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The Letters Page: Episode 1

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It's our first episode! And it's about Legacy!

If you have questions for Christopher and Adam, ask them here!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 66:50

We mention Joseph Parson's connection to Paul Revere and his famous ride. For more information on that, click this link.

We apologize for alienating all listeners named Pauline in the first ten minutes of our first episode ever. Sorry to all of you for making fun of your antique name.

Christopher says "um" a bunch in this episode. He's just really excited about actually getting to do this show. Please forgive him - he promises to not "um" as much in future episodes.

We claim that the Baron Blade episode is coming in 3-6 years. We're confident that we can make that deadline... but look, things happen.

We talk glowingly about Danny "D-Lo" Lott, who asked the first of our questions. Here is one of his videos. About some game or other.

Just after the 50 minute mark, we both say the word "alongside" a whole bunch of times. Not sure why this is a note, but hey, something to look forward to. If you're into that kind of thing.

At the end of the episode, we mention that Legacy will be in the Sentinel Comics RPG in 2017. That's this year, folks. Stay tuned!

Characters Mentioned


  • Legacy was the first hero designed specifically for Sentinels of the Multiverse, but the last ones name of the original set.
  • Paul Parsons I's godfather and namesake was indeed Paul Revere, friend of his father Joseph.
  • The current Legacy is the oldest powered individual in the Parsons family. Consequently, this is the first time two powered Parsons have been active simultaneously.
  • Originally from Chicago, he met his wife Emily while studying American History in college. The relocated to Megalopolis for her job after marrying. Emily is currently a Senator from Connecticut, and can be seen on the Shooting Gallery card in the Madame Mittermeier's environment.
  • Pauline generally goes by her middle name.
  • The Iron Legacy event was one of the shorter events in the comics.
  • The hero Legacy has had the least contact with is Captain Cosmic.
  • Legacy and Young Legacy both have a close relationship with Expatriette. After working with her, Young Legacy was the first superpowered individual Expatriette respected, and she has since taken to looking up to Paul.
  • On the flip side, Haka is one of the few heroes that Legacy looks up to (Haka feels similarly about Legacy).
  • Legacy has a harder time working with Chrono-Ranger. He can fight with Fanatic, but has a harder time leading her due to her tendency to go to extremes (although they rarely work together, outside of major events). He's generally good at being accommodating to other heroes, though.
  • In the Sentinel Tactics timeline, Paul becomes the first Parsons to break from the American government when the Freedom Five goes independent. This was in part due to the government cracking down on costumed heroes.
  • In the RPG timeline, Legacy and the Freedom Five take on something of a mentorship to new heroes, as they look for help in defending the world from supervillains.
  • Powers for various Parsons family members:
    • Joseph Parsons - Revolutionary War - Danger Sense
    • Paul Parsons I - War of 1812 - Exceptional Athletic Condition
    • Paul Parsons II ("Lucky Paul Parsons") - No war/conflict - Super Speed (not Tachyon-level, but capable of moving noticeably faster than he should be able to)
    • Paul Parsons III - Mexican–American War - Super Strength
    • Paul Parsons IV - Civil War - Single Attack Negation (like, taking a cannonball to the chest, but has a recovery/recharge time before he can use it again)
    • Paul Parsons V (family moved to Chicago) - Spanish–American War - Vitality ("especially robust", recover from disease faster, age slower, hold breath for 10s of minutes, etc.)
    • Paul Parsons VI (first to go by the Legacy name) - World War I - Flight
    • Paul Parsons VII (America's Greatest Legacy, "Grandpa Legacy") - World War II and Korean Conflict - Keen Eyesight
    • Paul Parsons VIII (America's Finest Legacy, founder of the Freedom Four/Five) - No wartime service (too young for Vietnam), certainly major conflicts as a Superhero - Bulletproof Skin (better against many small wounds as opposed to the Single Attack Negation they already had)
    • Pauline Felicia Parsons (America's Newest Legacy, "Young Legacy", Beacon in the Tactics timeline) - No wartime service - Laser Eyes/"Atomic Glare"