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The Letters Page: Episode 212
Writers' Room: America's Newest Legacy #521

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Time for a trio team-up!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:23:28

This one was a tough story to make work! We go down a lot of false trails before fighting out how we want to make this happen. They can't all be easy! We hope you enjoy this peek behind the curtain, seeing what's it's like when we're struggling. All part of the process!

Get your Absolute Zero and Muerto questions in now! We're recording on Wednesday this week (tomorrow!) instead of Friday, and recording TUESDAY of next week! That's right! The live show next week is being recorded only a couple hours after next week's episode goes live! Join us!

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  • So, the prompt today is a story where Young Legacy, Unity, and Harpy team up. We’ve got to establish when this could happen. Luckily, there’s a relatively obvious spot for it to go - the America’s Newest Legacy book where she has her college adventures. The first few years of that title are pretty well ironed out at this point, but there are the occasional cameos (like when Expatriette shows up to help Young Legacy vs. Doctor Toxica). So, we’ve got to be after that, but before OblivAeon. Having it be in the first half of 2015 is really the only place available (the Doctor Toxica thing was through the second half of 2014). Is it going to be part of a 6-issue arc? Adam says no, this title is mostly (arcs like the Doctor Toxica event aside) episodic with each mostly-self-contained story also just contributing to the ongoing drama, like a TV show. Anyway, let’s say May 2015 in issue #521.
  • Anyway, last semester was dealing with the Doctor Toxica plot, so let’s go back to basics and say that this semester is furthering the ongoing Antimox stuff. Plenty of “something is going on, but I have to deal with this other urgent stuff first” delays in getting to grips with Antimox. Plus there’s always opportunities for civilian conversations involving Felicia and Nathan Gregory where they’re talking about their problems in vague terms while unaware that their foe is right in front of them. The resolution of that “arc” would be in the June issue, so the May one can be a bit lighter (at least to start, before she discovers something that warrants action).
  • In that case, we can start with the three young ladies just hanging out. Why are Harpy and Unity there? The relationship between Unity and Young Legacy is easy considering their mutual connections to the Freedom Five. All three of them are also around the same age, but do we know specifically what the spread is and who’s oldest/youngest? Adam’s impression is that Unity is the youngest and Harpy the oldest, but that might just be the length of characters existence in publication influencing things. Like, Lillian was a teenager as The Matriarch while Felicia was still a very young child (although Felicia had been born prior to the Matriarch story) and both predate Unity existing by decades. Granted, Lillian’s age gets really handwavy with regards to her villainous appearances. That set of ages works for the character dynamics, though, so let’s run with it. Let’s say at this point that Devra is 19, Felicia is 20, and Lillian is 22 (maybe 23). Not to say that this is specifically nailed down in the comics, that’s just kind of the vibe they’re shooting for now.
  • There’s a fun bit to be had here regarding Lillian bringing the other two some fake IDs, Devra being excited about it, but Felicia being adamantly against the idea. “No. No. Absolutely not.” [cut to club interior]
  • Wait, that’s the story. Here we go. We’re establishing that these three are friends - Young Legacy and Unity knowing each other is well established by now, but we’re saying that because of “hero reasons”, but also the fact that Harpy’s is Tachyon’s cousin so they all have some connection to the Freedom Five, that they know one another. Devra and Lillian showing up at Felicia’s place together might be a surprise to readers until they think about it a minute. They’ve road-tripped their way over to take the college girl out for a weekend. So, we get the fake ID thing and Felicia’s nixing of that plan prompts them to go do other fun stuff. Then a villain thing happens. Which requires them to use the IDs to get into a club.
  • Alright, so it’s going to be an Antimox thing where he’s created some other baddie for the trio to have to deal with. They do so. Well done, team. Unity and Harpy go on their way, but Felicia’s left with more information than she had and can then follow up on that in the next issue. That might be the first time that she comes face-to-amorphous energy cloud with Antimox. She likely doesn’t get much resolution to anything from the encounter, but Christopher likes the idea that maybe he realizes who Young Legacy really is as a result.
  • Stuff to do: come up with a Wright University-themed foe, the plot that then requires our heroes to go to a place that requires you to be 21 years old to enter, have the confrontation with the villain, a scene where the out-of-town heroes say their goodbyes, and a coda with Antimox foreshadowing the next issue. Oh, and a montage in there somewhere of the fun stuff the girls do before the plot happens (plus plenty of Lillian being uninterested in this “good clean fun” stuff - she obviously drove halfway across the country so that she could go to a museum to learn about the history of rural Indiana and not so that they could go clubbing). It’s really fun that Felicia is excited to show her friends all the neat stuff in town, Lillian being unapologetically bored by this stuff, and Devra kind of in-between as she tries to humor both of them.
