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The Letters Page: Episode 216
Writers' Room: Disparation Vol. 2 #2

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Vampire World


Ve vant to tell you stories!

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Run Time: 1:44:59

Vampires! A whole world of them?! You betcha!

We do some goofs, and then get down to crafting a lot of story!

Next week is this month's Editor's Note, but we already recorded it! But we'll have a whole new slate of episodes for next month coming soon!

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  • They think that the original “vampire world” story was probably something that came up in the first volume of Disparation and it was one of those things that got picked up a few other times in volume 2. The original one likely involved the “creation” of the vampire world and, while there’s a story to be had there as well, Christopher kind of wants to to the story involving Frostbite (vampire AZ) that they mentioned/invented in Editor’s Note 53 as the long-form story today and that feels more like a volume 2 thing.
  • Not to say they don’t want to talk about the origin story either. Christopher’s idea of “What would make a vampire world?” What he came up with while traveling for the UK Games Expo was that Baron Blade was attempting the Terralunar Impulsion Beam plot and the way the heroes stopped him was by exploding the moon. This resulted in a dust/debris cloud that formed from the moon’s remnants and blocked out the sun. The relatively small number of vampires that existed figure that since the sun no longer shines, now is their chance to take over. Adam points out that no sunlight causes a mass extinction event in short order given the resulting ice age and death of all plant life, etc. If we’re going to have a mass extinction event here it should be because of the vampires.
  • Anyway, the gimmick seems like it has to be some means by which vampires don’t have to fear the sun. Maybe people find novel solutions to the ice age problem - expanded use of geothermal sources or we ramp up production of Nolan generators or something. Just finding means of producing enough heat and means of food production. The great minds of the world come together to find solutions to the problem of “no more direct sunlight” and they succeed. They just weren’t expecting vampires.
  • Well, what is it about the sun that is dangerous to vampires? Can vampires be up and about during the day if they stay in shade? They think “yes” but the problem with shade is that over the course of the day they shift around and not all shade is deep enough for protection. Is it just the ultraviolet part? If so, would sunblock work? Maybe something happens during the Terralunar plot that causes the harmful light to get filtered out. Oh, so there was some “magical mineral” stuff in the moon’s core. The “dust cloud” doesn’t cut off light entirely, but whatever that stuff was now acts as a filter and sunlight no longer hurts vampires.
  • Also, no longer having a moon would throw off a bunch of stuff. Tides would be much reduced [there is a component to the tides that’s due to the sun’s gravity and that would remain] and the Earth’s axial tilt would become unstable without the moon stabilizing things. There’s more, but the point is that the vampires are also taking advantage of all of the other chaos that the moon’s destruction would cause in society.
  • In this discussion, Adam “has it”: the whole moon thing causes mass flooding for a number of reasons and we wind up with a world of perpetual fog that sticks around even after things calm down a bit. This gives the world a nice “London by Gaslight”, Jack the Ripper kind of vibe [insert further ridiculous explanations for why we’re back to gas lamps and cobblestones too].
  • This can be a pretty zoomed-out story that’s also just set-up. Like, we get the Terralunar Plot, the heroes failing to destroy the device and instead they need to destroy the moon, massive chaos but we find ways to cope and things are turning out alright. Then suddenly: Vampires!
  • Who’s the point of view character? Just the Freedom Five? That sounds appropriate. Then we can actually end it with Legacy getting bitten/turned. We can also have the whole thing use “the Dracula conceit” [i.e. it’s an epistolary narrative] where it’s being relayed in-setting from Paul to Felicia in a letter or something. In any event, this is placed in October 1990: Disparation volume 1 #15.
  • Christopher’s first impulse for where to put the Frostbite story is sometime after volume 2 #75 in the era with Inversiverse backup stories, but Adam thinks that if we’re doing a second volume of Disparation, the vampire world is likely something that they’d want to revisit early, so instead they put it in issue #2 in October 2002. He originally pitched this as #14, but figures that putting it in #2 is nice because then we know what the first 3 issues of the volume are about (apparently #1 is a Prime Wardens story they already know about). It’s also nice in that if the first issue is about PW, this one can be “Vampire Freedom Four vs. Vampire Absolute Zero/Frostbite”. Then issue #3 is a Visionary thing and we go from there.
