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  • Omnitron-X: The card "Disruptive Flechettes" is a reference to Omnitron's "Sedative Flechettes," with Citizen Dawn taking the place of Haka in the character artwork.
  • Omnitron-IV: Omnitron’s appearance on “Overcharged Systems” and the divider card is a reference to GLaDOS, the unsympathetic-yet-passive-aggressive AI villain of the Portal video game series.
  • The incapacitated art on the Omnitron-U foil card represents the "mental" battle going on between Omnitron-X and Omnitron-IV at the moment when Unity returned to the latter site to "bury" her Omnibot. The moment depicted is when Omnitron-X's programming latched onto the returned chassis that Unity had built, giving it an edge over the other Omnitron systems present and the "birth" of Omnitron-U.


  • Many of Ominitron-X's flavor text quotes are inverted versions of Omnitron's quotes.


  • Omnitron
    • The "S-84 Assault Drone" card has flavor text that mirrors Haka's "Rampage" card.
    • The being that revived Cosmitron will be a villain in a future expansion From Christopher OblivAeon??

To Other Works

  • Omnitron
    • Omnitron's closest "real" character parallel is DC's Brainiac, Superman's robotic nemesis that was based on a Kryptonian supercomputer. Like Omnitron, Brainiac can rebuilt itself from even the smallest fragment of its technology, has upgraded itself many times, and a future version of it became a hero -- Brainiac 5, founding member of the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st century -- when it discovered compassion. Omnitron also takes elements from Ultron, a maniacal robot villain from the Marvel universe that had also been altered by cosmic forces, and possibly Marvel's "Master Mold" Sentinel.
    • The flavor text for "Electro-Pulse Explosive" is a reference to the film Batman starring Adam West.
    • The S-84 Automaton Drones resemble Terminators.
  • Omnitron-IV
    • With the release of Omnitron IV, Omnitron is the only character in SOTM to be represented with all three deck types (Villain, Hero, and Environment).
    • While Omnitron IV is not truly the fourth iteration of Omnitron to be published by Greater Than Games, he is the fourth in terms of story canon. His in-story predecessors are the original Omnitron, Cosmic Omnitron, and Omni-Blade. In terms of the Sentinels of the Multiverse card-game publication, he was preceded by Omnitron, Cosmic Omnitron, Omnitron X, and Omni-blade, making him the fifth card-game incarnation of the character. However if the Sentinels Tactics game is included in this history then he is actually the //sixth// incarnation, following the versions mentioned above and the Tactics version, Omnitron V, which was released after Omnitron X.
  • Omnitron-X
    • Omnitron-X's design and card artwork pay reference to Capcom's Megaman X video game franchise:
      • Both Omnitron-X and Megaman X are blue robots that change color when they use certain equipment.
      • Both characters have arm cannons.
      • The font used for Omnitron-X's name on his character card is virtually identical to the one used for the SNES Megaman X game titles. Both use metallic chrome letters for the characters' main names, with the letter X enlarged and colored gold.
      • Obviously, both characters' names end with "X."
    • In terms of his personality and character biography, Omnitron-X is very similar to the DC Comics' Braniac-5. Both characters are future versions of robotic super-villains which seek redemption for their sordid legacy. Both have very logic-driven personalities. Also, both make use of time travel on a frequent basis.
    • Omnitron-X's physical appearance is very similar to that of Zeta, the central character of the DC Animated series The Zeta Project.
    • "True story: When we first invented him, we hadn't locked down what we were calling him, so for a few weeks he was Omni-Ron." Adam on >G Forum

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Notes from Letters Page 9:
      • What part of human society does X find most fascinating? Empathy doesn't automatically allow him to understand the illogical nature of human behavior, so that's a big one. Human reproduction is also weird - why don't they just grow them in vats or something? Jokes are hard, but Unity tries to help. Food that isn't just a nutrient slurry. Why do you waste the nutrients in dead people by just burying them?
      • What happens between Omnitron V and Omnitron X? The guess is that the question is about the version that appears in Tactics, but take a look at the chart - there isn't a succession between the Tactics version and Omnitron X due to time travel shenanigans. Even if there would be successive versions in the main timeline to get to a tenth iteration, it would necessarily be a different entity than our Omnitron X hero.
      • Will we see VI, VII, VIII, and IX eventually? There is the possibility to see something like this in the Tactics timeline eventually (more later), but not in the RPG timeline (for reasons), and we aren't likely to see the versions of these present in X's home timeline.
      • From Omnitron's perspective, what is the most absurd/funny thing humans do? See the earlier question. More answers: keep pets, swim (or any exercise) for fun, having yards around the house (because of lawn maintenance), entertainment media (they imagine a case where X downloads a book and just assimilates all information at once until Unity tells it the proper way to go through it sequentially).
      • How aware of his surroundings is Omnitron IV? Has keen awareness of its surroundings, but it's limited in comprehension/care to "Can [x] be assimilated/is [x] a threat to the production process?"
    • Future:
      • Tactics - Omnitron V is what was left over of the programming in the IV factory after U leaves. The Chokepoint battle got this remainder stirred up again and able to continue. The battle also greatly damaged the Termi-Nation Bunker suit and the bits of it left over at the battle site got assimilated - the highly modular nature of this suit being incorporated into the design features of Omni-V. When V came online, it was incomplete and so needed further components. In this timeline, Omnitron U had also been destroyed later in an unrelated battle. V managed to find the chassis, stripped out the programming, and created the Omni-Reaper to complemented its incomplete nature. The two of them together comprise Omnitron VI in this timeline.
        • Omnitron-X/U is eventually defeated by Omnitron V and incorporated into the next iteration. The remaining software (plus the memories of the reality that Omnitron-X came from) formed the basis of the Omni-Reaper component of Omnitron VI (Letters Page Interlude 3).
      • RPG - Omnitron U is in rough shape to begin with and the fight with OblivAeon doesn't help, but following that it gets some time to repair/upgrade. When that process is done, it's simply known as Omnitron and remains a hero. The Omnitron IV code is still around, but inactive. Possibilities for future stories.
    • Notes on the diagram in the show notes:
      • Nodes are the points where Omnitron versions are created, X's are destruction.
      • Blue line is the villain versions from the card game timeline.
      • Green line is the alternate reality that we don't really see except for the fact that it's the one that Omnitron X is from.
      • Brown line represents Omnitron X being created, the "Slip Through Time" back to just before the initial battle with Omnitron I in the "main" timeline.
      • Pink line is the return as Omnitron U after the convergence of the blue and brown lines.
      • Red line is the RPG timeline.
      • Orange line is the Tactics timeline, including Omnitron V and the Omni-Reaper.
      • Purple line is the fact that in the RPG timeline, the remnants of Omnitron IV that in Tactics became Omnitron V are still around but haven't become active yet. Plans in the future.