  • Adam: “So, do we make an alcohol monster?” [laughs] So, this is dumb but it’s what we should do: the villain that Antimox makes is a frat-boy kegger guy. As a result, his domain is the basement of some townie bar. Like, sure there’s a frat house, but he’s expanded his scope and has taken over this bar as his personal base.
  • Looking back at the Young Legacy Foes episode, they came up with some fun stuff there, but it was also noted (in the Same Age Day episode last year) that a lot of those threats needed to be from the local high school or community college for various reasons, but that more Wright University foes existed too. This can be one of those. Christopher’s basic idea is that they can have some of the “ritual” nature surrounding kegs and drinking culture at college can be the inspiration here. They’re not doing a “dangers of alcohol” cautionary tale, but maybe more like a mind-control thing that’s wrapped up in the pledging/hazing stuff involving the fraternity. They briefly consider having this “cult” or whatever squatting in an abandoned bar as their hideout, but that wouldn’t require fake IDs to get into, so that can’t be it.
  • Christopher, the grin on his face audible: “We could make him a centaur and call him Pony-keg.” Adam thinks that might be going a bit too far, at least until they figure out what the plot is. They should start there and then reverse engineer the villain.
  • So, what’s this guy doing? Maybe the above idea was “too manipulative” and instead it should be a more straightforward “siphoning energy off of people somehow” kind of thing. That exact thing might be more passive than it should be (they want him to be doing something not just passively taking energy from people at the club or whatever), but it still needs to be something that doesn’t disrupt the bar/club business in the process.
  • They’re also kind of thinking of him as a bigger deal than he should be. This should really just be some low-level guy who might have more resources than he should and that is what eventually leads Young Legacy to Antimox. This should be somebody who doesn’t have a big plan and is just doing the action of being who they are and it’s after he’s dealt with that Young Legacy looks into why he had the resources he did that she finds a trail to follow.
  • How do the ladies actually discover that there’s a problem in the first place? sigh Okay, we joked earlier about “alcohol powers” but maybe while they’re out doing picnics and museums stuff there’s an obviously drunk driver who crashes near them, but once he’s pulled from the car his head immediately clears or something. Adjustments: first, they’re not just going to let an obviously drunk driver crash without trying to do something to stop it first. Young Legacy can’t use her powers out of costume, but Unity manages to surreptitiously use hers to stop the car before anyone gets hurt. Second, as they approach the car it’s 1) the kind of car that a college kid can afford, 2) it’s got some college rock or something blaring from the stereo, and 3) the driver is dressed like a student but once we get a closer look at him, it’s an older guy. They question the driver who seems to think he’s around the girls’ age and hasn’t been drinking. Well, he had one drink, but it was last night.
  • It’s at this point that Christopher thinks that the villain here is a super senior. He’s a guy who is in something like his 7th year of undergrad and just never plans on graduating.
  • Adam, on the other hand, thinks that they’d been leaning into the frat guy angle, but maybe it would be better if the villain is a woman. She sits at the bar and gets guys to buy her a drink and that connection is somehow the means by which she drains energy. Maybe, the mark gets her a drink “and one for yourself, too” and when they drink together the link is made and she drains their life energy.
  • Let’s put those ideas together: she drains her victims of youth and vitality, but she’s also been doing this for a while and is in her 13th year of college. Since “super senior” is an actual term that applies in this situation they can actually even probably get away with using a “Super [x]” name for a character which they usually avoid (for good reason) and call her Super Senior. The “drunkenness” is a side effect of the rapid aging of her victim. The one that the girls run across is around 20 but looks closer to 80.
  • They get the poor guy to a doctor. There’s been a whole rash of these 70 or 80-year olds who 1) claim to be local college kids and 2) don’t have alcohol in their system despite all of the other signs of intoxication being present. Or, more realistically, the medical professionals don’t give them any information about patients and they have to sneak in at night to figure stuff out. Or, if there’s not enough “time” in terms of page count, maybe they just bluff that they’re this “old man’s” granddaughters and get the info that way. Either way, they come away from the situation with the understanding that there’s a connection between the fast aging and drinking/being perpetually “drunk”.
