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Fireside Chats

  • In order to draw a card revealed by Syntactic Analysis, the player must be allowed to draw cards. Other cards that react to cards being drawn react to this action.
  • Cards revealed by Syntactic Analysis may be returned to the top of the deck (in whatever order the player wishes) because the actions are optional.
  • With Spite: Agent of Gloom, Buffer Overflow cannot react to Lab Raid. Buffer Overflow is looking for cards hitting the table, which Lab Raid never does.
  • In a team villain game, when Buffer Overflow activates it uses the same villain deck for the second part of its text as for the first part.
  • Wager Master says, “At the start of the villain turn, all face-down villain cards are shuffled, then the first card is flipped face up and treated as if it had just been put into play.” Buffer Overflow does not trigger on this, because it’s not in a “would enter play” state. It did enter play and that cannot be interrupted.
  • Buffer Overflow can discard indestructible cards before they enter play and gain the indestructible attribute. This allows Buffer Overflow to avoid indestructible Cohorts, etc.
  • Akash’bhuta has effects that trigger on villain targets entering play. Parse’s Updated Intel triggers on villain cards entering play. The players decide the order of these happening.
  • The text of Focusing Conduit-Blade is changed to read "after this card is destroyed" so that you can play another copy after it is destroyed.
  • The text “look at” is changed to “reveal” on these cards: Extrasensory Awareness, Gauge, Updated Intel, and Inventive Preparation. “Reveal” activates Shinobi Assassin but “look at” does not (this will be important for certain cards in the future).