  • What Christopher sees for this issue is that vampires have taken over, there must still be humans around (for the vampires to feed on) and maybe some science-inclined vampires are working on cloning technology or something to increase the food supply, but whatever. The story here is that the Freedom Four are villains now, but Frostbite is a hero. A dark one to be sure, but he’s mostly just angry at his former teammates for just running with the whole “we’re vampires now” thing. You all had all of your powers and advantages in life and could do whatever you wanted but you get one little blood curse and you go all evil. You absolute jerks. He’s been dealing with a curse since before he was even called Absolute Zero and has he gone all evil and turned his back on humanity?
  • Adam’s idea for where to start the issue is then some random human [named Steve -> Sefan -> Esteban Fuentes as a joke as now that they’ve named him he’s not just random] running/being chased down an alley, he’s cornered by some vampires and is saved at the last minute as we see a slash that takes off the nearest vampire’s head. We then see his savior, Frostbite who is holding an ice blade dripping with blood. A big fight starts with the rest - there’s likely at least some cameo here of a known character as a vampire, but these are largely meant to be anonymous ones for the purpose of Frostbite taking them out. The guy tries to thank Frostbite, but he got roughed up a bit in the chase and is bleeding slightly from his face, which prompts Frostbite to yell at him to GO! A fun 3-ish page intro for our hero in Vampire World.
  • Where to go? Well, they eventually want to have the bit where Frostbite is lecturing the Freedom Four (probably while fighting them). What to call them? Sanguine Four doesn’t really work - is there a better F word? Florid. Flush. How about we just add two members and make them the Sanguine Six? Adding Unity is easy. How about this universe’s Aminia Twain? She’s a character who’s already very close to the Freedom Five, so that works. This is still before the Miss Information stuff so having “evil Aminia Twain” is still a novelty.
  • Now, adding Aminia Twain might seem just like they’re padding things out to get to six (and that’s absolutely the case), but they can make it more interesting to also make her the leader of the Sanguine Six. Being a civilian, it was easier to turn her than any of the heroes, but due to what she knows about the team she was able to turn them as well. Also, without her they just go on to be terrible vampires out in the world. She is organized. This stuff could be part of the story from the volume 1 issue - Legacy’s narration talking of how there must be somebody undermining them from within, etc.
  • Anyway, from the fight that opened the issue we cut to the Sanguine Six plotting. We probably want to have an indication here that Frostbite is becoming a problem for them. Also, an important consideration is what they’re all like as vampires. Legacy, Tachyon, and Wraith are pretty easy. Aminia as a vampire mastermind is also great on its own. Unity is tricky - do we still have her just making robots? Blood constructs? Maybe she just makes an ornate set of gothic armor for herself. The hardest one is Bunker - or is he? Adam has an idea that he’s a support character. He’s got a big (probably quadrupedal), steampunk-esque thing he drives around that has big tanks for collecting blood.
  • Pause to think up names for everyone:
    • Legacy -> Bloodline. While we’re at it, do we just have him in his usual kind of costume, but all in blacks and reds? Maybe we just put everybody in “vampire clothes” (gothic Victorian stuff). Bloodline kind of has that “lord of the manor” kind of look.
    • Wraith -> Wretch. She looks like some weird, scrabbly creature that slinks around in the shadows. She doesn’t necessarily look like the girl in The Ring, but that’s kind of how Christopher imagines her moving.
    • Bunker -> Blood-Bank. As discussed with the gothic steampunk “platform beast” thing. The operator’s seat is a throne. There are coffin-shaped indentations in the surface and that’s where the victims are put so that they can be drained of blood.
    • Tachyon -> Pulse. We play up the mad scientist/doctor aspect of her character. Maybe she’s got a stethoscope or something.
    • Unity -> Platelette. Makes spiky, gothic armor for herself or others.
