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The Letters Page: Episode 205
Creative Process: NightMist Supporting Cast

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Who is in the magic lady's life?

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We start off with a bit of talk about the ongoing Kickstarter, and then we get into NightMist's friends/associates/allies!

We talk about a bunch of people — many you've heard of, and several you haven't!

We also get a number of questions both about this episode stuff and previous episodes! You know how this goes.

Thanks for listening! Catch you next time!

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  • So, NightMist’s Supporting Cast. They were talking before recording that it felt like they’d done this already, but it’s mainly just that she’s popped up in other characters’ stories, they’ve done a few NightMist issues, and other things that already filled out some of her detail (e.g. the book of monsters episode or her segment in the hero HQ episode).
  • One person to bring up right away is Harpy. From the moment she shows up on the heroes’ side, she’s NightMist supporting cast. Even when she’s a member of Dark Watch up through the end of the Multiverse she’s… well, “sidekick” is a bit too low-status and not the right relationship between the two of them, but she’s definitely a student through that period. Harpy represents an important change in NightMist’s story in that now she is explicitly a mentor which she never really was before. Remember that “the optimal amount of magic being done is ‘none’” and she only does it because she’s cursed and would not typically want to be in a position where she’s teaching somebody new to do it. Harpy was already past that point, however, and so needed a teacher.
    • Aside to note that while there’s some ups and downs, the Harpy is a pretty good “success story” in terms of her origins as this evil Silver Age villain and where she winds up in the present. That’s a lot of growth. Good job, Lillian!
  • The Naturalist is another, but one that’s frequently forgotten about in terms of people thinking of who “NightMist’s supporting cast” involves. Not just by the readership, but also by the editorial staff at Sentinel Comics. It was just in a very specific era; shortly after his introduction is when NightMist lost her powers and that lasted for a few years. She can do magic, but without the mist curse to lean on she’s got to learn to do things in other ways. Free from the curse, she also has the option to just walk away entirely but keeps running into situations where she needs to use this stuff. Editorially, this was also a time when Naturalist had been created and had a few stories, but was then just sort of… there. There wasn’t a specific direction or place for the character. In 1996 he becomes the headliner for Tome of the Bizarre, but before that he was kind of rudderless, as was NightMist. Without the mist, she can still do witchcraft-style rituals that take more time, but she can’t just go fighting guys with mist-whips. There are some interesting stories to do with a powerless NightMist. The problem is that there aren’t really years’ worth of interesting stories. In this time, we get some stories with the two of them working together - not really in a “team-up” book context, but he’s frequently in her stories.
  • This does kind of start a trend of her “running a magical orphanage”. Diamond Manor had been around for a while, but once we get into Dark Watch times, we spend a lot more time in the house and seeing it as more than just “NightMist’s house”. The place is a bit inscrutable, but when we’ve got people other than NightMist around to be bamboozled by it we get a different perspective on what’s going on there. “Magical orphanage” is a bit flippant, but also not totally inaccurate. Sure, she’s mostly collecting/safeguarding magical items, but also some magical people.
  • Somebody who doesn’t show up in that “orphanage” but whom we need to bring up in the context of this episode is Lydia the Gorgon. She’s probably somebody who probably should have taken up residence in the Manor, but she didn’t and then got killed by the other Gorgons that she was snitching on [see episode 65]. She was an important supporting character for a few years in the ’00s.
  • An interesting problem about NightMist as far as a Creative Process goes is that they already have most of her story nailed down. What they can do for the next bit here is talk about four characters (1 they’ve named before, 1 they’ve talked about indirectly but not named, and 2 they haven’t talked about before) and flesh out some of the connective tissue - the broad strokes are already there.
  • First up, we have the pixie character from the Diamond Book of Monsters episode - this was the story they told that involved Chuck Burnside, monster hunter (and terrible person). The pixie disappeared from comics for a long time, but then shows up in Diamond Manor eventually and is finally named - Brigit - and is an important supporting character there in the house for NightMist and Dark Watch. She’s kind of in charge of the various relics in the house - monitoring/cleaning/caring for them and letting NightMist know if anything’s getting out of hand. Her story role is “hapless creature who’s in charge of watching these things so that nothing goes wrong” which, of course, means that things go wrong. She took this role on herself to be helpful (she’s not forced to work in exchange for getting to stay there) and is kind of like a museum curator or librarian, but she’s still a pixie and is mercurial and prone to flights of fancy. This means that she gets curious about what a relic does from time to time, which causes difficulties. Anyway, her support role starts up in the late ’80s and so is well-established in this role before NightMist loses her powers and well before Dark Watch is a thing.
