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Fireside Chats

  • If Infection is played while all active heroes are infected, and Fixed Point is in play, then Infection stays in play in Plague Rat’s play area.
  • Infection’s text is adjusted to say “When this card is played, if all active heroes are Infected, move this card to the Villain trash and play the top card of the Villain deck.” This clarifies that the card is not destroyed or discarded, just moved.
  • The wording on Infection is changed to read: “Play the top card of the villain deck. Then, discard this card.”
  • Afflicted Frenzy text is adjusted to say “if that Hero target is Infected...” This clarifies that incapacitated heroes do not deal damage because of Afflicted Frenzy.
  • Infection cannot enter play if there are no valid targets for it. It moves to the trash and then the top card of the villain deck is played.
  • If I’m That Guy copies the text of Infection, and all heroes are infected (including Guise), then it would trigger a discard of “Uh, yeah, I’m that guy” and play the top card of the villain deck, as per the first line of Infection. “Uh, yeah, I’m that guy” goes to Guise's trash. Barring ultimate shenanigans (which Guise is always shooting for, unfortunately) cards try to go to their specific trash - it is very rare and usually specifically pointed out if a card should go to a trash other than the one they are associated with.


  • Suppose Chemical Frenzy causes Plague Rat to deal damage to a Dynamic Siphon. The players choose the ordering of activation of the Chemical Frenzy and Dynamic Siphon effects.

Spiff's Clarifications

Additional powers for infected heroes on Plague Rat’s “Filthy Vermin” side

  • Plague Rat’s “Filthy Vermin” side has text which indicates that infected heroes have a new set of powers. These powers are in addition to their usual powers (i.e. they do not replace the hero’s usual powers). Furthermore, these additional powers are only available while Plague Rat is on his “Filthy Vermin” side. They go away if he flips back.

Infection on incapacitated heroes

  • When a hero is reduced to 0 hp, the rules say to flip their character card to its incapacitated side and remove all of the hero’s cards in play. but “Infection” isn’t one of the hero’s cards and shouldn’t be removed when a hero is incapacitated. Its effects will continue on an incapacitated hero unless removed somehow, as usual.

Noxious Bite

  • Plague Rat’s “Noxious Bite” card says to “search the villain deck for a copy of the card ‘infection’. Put it into play. Shuffle the villain deck.” If there are no “Infection” cards in the deck to find, just shuffle the deck and proceed with the game.

Sewer Fiend

  • This card makes Plague Rat immune to toxic damage and whenever Plague Rat would be dealt damage by an environment card, that damage is redirected to an infected hero. However, if the environment were to deal Plague Rat some toxic damage, the fact that he is immune to toxic damage means that he takes no damage from the attack, and therefore nothing will be redirected. Answers to Debated Questions