    • Aminia Twain -> Anemia. The joke here is that she’s got a lot of vampires she’s responsible for and so she’s in need of a lot of blood.
  • So, we come to a scene with the six of them. There’s been another report from out in a part of the city [brief interlude while they try to come up with a punny name, the biggest laugh was for Hemoglopolis, but they decide to just leave it as Megalopolis - not everything needs to get renamed] where they’ve been losing a lot of people - it’s clearly Frostbite. They hate that guy and we get some exposition as they talk about him. He’s a problem. He’s never really been one of them. “But if we could convince him to join us…” It’s been tried. Stuff like that - just explaining the situation.
  • After we get that out of the way we can come back to Frostbite who’s feeding on a sewer rat or something. Showing that he’s getting his blood from non-human sources. It’s also a neat idea that he’s set up his base down in the abandoned subway tunnels beneath the city (Megalopolis had a subway before the monorail became the main mass transit system) that he flooded and then froze. He also uses the tunnels to help sneak humans out of the city.
  • We don’t really need to spend much time on “what a normal day is like for Frostbite”, though. We can maybe have a bit where one of the people he’s helping says that he’s not like all of the other vampires and should come with them, which he refuses. Then have Wretch attack the group, having finally tracked him down. We can then proceed to a few one-on-one fights as he manages to get the better of the first few that come at him and then eventually have a big fight with all of them. They don’t think that Frostbite is strong enough to fight all of them at once, but Christopher thinks that Frostbite knows* that and was expecting them to find him eventually and so could plan for it and engineer a situation where he could have a chance. Adam suggests that instead we have a one-on-one, then a two or three-on-one, then Bloodline by himself. Frostbite then expects the final confrontation with Anemia to be the easiest but she knows some trick that makes the fight with her really bad. As in imagine her breaking out the Staff of Ra to use against him since she still had access to all of her knowledge of all the heroes.
  • They run through some options (including just making up some new MacGuffin) and land on her having the Aknh of Nephthys. Sure, the Egyptian relics don’t work this way, but it’s Disparation so things can work different. Frostbite actually takes out Anemia early in one of the fights, but then when he thinks he’s done she shows back up. She’s so much beyond a mere vampire now - she has more control over life and death due to the power of the ankh. She is immortal. That’s a cool moment, but we need to earn it a bit so let’s back up to the fights to get there.
  • Wretch is the one that first finds him and attacks the train of people he’s leading through the frost tunnels. She gets some snide comments in here about him “herding cattle” or similar. She’s doing the horror movie thing where the shadowy figure is snatching people out of the group one at a time for a while before Frostbite can do something about her.
  • Adam also has the idea to have the group actually on a moving train as this is happening. Like, Frostbite flooded and iced up the tracks to make things easy to slide on and has got a few old subway cars (all beat up, like they no longer have roofs or whatnot) that he uses to move people around. Frostbite wins here by catching her when she’s trying to sneak across the track in front of the train - he freezes her in place and the train runs into/shatters her.
  • Next up is Pulse, however, who’s too fast for that kind of thing to work. Vampire Tachyon is dangerous because once she’s a vampire basically everybody is a vampire because how can you stop her from biting people? The way to deal with it here is that she could be the one who most believes that they can get Ryan to join them and that is a weakness he can exploit. This is kind of brutal, but maybe while Frostbite managed to save most of the group with him from Wretch, when Pulse shows up he says something about saving these people. Pulse: blurs briefly “What people?” She just infected everybody and now he has to fight them while she mostly hangs back.
  • Anyway, the way to deal with her is to get her talking while on the moving train. He’s fighting the people he had just moments before been trying to save. As he fights they have a discussion about food chains or “this is what lifeforms on this planet are going to be now” evolution arguments. Maybe here is where we also get the exposition about the plans for cloned husks of people to use as the new food supply. Eventually it’s just the two of them with him laying on the floor of the train while she stands over him. Frostbite: “Maybe you’re right, but you know what your problem has always been, doc? Tunnel vision.” She’s paying too much attention to him to notice the train coming up on an obstacle (a sign that says “last stop”) that she doesn’t duck under and gets decapitated.