  • How often does Super Senior have to do this (that is, how often does the hospital see a new case of this weird thing)? They decide on a rash of cases every spring as she does this near the end of each school year. Thinking on that a bit, Christopher even suggests that she ages normally through her four years of college, then does this at the end of those four years, de-ages back down to 18 and starts over, so the cases are even more spread out. Furthermore, she does a pretty good job of covering things up so as to not arouse suspicion (like, the last case the hospital worker remembers that was like this was 8 years ago), but today’s poor victim slipped through. Or maybe it was 12 years ago, which was her first round of victims, then she successfully covered up the next two rounds, but then this guy got away.
  • That’s villainous, but it’s not really super-villainy - there’s no plot there. Maybe she does this thing where she drains a guy who ages from 20 to 80 every four years to reset, but she’s draining small amounts from guys all the time to power other stuff she’s doing/make her a credible opponent for our trio of heroines today.
  • Christopher thinks it’s time to split the party. Unity and Young Legacy go off to do something responsible and Harpy needs to blow off some steam and so goes to this townie bar for a bit and will catch up to them later. While she’s there she winds up interacting with Super Senior and gets drained (but only a little - she’s already done her big drain on the guy from earlier). Normally, the small life drains are just there to make her stronger or whatever and not have a hangover the next day (and the person she drains might pass out after one drink but is otherwise not terribly put out by the process). When she drains Harpy, though, she gets some magic.
  • This gets them into a bit of a dispute over how Harpy’s magic works - she doesn’t need relics and whatnot, the mask is just what unlocked the deep wells of magical power she has within her. That’s part of what had NightMist so concerned about her. Getting access to that power doesn’t let any random person know how to use it, though. So, Super Senior normally drains life energy from people and uses that to boost her own vitality - that’s just what she does instinctively. Then she does it to Harpy and gets some of that raw magical power and starts having magical outbursts like Harpy would have without knowing what she was doing. Adam thinks this is too complicated - if we’ve only got one portion of one issue with this person it needs to be more straightforward.
  • Like, maybe draining Harpy supercharges when she normally does, but that “normally” includes actual powers and not just vitality. Or maybe extreme endpoints of vitality - instead of just being in perfect health and not having hangovers maybe she actually gets some degree of invulnerability along with it or something. Or the power surge extends her reach and she can drain a whole room full of people at once. She’s not doing something she wasn’t before, just way more of it. This can take her from a bad person who ruins somebody’s life every four years to a supervillain who’s draining the life force of everyone around her without having to trick them into drinking with her.
  • What’s the connection to Antimox at this point? As they’ve gone on, the less and less it feels like he’s even behind her at all (her activity goes back like 12 years after all). Maybe this is just a thing that she does. If that’s the case and we can abandon the connection to Antimox, we can just make her like 70 years old or something and has been at this for decades. In that case maybe when she’s defeated she becomes her real age and the stolen life energy returns to the poor guy from earlier (and anyone else she’s drained). If Antimox isn’t the cause of her, he’s at least aware of and monitoring her (if only to make sure she doesn’t interfere with his own plans).
  • There we go, Antimox has been keeping tabs on Super Senior, but knows that she’s just a selfish person and not a Supervillain. When she suddenly gains dangerous levels of power, this has now gotten to the point where he can’t just let her be. He leaves the clues or whatever that will lead Young Legacy to her - may as well use that thorn in his side for something useful. Whichever of them comes out victorious, at least one of his problems has been resolved. Unfortunately, those clues are also a trail to follow back to Antimox himself. The way this probably plays out is that Felicia finds a clue to the fact that Lillian is in trouble and it’s only in the coda of the story that we learn that it was planted by Antimox.
  • What’s the clue? Adam suggests a class ring from 1918 or something that Super Senior wears and was dropped in the bar where Harpy had gone. That’s a bit too specific - it’s fun if we say that Super Senior was a member of the first class of students at Wright, whenever that was. Christopher thinks it’s less likely to be something physical like a dropped ring, but more like (but specifically not actually) a voicemail saying that a villain is doing a bad thing at [a specific location] right now. Less “trail of breadcrumbs” and more “tip from a concerned citizen”.
  • Time for the Guy in the Chair™ Jason Wong who can be on the lookout for problems, is made aware of the problem at the bar through whatever means, and he’s the one who actually gets in touch with Felicia with the call to action. Antimox knows that there’s some back-channel thing happening that Young Legacy must be using to find out about problems and so he just slips the relevant info out there. It’s in the next issue that Jason mentions to Felicia that normally what he does it just monitor social media and whatnot for weird stuff going down. This one was weird in that it was a plaintext message of what was happening send from a blocked IP address. That’s suspicious enough to warrant follow-up.