  • They like the idea of her kind of eventually taking on a role of… well, not a butler, but a helpful greeter who shows people around the house. It’s also fun if she’s annoying in how she tends to mess things up, but genuinely helpful in the case of, say, NightMist not having powers and Brigit knows about this relic that can do the thing NightMist needs to do.
  • The next character: Locke, a former werewolf hunter. He was around as a super-minor, every-once-in-a-while side character back in like the ’70s. Salt of the earth guy, drove a pickup truck around and hunted werewolves. He was also a bit headstrong, maybe going into a hunt alone rather than waiting for help to show up. At one point he sends a message to her that he’s going to go clear out a den of werewolves, but, y’know, if you don’t hear from me that’s probably where I am. Here’s the location. She’s off doing some magical thing at the time and gets back to find the message. Uh oh. She heads over there, finds some dead werewolves and evidence of others that fled so good job clearing out the den? There is one left, however, and that’s Locke himself who got the curse as a result of the wounds he took in the fight.
  • His deal is that he wants NightMist to just lock him up somewhere until she can find a way to cure him. He couldn’t live with himself if he wound up hurting somebody as a result of this curse. So, he’s chained up in the basement of Diamond Manor. [Insert joke that sometimes that’s at the top of the house, because the house is sometimes weird like that - hard to say how much of a joke this is.] There are stories that have him come up occasionally - especially in Dark Watch times as, again, we get more outsider perspective on the house in those stories. You might also have the occasional villain get into the house and think they can cause some trouble by letting this werewolf free.
  • Coming back around to the character whose name we knew - remember Virgil Miller? NightMist’s on-again/off-again romantic interest first mentioned back in episode 109 in a story that kicked off a concerted effort to push back against the Comics Code Authority regulations (after the story ended with the two of them kissing was deemed “too sexual” but then the implications of what got through was actually much more adult). He’s a character for whom they have more room for Creative Process stuff.
  • When do we want to have him first show up? It’s got to be fairly “early” for this story to have really had a “splash” in the industry/readership. This story is therefore in the early ’70s because even by the late ’70s the CCA’s starting to lose some of its force. Christopher thinks this has to pre-date The Curse (the limited series that retells NightMist’s origin) which was in ’73. We can have him be around a bit in that earlier period and then have him show up again after The Curse as if he’s a new character in that his relationship with NightMist is likely in need of recontextualization (so maybe not as if he’s a new character, but in a “he’s a guy I used to know” sort of introduction).
  • Okay, so where’s early NightMist showing up? She first appears in a Freedom Five Annual story dealing with GloomWeaver stuff. She’s in Tome of the Bizarre, some appearances in Ra: God of the Sun, and Mystery Comics. TotB is probably the logical place, although in ’72 it becomes a Haka-led anthology book for a while. They land on March ’71, which is Tome of the Bizarre volume 2 #147. It’s not important to NightMist’s story and is mainly notable for the CCA thing. As such, Virgil likely shows up a few years prior. Let’s say September ’68 (issue #117). We know he’s an investigator type of guy who does some sorcery stuff too. He’s not really a hero, but not a villain either. He’s trying to make the world a better place using whatever tools come to hand. They think his demeanor/attitude is kind of Han Solo-esque.
  • So, what’s his long-term involvement given that we’ve established that they’re an on-again/off-again couple? Is he around until she dies? Okay, so Christopher thinks that he’s around regularly up until The Curse and then is dropped until at least the mid-’80s. Reintroduce him and then give him an arc here and there. Maybe bring him back for a bit while she’s depowered. Yeah, here we go. Reintroduction and an arc. Then he’s gone again until the mid-’90s when she’s depowered and maybe they can finally be together and make it work! Nope, he’s not as interested if she doesn’t have the powers. Then he shows up again in the Dark Watch era in which case she’s a very magical person, but she’s changed enough that she’s no longer interested in him.
