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Aliases: Kim Howell
Age: 28
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Power Source: Genetic, Learned
Group Affiliation: none
Occupation: Adventurer, Data Analyst
Complexity: 2
Set: Vengeance
Nemesis: Miss Information, Highbrow, and Rahazar


HP: 26
Innate Power:
Pinpoint Shot - Parse deals 1 Target 2 Projectile damage.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Draw a card now.
  • One Player may Shuffle their Trash into their Deck now.
  • Reveal the Top card of the Villain Deck, then replace it.

Parse: Fugue State

HP: 27
Innate Power:
Neural Processing - Play the bottom card of your Deck. If you discarded a card this turn, one other player may Play the bottom card of their Deck.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • Destroy an Ongoing card.
  • One Player may Draw a card.
  • Select a Hero. On their next turn, they may take their Play, Power, and Draw phases in any order.


Parse Original Standard Front.png

For all the trouble her Asperger’s syndrome gave her in her younger years, Kim Howell prided herself in her ability to focus, to analyze information, and to come to accurate conclusions better and faster than just about anyone else. Her friends and family were unsurprised when she moved quickly from a temporary contract job at the Australian branch of RevoCorp to a full-time data analysis position. Her exemplary work in crunching numbers and delivering results paved the way for her inclusion on a team of code-breakers working on the top secret Omnitron project.

RevoCorp had recovered part of the original Omnitron core and was analyzing its self-altered programming in order to better understand what had happened. They were interested in determining if it were possible to recreate the conditions that had spawned a sentient AI, as well as what steps would need to be taken to prevent future occurrences. Ms. Howell was a key member of the deciphering team working on Omnitron, and was actively monitoring the remaining scraps of live programming when the cosmic event transpired that precipitated the reactivation of Omnitron in its more terrifying form. The overflow of information would have just looked like bizarre nonsense to most people, but Kim followed every bit. She saw like she had never seen before.

The code that rewrote Omnitron also upgraded Kim Howell’s mental capacities, allowing her to analyze everything she saw at a much deeper level. Suddenly, she could see the connections between seemingly unrelated events, the weak-points in structures and in people, even the aftereffects of otherwise unimportant actions. Her real time analysis gave her a chance to prevent great catastrophes or to practically foresee the future. Coupled with her skill at archery, she was able to make a notable difference in ranged situations with pinpoint accuracy.

Given her ability to perceive and dissect information, she took the name Parse when contacted by the Freedom Five, who enlisted her help against the nefarious Miss Information. Only time will tell what part Parse has to play in the upcoming events which will rock the Multiverse to its very core.

Parse Fugue State Foil Front.jpg

Parse: Fugue State

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $50k stretch reward.

  • First Appearance: Freedom Five Annual #30

When OblivAeon first approached Earth, a monitoring satellite caught readings of the cosmic being’s ambient radiation. That satellite was being monitored by the hero known as Parse, and encountering the same code that originally “reprogrammed” her mental pathways sent her into a nigh-catatonic state.

Parse had not been seen for much of the early conflict with OblivAeon, but when she did appear, she was not quite the same person.

She no longer carried a bow; instead, she threw her arrows with impeccable accuracy at humanly impossible speeds. Fugue State Parse took no time to explain to her fellow heroes, instead taking the fight to OblivAeon, as she knew the true desperation of their situation.

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  • As a hero that uses archery to fight crime, Parse draws many easy comparisons to DC Comic’s Green Arrow and Marvel Comics' Hawkeye.
  • Parse has Aspergers syndrome, a form of autism. Those who suffer from Apsergers often have difficulty connecting with others, expressing emotions, detecting sarcasm, or understanding what is considered “socially acceptable” in certain public climates. People with Aspergers also demonstrate an enhanced awareness of detail and strong cognitive reasoning, sometimes to the extent of obsessive compulsion. All of these traits apply to Parse’s character.
  • Parse’s calm, direct, matter-of-fact way of speaking is another indicator of Aspergers syndrome. Her somewhat haphazard attire is also an indicator (people with Aspergers syndrome tend to put little focus on personal appearance in favor of other pursuits.)
  • As a hero whose disability has been re-purposed into an advantage, Parse is very similar to Daredevil, a blind hero with hyper-enhanced senses.
  • Parse’s ability to see the weakest point is a power shared by Karnak, a member of Marvel’s Inhumans team.
  • Parse wears a leather jacket over her other clothes, a common “superhero fashion” of the 90’s.
  • "Exploit Vulnerability" shows Parse incapacitating a member of the Crackjaw Crew with a move reminiscent of Mr. Spock's Vulcan nerve-pinch from Star Trek.

Incapacitated Images

Variant Pack New Artwork

The All Heroes Variant Pack released with OblivAeon contains new artwork for the heroes and their variant cards.

Parse Hero Deck

Incapacitated - Shows Kim Howell in a trance with computer code in her eyes.