  • So, we’ve basically got everything except the fake IDs bit. It would be easy for Super Senior to do the whole mad-with-power “I don’t have to hide anymore; nobody can stop me now!” thing, but if she immediately goes that overt, then there’s no need for the girls to sneak into the bar and the fake IDs thing was such a fun idea. Maybe Harpy is at the bar and is “stuck” there since Super Senior isn’t going to let her new power source get away. Then, in order to get in to figure out what’s going on, Unity pulls out the fake IDs that Harpy had given her earlier. It’s a small bit - 2 panels early in the story and 2 panels now, but it’s still fun.
  • But, then what’s the “emergency” that Jason is reporting? If Super Senior isn’t going all mad-with-power, what’s the problem that is present, but still warrants the heroes go in as civilians instead of heroes? Maybe it’s less that there’s a villain doing a bad thing and more that Lillian Corvus is passed out at this bar. Felicia and Devra are going to the bar to help out their friend, not Young Legacy and Unity going into the bar to fight a villain.
  • Anyway, they go in and find sloppy-drunk Lillian with her new friend [pause to name her] Lauren. Lauren’s new BFF’s actual friends showing up to take her home is not going to stand and that’s when the conflict starts up. Maybe she tries to shove Felicia back, and actually manages to, but because it’s Young Legacy it takes a lot of the power she’d stolen and so has to drain more from Harpy. The results of this on Harpy (getting worse, slumping down on the bar or something) makes it obvious that Lauren is doing something and the fight starts and during which she drains the other two as well at various points.
  • Does she need to touch them? That’s an appropriate complication. Before she had to go through this whole rigamarole with the drinks, but now a touch is enough. The solution here is Unity - she’s got a power set that would allow them to fight the villain without actually needing to touch her. Maybe she turns a bunch of beer cans into big boxing gloves for Young Legacy. Better: her original idea was to make kegs into some kind of “power armor” for Young Legacy to wear, but Felicia suggests she think of something that won’t wreck a block in the process of fighting and so she backs off to simply “keg fist boxing gloves”.
  • So there we have a brawl. Super Senior keeps needing to draw on Harpy, but over the course of the fight the more she does this, the more of Harpy’s magical signature we start seeing around Super Senior. Eventually, Harpy has an “oh no” moment as she realizes that now Lauren has drawn in her own “curse” or whatever but doesn’t know what to do with that. From there she can magically trick her or something. Adam brings up the good point that Harpy’s not really in a condition to “outsmart” anybody at this point, but the idea is that she’s not just a passive element in the scene. It might be a good “remember your training” moment for her to deal with a problem even when addled.
  • There we go. Sure, Super Senior has stolen Harpy’s power, but the whole training thing has been to control her power. Just because that lady over there has it doesn’t mean I can’t control it. She focuses up and pulls her power back to herself. She recovers and can be a more active person in the fight (which continues, just now Super Senior is needing to draw on other normal bar patrons). The two of them are still linked by the drink ritual, but Harpy’s way more experienced in using this power. Unity and Young Legacy keep Super Senior busy while Harpy goes about pulling out the stolen life energy that can then be returned to the victims.
  • Big finale: she gets her hands on Young Legacy and taking that power is bad news for everybody. Harpy has Unity make another “glove” real quick which she then magics up and slides over to where Young Legacy is and onto her hand. One big magical uppercut later, and the everything gets knocked out of Super Senior. All of the remaining stolen energy seems away in a burst and she’s left as her actual elderly self. You need that big teamwork moment.
  • Now we’ve got this very old lady who winds up in a nursing home or something and is mumbling some nonsense about these girls with powers which is mostly brushed off as dementia. Antimox doesn’t ignore her, though, and it’s from listening to her that he’s able to put things together to figure out Young Legacy’s identity (rather than having it be an outcome from the next issue).


  • Unity doesn’t know about the magical origin of her powers, but Harpy’s had to fight Rose Griggs herself; could Harpy figure out that they’re connected? Would she be worried about the chaotic nature of Unity’s powers? Harpy’s not as “scholarly” about the magic stuff as, say, NightMist and so isn’t that great at identifying that the magical energy is related. Beyond that, they don’t actually think that Unity’s powers have a strong “Rose Griggs signature” to them - the chaotic nonsense that Rose was doing back when Devra’s mom was pregnant with her caused her to have powers, but it’s not like she got a “copy” of Rose’s powers. It’s like a 4th-hand referral at this point. Not to say that somebody like NightMist couldn’t trace it back, but it’s non-obvious and would take a lot of legwork and access to Rose’s power for comparison, etc.