  • Okay, full twist-the-knife mode activated: he shows up during Dark Watch, she notes that he wasn’t interested in her when she didn’t have powers. Now she has even more powers and no longer has any need for him (turn about is fair play). Then something bad happens to him and she’s all “I didn’t mean it!” but then he dies. Really, we’re going to kill him off already?! Adam thinks they need to have a specific story for that rather than leaving it vague. It shouldn’t be GloomWeaver as that undercuts the tragedy involving Joe Diamond. The era would be okay for tying it into the Gorgon stuff, but that’s likely “making the world too small” by tying everything together. They could do the werewolf stuff. They could have it be Jacqueline Hyde or the Seer. Werewolf doesn’t seem right because that’s more of a team thing - it’s dire for NightMist, but not personal.
  • The Seer story in here is a thing where he’s more powerful than usual due to him taking Magmarians and draining them for power - they could make that also a more personal conflict with NightMist by adding this element. Maybe Virgil is investigating what’s going on with these husks of Magmarians or whatever and he comes to NightMist to see if she wants to help out with this one. He knows that they ended on rough terms last time, but he’s been looking into this issue with Ley Lines doing a weird thing underground and could use the assist. She can blow him off and he investigates on his own - either dying or getting roughed up, but able to get back to her place before dying. Here we go, he gets roughed up and tells her what’s going on. She heads off to handle it after telling him to stay there to recover. He follows anyway, saves her from something bad, but gets killed in the process. That’s a good story to have happen between the runs of the Dark Watch title - it looks like this arc would have been in Arcane Tales volume 2 and ran from August 2012 through January 2013 and Virgil’s Death would be in the December issue, #576. [Christopher had suggested that this was in TotB as he started to pull up the relevant area of the timeline but the issue number he gave was for AT without explicitly saying so - I checked with him that this was indeed an Arcane Tales arc.]
  • Our last pre-existing character to talk about is Kuranchu, the being who would become the groundskeeper of Diamond Manor. He’s a kappaa type of Japanese turtle monster [thus the name "koopa" for Mario enemies]. They live in water but will come out to eat people. Part of the deal with them is that they have a bowl-shaped depression in their heads that's full of water and if you can get them to spill that water you can get them to serve you. NightMist shows up to investigate reports of a monster, is about to fight him (and he's magically powerful in a "magical creature survival) kind of way), but then tricks him into dumping the water. This immobilizes him until somebody refills the bowl at which point she gets him to agree to not eat people as long as she can get him his other favorite food that he likes just as much - cucumbers. From then on she'll grow cucumbers at her home and he'll be the groundskeeper there. From there, he's comic relief in a "surly grump" kind of role around the house. He's got his hydroponic cucumber farm in the basement (where he also grows, like, herbs and stuff for NightMist's use). He's more or less a sidekick for the whole team, but doesn't really leave the Manor's grounds. Of the three beings they've mentioned here that live there he's probably the most commonly seen one. *Maybe* Brigit as she can just be flitting around wherever, but Locke is definitely the least-seen.
  • How did Kuranchu get this far from Japan? There was a shrine to him in Japan that was tended by a woman who had befriended him - another deal where she gave him cucumbers. Eventually she died of old age and her granddaughter married an American. She didn’t know the details around the kappa shrine, just that it was a thing that her grandmother tended. When she moved to the US she brought the shrine (or significant pieces of it) along with her and that winds up bringing the kappa along too - so she sets up this nice shrine out by the lake and then people start disappearing. That’s when NightMist gets involved. Enough of the old lady’s deal with it remained to keep it associated with the shrine, but nobody was keeping up the “don’t kill people” part of the deal anymore.


  • What’s NightMist’s favorite bar like? Any notable friends/enemies/etc. among the staff? Has NightMist ever had any notable students besides Harpy? No other apprentices besides Harpy. The interesting bit about NM’s supporting cast is that it’s a way to introduce a wide variety of “ways people use magic” and how they relate to her in different ways. Harpy being unique in that she’s a pupil is more interesting than if she was one of many. She crosses over with many of our other magic-wielding heroes and they might all learn from one another in one way or another, but the relationships aren’t in the student/teacher dynamic. It’s more like different scientists attending a conference to learn what one another have been up to. Anyway, back to the bar question. Adam feels like anyone associated with Rook City probably just frequents dive bars. Like, there’s almost certainly a specific dive bar (that’s not the Wretched Hive) where Dark Watch goes. It’s hard to imagine DW NightMist personally going to bars. That’s more of a ’70s and ’80s NightMist, paranormal investigator kind of activity. Even then it doesn’t seem like a bar, but she goes around to different ones in the course of her investigations. Heck, she’s likely to have been to the Wretched Hive to meet a contact at some point in that phase of her story.
