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List of all non Character style targets in Sentinels. See Minor Characters list for character style targets



Arboreal Phalanges (12 hp) : Legacy and Expatriette frighting Tentacles.
Ensnaring Brambles (9 hp) : Haka trapped by thorny vines.
Living Rockslide (10 hp) : Giant rock hand approaching a silhouette Likely Chrono Trigger.
Mountainous Carapace (11 hp) : Argent Adept and Fanatic attacking Akash'Bhuta's shoulder.


Automated Turret (8 hp) : Drone turret on tank treads.
Custom Hand Cannon (5 hp) : Unique custom pistol.
Explosive Launcher (6 hp) : Rocket Launcher on a tripod.
Personal Cloaking Device (9 hp) : Ambuscade invisible sneaking up on Haka.
Reactive Plating (10 hp) : Ambuscade with an expandable shield.
Sonic Mine (1 hp) : Argent Adept covering his ears with a mine.

Ambsucade Vengeance Style Deck

Enticing Target (3 hp) : A badly painted cutout of Ambsucade.


Corrupted Effigy (6 hp) : Angel Statue with corrupted eyes.
Gauntlet of Perdition (5 hp) : Apostate with a Relic gauntlet.
Orb of Delirium (12 hp) : Orb with purple light.
Periapt of Woe (4 hp) : Skull pendant on a necklace.
Runes of Malediction (6 hp) : Pillar with red runes.
Tome of the Unknowable (3 hp) : Chained book.

Baron Blade

Elemental Redistributer (10 hp) : A gauntlet on Baron Blades fist with lightning and fire.
Mobile Defense Platform (10 hp) : A floating platform with a golden shield.
Powered Remote Turret (7 hp) : An energy turret on the MDP.

Citizens Hammer and Anvil

Hammer and Shield (10 hp) : A Hammer and a Shield with the Citizens of the Sun logo.

Grand Warlord Voss

Quark-Drive Translocator (10 hp) : Stargate like device.


Crimson Pin (9 hp) : Red Skull pin in a voodoo doll.
Drum of Despair (25 hp) : Green drum with bloody handprints.
Grimoire of Curses (25 hp) : Evil book with green eyes.
Indigo Pin (9 hp) : Purple skull pin in a wraith voodoo doll.
Pouch of Bones (25 hp) : Brown bag with bones sewed into it.
Sable Pin (9 hp) : Black skull pin in a voodoo doll in a suit.
Zombie Servant (2 hp) : Zombie in a blue suit.

Greazer Clutch

Electroshackles (4 hp) Shock equipment
Impact Neutralizer (4 hp) Very nice looking gun.
Impeccable Pompadour (4 hp) Greazer combing his hair.
H.Y.P Displacer (4 hp) Juke-box emitting some sort of energy.
Pink Lady (12 hp) A hotrod space ship.
Thermobaric Mine (4 hp) Device spitting fire around Tempest.


The Tailisman (7 hp) : A brown hummingbird styled talisman.

La Capitan

La Paradoja Magnifica (15 hp) : Sailing ship with green energy sails in the Winds of Time.


Building of Rooks (1 hp) : Abandoned windmill covered in birds with a silhouette in front of it.
Carrion Fields (15 hp) : Crows feasting on the dead.
Clattering of Jackdaws (1 hp) : Crows outside a window with a worried person.
Kettle of Vultures (1 hp) : Several vultures.
Mask of The Matriarch (15 hp) : An ornate mask wit bird wings in front of the Matriarch's Face.
Murder of Crows (1 hp) : Many crows diving.
Unkindness of Ravens (1 hp) : Crows on a playground.

Miss Information

"Cat" Stuck in a Tree (10 hp) : Wraith facing off against a demon cat.
"Diplomatic" Envoy (14 hp) : Shadowy form picking up cars with tentacles from the ground.
"Old Lady" in the Street (12 hp) : Female in a white dress with a blast of ice.


Electro-Pulse Explosive (15 hp) : Electric Explosion.

Plague Rat

Plague Locus (13 hp) : A rats nest with many heroes representations within.


The Court of Blood

Angry Mob (10 hp) : Several angry peasants with pitchforks and torches.


Plummeting Monorail (10 HP) : A broken Monorail track, and the train jumping the lines.
Targeting Innocents (10 HP) : Grand Warlord Voss's ships attacking the city.
Traffic Pileup (10 HP) : Absolute Zero staring at a traffic pileup.

Pike Industrial Complex

Escaped Lab Rat (3 HP) : A very dangerous looking rat with glowing eyes and a tag on its paw.

Realm of Discord

Etheral Bonds (9 hp) : Green tendrils of energy reaching out to bind Nightmist.
Explosive Bubbles (5 hp) : Multi-hued bubbles floating in an alternate dimension.

Ruins of Atlantis

Mystical Defenses (15 HP) : A turret firing a pink laser.

Silver Gulch 1883

Explosives Wagon (9 hp) : A wagon filled with Explosives
Prickly Cactus (3 hp) : A cactus in the desert, with what looks like a gunman behind it.
Stout Barrel (5 hp) : A barrel, with a gun poking out and someone looking from within
Water Trough (7 hp) : A trough of water with bullet holes in it

Time Cataclysm

Main Computer Room (9 Hp) : Tachyon moving really fast and typing on a computer
Passing Tumbleweed (1 hp) : A bouncing tumbleweed
Tendrils of Madness (7 hp) : An purple octopus like thing around The Visionary's head.

Wagner Mars Base

Villainous Weaponry (5 HP) : Grand Warlord Voss as a Scion, powering up