  • If the three friends from today’s episode were in a band, who’s on drums/vocals/guitar? Young Legacy on guitar is easy. They disagree at bit at first on the other two. Adam thought Unity was on drums, but Christopher had her on vocals. Christopher’s reasoning is that he thinks of Unity as wanting the vocals more than Harpy does rather than either of them being “a drummer”. Adam counters that he imagines Harpy as a vocalist in the vein of the band Evanescence much more easily than he can see her drumming. Christopher adjusts his way of thinking to put Harpy not on drums but on bass and the drummer position is just a Spınal Tap situation.
  • If Young Legacy-bot and Harpy-bot were to have appeared in Unity’s deck, what would they be called and what would they do? Beam Bot - Young Legacy-shaped body, but the face is just a glowing blue aperture that shoots lasers. The obvious thing would be “Bird Bot” but that brings to mind the wrong thing. Maybe Flock Bot, which is a collection of tiny bird bots that form together into a Harpy shape. The other option is a “normal” Harpy bot that shoots bird bots at people.
  • What is Bee Bot’s crowning moment of glory? Why hasn’t she made a Wasp Bot to sting more than once? Bee Bot is mostly used for surveillance but can do one thing one time, getting used up in the process. They don’t think that Bee Bots have as much “personality” as most of the bigger bots she makes and so they don’t really get “focus” moments. It’s a utility thing. We also just don’t see them that often as they’re not story-important elements. They’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: her deck only represents a small percentage of the kinds of bots she uses over the years. She can make bots of “anything” for whatever purpose is useful in the moment. They just picked the most iconic things to feature in the deck.
  • If the two Cohorts could have any Hasty Augmentation to help them out, what would it be? The fighty one [Muninn] would have a helmet so that it could ram things. Maybe silvered talons. Huginn is tougher given that he does magic stuff. Maybe something like an ioun stone. He’s already got an amulet (which Adam proposes could be turned into a sweet sawblade that he could use to attack). Maybe a cosmic orrery that’s something like concentric bands that orbit around the bird.
  • Has Unity ever used the Legacy Ring as building material for a bot in the comics? No! That’s so inconsiderate!
  • Which heroes do play along with Devra’s “game” of pretending the bots are people/have personalities? Say, of the following heroes, which would apologize to Mr. Chomps after accidentally stepping on his tail?
    • Setback: Yes. Note after this one that there are some entries on the list who probably wouldn’t know not to treat the bots as if they had personalities of their own.
    • Sky-Scraper: Yes, falling into that category.
    • Scholar: Probably out of niceness to Unity.
    • Haka: Same as Scholar.
    • Idealist: Is probably enthusiastically playing along.
    • Young Legacy/Felicia as Legacy proper in RPG times: Young Legacy probably second-guesses herself and is unsure if she should/needs to apologize. Legacy likely points out that they “don’t have time for this” considering whatever plot is afoot. Not to say that she’s always super serious as a character, but she’s trying to be mature given her status as Legacy and what that means. Like, she’d be telling Unity to stop doing silly game things even though their conversations normally often involve silly game things.
    • Mantra: He might be more likely to apologize to Unity. He sees that he’s hurting Unity’s feeling but might not buy into the “fiction” of the bot being alive. He is, however, the kind of person to understand the tendency to ascribe life to things, so that might go either way. He may have anthropomorphized his tools in the past. Plus there’s the fact of his own existence for many years there.
  • Is there anybody I missed (barring Guise)? Guise might treat them as more real than Unity does.
  • Who would be grouchier over being asked to apologize to Mr. Chomps: Ra or Fanatic? Probably Ra. Fanatic would likely just ignore it and continue doing what she was doing, but Ra might go into a “How dare you make such a demand…?” sort of rant.
  • You’ve explained how/when Lillian changed her name from Harpy to Pinion (and the meta- and meta-meta-reasons for it), but that she changed directly to Pinion in the animated universe - was the change in comics partly to bring her more in-line with the more-widely-accessible animated version? Yes. The wide-audience for the well-liked animated version was a prompt to have her use that name in post-OblivAeon relaunch titles. It made sense to sync things up and doesn’t really impact the character to make the change.