  • The train has reached the end of the line so now we’re in the underground train station as another fun set-piece location. As he comes out of the train we get a mocking slow clap from the darkness - Anemia comes out congratulating him on killing his oldest friend. Just really twisting that knife. He’s pissed and isn’t in the mood for this and just stakes her on an ice spike.
  • Then we get a fight with Platelette and Blood-bank which is pretty cool. They figure that Blood-bank’s machinery has a bunch of bladed implements on it, nominally for getting the blood out of the victims, but also handy for fights. They imagine at one point Platelette is swinging around using the animated chains she uses as part of her gimmick and Frostbite just makes an ice bridge that interrupts her movement, she slips on it and it directs her down into the saw blades or whatever on Blood-bank. This is the fight where Frostbite looks the most competent as using ice to break up machinery is old hat for him. Breaking mechanical bits, cutting through tubes, etc. and taking out Vampire Tyler Vance isn’t too hard from there. This one can go pretty fast because the main event is next.
  • Bloodline vs. Frostbite is the big fight. This is where we get the big speech from Frostbite about how quickly all of them went bad. Like, he’s on his heels for the whole fight because it’s Legacy that he’s fighting, but he’s got the moral authority in this situation (“all this privilege all your life and then one little curse and you fall apart”). Christopher kind of likes the idea that after it’s been going for a while, Anemia just reforms and kills Bloodline herself. She’s tired of how long this has gone on and if he’s managed to take out the rest of the team too, she’s just going to get this over with so she can deal with him herself. Maybe Ryan actually starts to get through to Paul and that wavering is when Anemia takes him out. Just, like, dissolves him with her extra powers.
  • Okay, so if she can just dissolve Bloodline how does this fight go for Frostbite? Poorly! However, killing Paul Parsons is all well and good, but it’s always sort of been an open question of whether Ryan Frost is even still “alive” in the first place. So she kills Bloodline with the dismissive “tired of this” line as she taps him with the Ankh of Nephthys, then monologues a bit about having the power of Life and Death and whatnot. When the whole world went vampire, she figured out what she needed to do and now she’s going to be the arbiter of what gets to live. This is spoiled a bit when that power doesn’t work on him. Maybe she then reanimates the bodies of the victims that were in the Blood-bank at the time of the fight so at least she’s got some minions to throw at the hero.
  • Adam brings up a thread from the prior Editor’s Note where they first came up with Frostbite - that he could make Frost Vampires. Christopher had largely ignored that since they decided that he was going to be a hero, but Adam thinks that this is a way for him to fight back. Like, Anemia can raise the bodies of the people or even the non-dissolved other Sanguine Six members present (as complete thralls to her will now rather than being independent people) to fight him, but he can “frost bite” them and make his own minions/take them away from her. They’re “outside of the bounds of life and death” like Ryan is at that point. Comics readers would have asked the question of whether Ryan was alive or not and him being a vampire wouldn’t necessarily change that - but at least within this Disparation story, he’s just his own thing and he discovers that here. He can’t give these people back their autonomy, but after he gets out of here this could be an answer for other people. He can make a faction of the Frostbitten that is at least somewhat free of the curse.
  • Anyway, the fight goes on and they could have him eventually just freeze the Ankh or something, but they like it better if he just successfully takes enough minions from her to win and then just leaves her to whatever fate they have in store for her - mobbed by her own creations.
  • Epilogue: he muses alone about how his own “curse” is what might actually be what saves the world. Very much feeling like a “long road ahead of him” kind of thing.


  • What’s the percentage of the population that are vampires vs. humans in the vampire world? Is there a blood shortage? Are there human communities that live in fear of being conquered? How much of humanity is left? Well, first off a lot of people (and all kinds of living things) died in the events that led to vampire world. The remaining population is maybe 60/40 vampires/humans with the humans mostly hiding out. Most of the people with superpowers wound up vampirized, though, due to Anemia’s plans. That’s still “too many vampires” though and they’re forced to feed on animals and work on means of getting around the blood shortage (cloning, etc.). There’s probably also warring factions within the vampires too - the Sanguine Six had the Blood-bank and so might be the target of other factions.