Between the Lines (x3)
One Hero may use a power now. If that power deals damage, that damage is irreducible.
Art': Haka about to punch Akash'Bhuta in the eye;
Flavor-text: "Good! Now, five centimetres to the left... perfect. Hit it." Parse - Freedom Five #607
Data-Mining (x3)
If there are 2 or more villain ongoing cards in play, you may destroy 1 of them. If there are 2 or more environment cards in play, you may destroy 1 of them.
Art: Miss Information being covered with orange radioactive material after Parse's arrow broke the container;
Flavor-text': "AAIIIEEEE! What have you done?!" - Miss Information, Freedom Five Annual #21
Impossible Shot (x3)
Parse deals 1 target 3 irreducible projectile damage. Draw 1 card.
Art: Ambuscade surprised that an arrow just got shot into his rifle scope;
Flavor-text: "How... I did not see that coming. Merde." - Ambuscade, Freedom Five #702
Quick Calculations (x3)
Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Put 1 on the bottom of your deck and the other 2 in your hand.
Art: Parse surprised when a blue alien bug broke through a wall;
Flavor-text: "Whoa, you're quite the... thingamajig. Shoo!" - Parse, Cosmic Concurrence #7
Recompile (x3)
Discard up to 3 cards. Draw twice as many cards as you discarded this way.
Art: Parse in full color with outlines of Expatriette, Legacy, Calypso, and The Radioactivist fighting;
Flavor-text: "Hold on just a tick. That's a lot to process. Okay, got it all." - Parse, Vengenace #2
Syntactic Analysis (x2)
Select a Player. That Player reveals the top 2 cards of their deck. They may play, draw, or discard each of those cards in any order.
Art: Parse directing all the heroes from the Vengeance expansion;
Flavor-text; "Here's the situation. You know what to do." - Parse, Vengeace, #5
Targeting Arrow (x3)
Parse deals 1 Target 1 irreducible projectile Damage. Increase Damage dealt to that Target by 1 until the start of your turn.
Art: Cosmic Omnitron with an arrow in its neck;
Flavor-text; "Only a few clicks away. Shouldn't be too much of a problem." - Parse, Cosmic Concurrence #1


Buffer Overflow (x2)
When a villain card would enter play, you may discard it instead and destroy this card. When this card is destroyed, draw a card and play the top card of the villain deck.
Art: Outline of Parse looking at the weaknesses of a giant 3 headed dinosaur alien in an arena;
Flavor-text: "Well, you look like heaps of trouble. No thank you." - Parse, The Hero in the Arena #3
Critical Multiplier (x3)
Whenever you discard a card from hand, select a Hero target. Increase the next damage dealt by that target by 1.
Art: Redeemer Fanatic breaking Absolution on Citizen Truth's arm;
Flavor-text: "Adjustments here and there. They add up." - Parse, Freedom Five #599
Exploit Vulnerability (x2)
Whenever a non-hero target enters play, increase damage dealt to that target by 1 until the start of the environment turn.
Art: Parse touching a weak spot on Vine Guy of The Crackjaw Crew;
Flavor-text: "Oh, look. Another one. They just don't make villains like they used to." - Parse, Vengeance #4
Extrasensory Awareness (x2)
Power: Look at the top 3 cards of the villain deck. Discard 1 of them. Put the other 2 on top of the deck in any order. You may shuffle the villain deck.
Art: Outline of Parse seeing different possibilties of Iron Legacy's next move;
Flavor-text: "You see weaknesses. What do you see before you now?" - Iron Legacy, The Final Legacy #5
Gauge (x2)
Power: Look at the top card of a deck. Put it on the top or bottom of that deck. You may draw 1 card.
Art: Parse seeing the connection between Aminia Twain and Miss Information;
Flavor-text: "Ah, um, yes, good to meet you Ms. Twain... " - Parse, Freedom Five Annual #21
Reveal the Flaws (x3)
Damage dealt by Hero Targets is irreducible. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Parse watching Captain Cosmic save The Matriarch from a silver giant;
Flavor-text: "There! Run to the center! It's now or never!" - Parse Freedom Five Annual #29
Segmentation Fault (x2)
Power: Discard a card. If you do, you may destroy an Ongoing or Environment Card.
Art: Revenant taking an arrow to the left shoulder and armor breaking off;
Flavor-text: "I think it goes without saying that you're fired." - Revenant, Vengeance #4

Ongoing, Limited

Snap Decision (x2)
At the start of your turn, you may discard 1 card. If you do, you may play a card.
Art: Spite holding a blonde woman hostage while Parse looks at him;
Flavor-text: "What's it going to be? Face it. You're out of your league." - Spite, Mystery Comics #98
Updated Intel (x2)
Whenever a Villain card enters play, you may look at the bottom card of a deck, then either put it on the top or bottom of that deck.
Art: Parse investigating something glowing red from a broken coffin. Argent Adept and NightMist in the background;
Flavor-text: "Good news: I have new information. Bad news: It's not good." - Parse, Tome of the Bizarre #34


Fireside Chats

  • In order to draw a card revealed by Syntactic Analysis, the player must be allowed to draw cards. Other cards that react to cards being drawn react to this action.
  • Cards revealed by Syntactic Analysis may be returned to the top of the deck (in whatever order the player wishes) because the actions are optional.
  • With Spite: Agent of Gloom, Buffer Overflow cannot react to Lab Raid. Buffer Overflow is looking for cards hitting the table, which Lab Raid never does.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

  • N/A