  • Was there a reason for Paige to switch from K.N.Y.F.E. to Rival? Is she just trying to match her galaxy-hopping gal pal in terms of changing up her moniker? A sign of her fully leaving her F.I.L.T.E.R. past behind? The F.I.L.T.E.R. thing mostly - coinciding with Sky-Scraper’s change was just that, a coincidence. The meta-reason is the reverse in that the new “brand” for the character made sense to no longer be tied to the old F.I.L.T.E.R. stuff that wasn’t really relevant to her anymore. And if they’re changing one member of the pair, may as well change Portja’s name too.
  • How many of the name changes were specifically down to editorial mandate as of the line-wide relaunch? Most of them, if not all, were down to this “fresh coat of paint” thinking, yeah. Really trying to solidify the branding for the characters.
  • If Ignazio Gallo only curses existing relics, who originally made Lillian’s mask? Has it always been known as the Mask of Sky and Shroud or is that the name after NightMist removes the curse? Did it have origins in the Fey-Court (made by The Morrigan, maybe)? The maker is not specified. The Mask of Sky and Shroud certainly seems to be Fey-related if not tied to The Morrigan directly. Mortal sorcerers can make Fey-attuned things given the right conditions (or it’s a thing like fairies making shoes for a poor cobbler overnight or something - there are lots of ways for Fey-themed things to come into existence). Let’s just say that it does have a Fey origin, but it’s had a long and storied existence in the meantime.
  • The Alpha/Harpy episode where Harpy uses two of her “in case of emergency, break glass” situations made me think of all the various “pulling out all the stops” situations during OblivAeon; did Harpy also use the mask/blood magic during that event in a similar way to how she used them against Chaos Witch? She certainly used the Mask during OblivAeon, but if she dipped into the Blood Magic well too it wasn’t a major showcase moment like in the Chaos Witch story. The stuff that Harpy’s having to deal with/accomplish during OblivAeon are much different from just “punching the bad guy” and so her needs are different. She probably didn’t in OblivAeon.
  • Would the taint of Blood Magic be something that Faultless removed from Harpy? Sure, the seed of Blood Magic that Blood Countess puts in her likely gets removed (and is part of her transition to Pinion). That being said, she likely still has the ability to do Blood Magic, but to whatever extent she could be said to have been “tainted” by it, that gets fixed. If she were to actually do more of it, that might open her up to that again and would likely be character regression, but it’s possible.
  • [You said that the confrontation with OblivAeon involved lots of impromptu team-ups between heroes from many disparate realities; consider this a nomination for a Creative Process where you brainstorm some examples of such team-ups.] That does sound fun, but recall as well that this kind of “discovering cool team-up moments” is a large part of Sentinels of the Multiverse as it is.
  • How far does Lillian’s power deviate from corvids? Could she go to Insula Primalis and control dinosaurs? If La Comodora took her back to the Cretaceous period, could she control the more-scientifically-accurate/closer-relatives-to-modern-birds raptors from then? What about actual prehistoric birds from back then? What about Raptor Bot? Or a flesh child crow? No on Raptor Bot. Probably on the flesh child crow, depending on how “crow” it was. If it’s under Biomancer’s direct control at the moment probably not, but if it’s on autopilot at the time, sure. Dinosaurs is a question mark. They lean towards “no” as it’s not in the spirit of the magic of the mask. They envision it as controlling “the birds of the sky” so she probably couldn’t control ostriches or penguins either. She might be able to control an archaeopteryx or a pterodactyl. The main point is that it’s not tied to genetics or how closely-related the various species are and in terms of how the magic is defining things a bird and a dinosaur are different things.

Cover Discussion

  • The question here is “how is this marketed?” Putting Super Senior on the cover is not an inherent draw/too much of a reveal. They could make it look like it’s a cautionary tale with Harpy making bad choices and Young Legacy has to clean up after her. Maybe a “party girls” thing where Harpy’s been drinking too much, Unity’s also having a good time, and Young Legacy looks wary of the whole situation. “Girls Night Out” doesn’t really work as a tag line because most of the issue is during the day, which is a shame because “Girls Day on the Town” doesn’t have the same vibe to it. Probably better to just not have any words unless you’re totally committing to an Archie Comics retro style thing where you can have thought bubbles where Young Legacy is worried about keeping her friends out of trouble. Adam will play around with composition to see what plays.