  • Does NightMist’s supporting cast go through significant changes as she herself goes through changes (it must be hard to remain friends with somebody who’s become a Void entity, after all)? Does her supporting cast skew more towards magical creatures than human(-ish) people? You’ve kind of hit on what she has going on. While there are normal-ish people in her life (including but not exclusively Dark Watch), a large portion of her supporting cast (and even more so in later years) is comprised of magical beings of some sort. By the time of her becoming a Void being, we’re pretty much in Dark Watch times and in an ensemble book like that it’s hard for the various characters to not be one another’s supporting cast. There’s probably some theme of “let’s help you learn to be human again” in there for her.
  • Does she have a familiar at any point? Not a specific creature in the way you are thinking. Harpy can probably count on her cohorts as filling this role, but not NightMist.
  • Dark Watch seems like a pretty tight-knit team - does anybody who was supporting cast for an individual member wind up becoming support for the whole team? Yes. Not so much Virgil Miller, but certainly the various magical creatures at Diamond Manor wind up in this situation. Expatriette likely has old contacts that might show up for a specific story, but nobody’s really got the continued presence of the Manor’s denizens. Maybe Scratch when the team winds up back at Slim’s Auto Shop.
  • Do the various DW members have varied opinions of one anothers’ supporting casts? Yes. A lot of people probably look askance at Expat’s supporting cast (considering they’re almost entirely just criminals of one stripe or another). Mr. Fixer doesn’t have much supporting cast. Setback is a very open person, but he’s limited here in that he’s a character who’s never had a solo book. He is supporting cast up until Dark Watch starts up (he’s supporting cast in Freedom Five, he started as support in Terminal Ballistics before it transitioned into a duo book, and he was support/duo in the Backdraft crossover in Ra: God of the Sun). He doesn’t really have supporting cast of his own from his pre-DW time. Everybody who’s not NightMist probably give the side-eye to all of the magical critters around the house to start with too.
  • Does NightMist have any supporting cast outside of the hero/magic/detective/magic detective spheres? Not really, but that’s pretty much all of her spheres. Her family isn’t alive anymore.
  • Does she ever just make a mundane friend/get hired by a magic-researching branch of RevoCorp? Of anyone, Dark Watch doesn’t like RevoCorp. By the time DW is a team, the readers are already in the know that RevoCorp is up to no good and so the heroes having suspicions makes sense. That’s a dichotomy between DW and the Freedom Five. The FF might too-frequently give the benefit of the doubt to a company that seems to be up to shady stuff, but which they can’t prove. Dark Watch doesn’t bother needing proof to make the judgement call about them and go in to trash their stuff.
  • Has Sentinel Comics ever tried to humanize a member or ex-member of the Cult of Gloom? Have we had plots that explore why exactly somebody might want to join beyond just a general misanthropy? Any stories where we see a normal person living their life as part of a suburban nuclear family only to discover later that they’re actually a Cult member? Any stories where NightMist teams up with a Cultist (possibly with an angle that they’re trying to break away)? Was the Cult ever used as a stand-in for the real-world trend of “normal” people being radicalized into extremist groups? What’s the significance of NightMist’s new Nemesis symbol? The last will likely be part of her update on the Kickstarter. The rest of that is a really interesting question. How does somebody get involved? How much of it comes down to one’s social circle being involved and so you just go along? There’s definitely a somewhat preachy story in the ’70s or something that’s about the battle between NightMist and the Cult of Gloom for some juvenile delinquent’s soul - just very blatantly a gang analogue. Similarly there’s probably a much more recent story that posits that it’s not all that different from getting together to socialize in any other church basement. Yeah, most are likely just misanthropic mooks, but there’s plenty of room for more detailed stories or “surprise cultists”. There’s probably even room for a story or two where NightMist is either tempted (maybe they’re on to something) or needing to make a deal with GloomWeaver. It’s worth noting that the Cult of Gloom has an actual magical lure to aid in recruitment. Real cults often rely on the lure of a charismatic leader to get people involved. The CoG has that element to it sometimes (Cult Leader Massey in particular), but there’s an actual influence on your emotions that drives people to join up. Also, if you feel that the world is terrible and gloomy and then you learn that there’s an actual supernatural being who’s responsible for that feeling and that they could theoretically make things worse for you, shouldn’t you maybe want to serve that being? How could you stop it? Maybe if you’re on its side you could at least benefit from it somehow (spoilers: you won’t).
