more they draw "close" and if multiple realities are too close, they act as cosmic anti-matter, destroying each other. The Child is the Center

To Other Works

  • OblivAeon based on size and near invulnerability seems like a reference to Galactus from Marvel. Adding onto this is the fact he sends out those he has empowered before he fully arrives in Scions much like Galactus had the Silver Surfer.