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  • Parse did work for Revo-Corp and Revernant in the past
  • Spite originally was killed by an arrow shot by Parse when she determined Wraith would not be able to do it The Letters Page - The Wraith

To Other Works

  • As a hero that uses archery to fight crime, Parse draws many easy comparisons to DC Comic’s Green Arrow and Marvel Comics' Hawkeye.
  • Parse has Aspergers syndrome, a form of autism. Those who suffer from Apsergers often have difficulty connecting with others, expressing emotions, detecting sarcasm, or understanding what is considered “socially acceptable” in certain public climates. People with Aspergers also demonstrate an enhanced awareness of detail and strong cognitive reasoning, sometimes to the extent of obsessive compulsion. All of these traits apply to Parse’s character.
  • Parse’s calm, direct, matter-of-fact way of speaking is another indicator of Aspergers syndrome. Her somewhat haphazard attire is also an indicator (people with Aspergers syndrome tend to put little focus on personal appearance in favor of other pursuits.)
  • As a hero whose disability has been re-purposed into an advantage, Parse is very similar to Daredevil, a blind hero with hyper-enhanced senses.
  • Parse’s ability to see the weakest point is a power shared by Karnak, a member of Marvel’s Inhumans team.
  • Parse wears a leather jacket over her other clothes, a common “superhero fashion” of the 90’s.
  • "Exploit Vulnerability" shows Parse incapacitating a member of the Crackjaw Crew with a move reminiscent of Mr. Spock's Vulcan nerve-pinch from Star Trek.