  • How did NightMist and Virgil Miller meet? What kinds of magic does he do? Did somebody teach it to him or was he self-taught? Does he know what happened to Faye and is he still working to make the world a better place now that she’s gone? Sorry about that last bit [see above where he’s already dead by OblivAeon]. They think his first appearance story was something like her being in her investigative office and this guy walks in with trouble in a gender reversal of the noir cliche or some dame walking into the private investigator’s office, bringing nothing but trouble. Like, just playing that set of tropes to the hilt. They kind of imagine him as describing himself as something of a “hedge witch” and setting up rituals ahead of time. Like, he does the prep work with the herbs and runes and stuff and puts everything in these little bags. All he’s got to do is press hard with his thumb to prick himself with the thorns in there to complete the ritual with a little blood and then throw it. He’s just kludging things together. It’s not quite “magical devices” but trying to approach that type of use through other means. He’s the kind of person where you can imagine him diving behind the bar for cover, magic flying around overhead, so he cuts his thumb and draws a sigil on whatever he needs to enchant. They’re not entirely sure that his backstory is explored in detail - maybe an early story that does where he had been investigating something to help somebody, failed them but saw some magic stuff going on and thinks to himself that he needs to look into it. Adam can see it as being like how he himself learned piano. Technically he has formal training, but he wasn’t really paying all that much attention to those lessons. He got enough to get started and just plays it by ear after that.
  • Shouldn’t Soothsayer Carmichael be in NightMist’s camp rather than Argent Adept’s? Sure, she “cheats” a little with the mist stuff, but for the most part she has to actually learn how to do things rather than Argent Adept’s improvisation and that sounds more like how Carmichael wants people to go about things, right? Do they ever team up? Is Carmichael supporting cast for both heroes? Is there some convoluted reason for him to dislike her? Does she have her own magical “consultant” who plays things fast and loose? Maybe not “consultant”, but Virgil is her “fast and loose” supporting cast person. They knew this letter was coming and so didn’t bother addressing him above, but for sure Soothsayer Carmichael features in NightMist stories (we even have a Writers’ Room involving one such story). He’s around and is definitely supporting cast for NightMist. He’s more supporting cast for Argent Adept because he gets along less well with him (thus more comic book drama). He’s a standoffish character and isn’t really going to buddy-up with many people. A fun interaction with him could be NightMist asking him to help out with something and him replying “I thought you knew everything” in a way not likely to endear him to the person asking for help. He’s just “fun” as a character because of (outside of the “soothsaying” stuff) he’s mostly magically inert, but still gets on his high horse due to knowing so much more than most about everything. He’s so frustrated all the time.
  • Who is responsible for the font on NightMist’s DE character card? Either Darrell or Rae. Christopher thinks that Darrell was doing more NightMist stuff, but neither of them are sure. They’re both very good at their jobs.
  • After NightMist becomes the Mist Gates, who from her supporting cast winds up making it to the memorial service? Like, Dark Watch and the Freedom Five seem pretty sure bets, but did we have a former Cultist of Gloom that she helped get out of that bad situation, etc.? Does a queen from the Fae Court show up? Yeah, surely whatever event happens for this has a lot of weird people/critters showing up. Soothsayer Carmichael shows up. It’s quite possible that even certain villainous magicians would show up to pay respect.
  • If OblivAeon had bothered showing up to the Singular Convergence called by Wager Master, what would his opinion have been regarding the romance? Would he have discouraged it (because it would make a “unique” universe that’s harder to then destroy) or would he have told Wager Master to do what he wants (because all realities will be ending shortly so what does it matter)? Probably the latter - this dalliance with a human is so far beneath him as to warrant no meaningful response. “pfft…” - OblivAeon, coming to a card flavortext near you.
  • When Wager Master brought forward his desire to stop being a Singular Entity for love, we are told that the other Singular Entities were emphatically against it - does that include Fesauthia the Fervor (who one would think would be all for this sort of thing)? Following your heard and just doing stuff that’s maybe irresponsible because you feel really strongly about it is Fesauthia’s jam. That being said, if reality ends then passion ends and some other Entity likely points this out to her and convinces her in this case.
  • Once the immediate crisis of OblivAeon is passed, would Fesauthia try to find a way to help Wager Master get around the decree? The problem is that the version of Wager Master who is in a position to talk to Fesauthia and get her help is outside the sandwich bag and Marjorie is inside of it. “Seems entirely hopeless and nothing will ever ever come of that in any way.”
  • In the Singular Entities episode you mentioned that Wager Master has to follow his own rules and that you don’t know why [insert chuckles from both Christopher and Adam], you’re lying again of course, so I want answers. He seems to have some order to his chaos. Similarly, he seems to dislike OblivAeon and the latter also really messed up the Singular Entity of Order who then became Faultless. Furthermore, Wager Master helps Harpy to heal Faultless - how can he do this, and why? He does so by using his Singular Entity powers to give her the kernel of power that she would need to “fix” Faultless. He then just walks away. He’s certainly not involved with any of this, no siree. He does it because he doesn’t want everything to be destroyed. Sure, the action he takes is still presented within his idiom of “showing up to make a nuisance of himself while other important stuff is going on”, but it’s still him helping. “He’s smarter than he looks, acts, or talks.” Part of his whole shtick is to appear to be this goofy, immature idiot. But he’s also this ancient, has-seen-it-all entity. If you want people to underestimate you, that’s a good way to go about it.
  • Is it because the pre-Faultless entity had done something to Wager Master in the past that imposed some level of order onto him and he doesn’t feel kindly towards OblivAeon because of this? Did he think that “restoring” Faultless would “fix” his chaotic nature by undoing whatever order was put on him? Let me be a bit more direct here: is Wager Master a dual-Singular Entity of Chaos/Order like OblivAeon is Entropy/Preservation? If not, why does he stick to his wagers? He is not a dual entity like OblivAeon. He sticks to his wagers because “sticking to his wagers” is who he is. When he makes a wager, that is a pure expression of his very being. So, when he sets some rules out (regardless of how weird those rules are) those rules are now as much him as his arm or leg. Like, the whole of his existence as a Singular Entity is down to a wager. If he could somehow cease being a Singular Entity he could likely stop being bound by his wagers, interestingly.
  • What are the goals that Madame Mittermeier is working towards? Does anybody actually know what her deal is? Does she fit into the category (along with Zhu Long) of characters who have already achieved their major goal? She has goals but she basically already has what she needs; that comparison to Zhu Long is not inaccurate. Zhu Long wants to be uncontested in the seat of his power and she’s not very dissimilar in that way - it’s just that her power manifests in different ways. The Wager Master thing is interesting because it’s something that she wants, loses, and then longs for but cannot have.
  • Are there notable team-ups between Madame Mittermeier and other villains? Does she have any villainous alliances (besides Wager Master)? There was the Baron Blade thing. Glamour does a thing, which is funny considering that that Glamour doesn’t know that Madame Mittermeier used to be Glamour. Madame Mittermeier is probably the only Glamour to know the identities of other Glamours.
  • Can you tell us anything about Inversiverse Madame Mittermeier given that her creating a location of great power is a Fixed Point? She’s a carnival-themed, well not a “hero” but maybe “guardian”. Like, she might see that something bad is going to happen in an area and so manifest her carnival there to protect it.
  • Adam, from left to right, who are the other non-Wager Master Entities on the cover you drew for the episode? The glowing blue guy with the floating face second from the left is Talontus. The red lady on the right is Fesauthia. The others are not intended to be anybody in particular/are not specifically named (note that there’s a 5th Entity - the tentacle guy at bottom right is still meant to be a Singular Entity).
  • If Guise is a Scion of Wager Master, does that imply that the Legacies are Scions of Wellspring? Yes, they’ve said that.
  • Does one have to be a Singular Entity to create Scions? If not, would the two Hakas be Scions of La Comodora? In the capital-S “Scions” sense, yes, only Singular Entities have them. The Hakas don’t count. They’re something entirely unique.


  • Just a quick note about what Adam’s working on at the moment: art for the History of Sentinel Comics book. He just did a Legacy/Proletariat art in the old timey style. Exciting stuff!