  • How are Blood Countess Bathory and the other Court members doing? Are they ruling the world? Would living under Blood Countess be better or worse for the humans than other vampires? Blood Countess likely really dislikes Anemia setting herself up. There was a natural balance that we had and she upset that. The Court likely still exists in their castle and does the thing they’ve always done, feeding on the locals in a sustainable way and they want the other vampires to stay away from their turf. Another Vampire World story could easily be a war between the Court of Blood and other outside vampires. They could even see Bathory working with Frostbite in a number of ways.
  • What’s Apostate up to in Vampire World? What about Fanatic? Do they fight vampires together? Is he a vampire? They almost don’t even want to address this. Fanatic in a vampire world is going to involve her doing a lot of smiting. That’s either boring or has to be it’s own big story and so unsuitable to just give an off-the-cuff answer. Time will tell? They might want to tell more stories here in the future and don’t want to box themselves in.
  • Is magic more commonly known/practiced in this world? Are people tricked into thinking that vampirism is a disease or something? Does the Vampire World story take place in the past? If so, how far? It’s a “new dark ages” thing where we were modern until the inciting incident and then a lot of technology failed as infrastructure collapsed (say, anything that relied on satellites). There’s still plenty of technology around, but it’s failing. Magic is more common, or maybe it’s as common as in the main timeline but circumstances have changed how “present” it is and the whole “world is run by vampires” thing kind of makes people more aware of it if nothing else.
  • If you two were born in Vampire World, but still knew everything you know about Sentinel Comics and alternate realities, would you become a vampire or would you try to remain a human? Adam would become a vampire - his motivations in real life are to create things until he can’t anymore and this seems like an opportunity to extend his working time considerably. Christopher would as well, but would then try to “do the right thing” with it. Make small differences where he can - fighting back against vampires is difficult. Plus, better to be a vampire than to be food and just die.
  • So… Are Vampire Lord Legacy and Vampire Hunter Baron Blade from Adam’s 2018 Inktober series “Sentinels of the Night” now canonical? Versions of them. They think that Bloodline as they described him here resembles that Legacy art. The Baron Blade one is more up in the air. It could be a fun follow-up Vampire World story, but it also depends on what happened to him following his Terralunar Impulsion Beam plot that kicked off the whole scenario.
  • What is the Scholar doing in this universe? Does his connection to the Philosopher’s Stone make him immune to vampires or, if not, would his raw power make him a very dangerous vampire? Some third option? Christopher feels like unless you have a specific big story you want to do with him, Scholar is likely just one of the “oh, there he is in the background” sorts of cameos you get of established characters as vampires. At the time of this particular story he wasn’t really in a position to be the lead of a big story, so that option is unlikely.
  • Does the main-continuity Blood Countess know about the existence of Vampire World (say, by being a visitor to the Oracle of Discord)? If so, would she be more likely to try to go there or to try to prevent it ever connecting to the main reality? The volume 1 issue could very well be her asking the Oracle about a world where her kind could be free and then, seeing it, not being interested in ever going there.
  • When something as potentially major as “Vampire World exists!” occurs to you, how do you go about making room for it in the history of Sentinel Comics? Have you deliberately left space for major additions to fit into the publication timeline? They have spaces here and there that are intentionally left for the purpose of having room for things to fit into. Another thing they have going for them, however, is the simple fact that they have a ton of books. Adam estimates over 10k issues with nothing in them yet as well has thousands that have details. [For comparison, my records of comics issues/dates from the Golden Age through the post-OblivAeon reboot has 9327 issues and only around 700 of them have details that they’ve shared with us. Granted, I know that I don’t have every title fully recorded (like most of the non-supers books beyond Stylin’ Shirley or the single issue of Frontier Tales that was the first appearance of Jim Brooks). There’s plenty of room yet.]
  • Could Biomancer make a clone of a vampire? Biomancer could make a copy of a vampire that’s indistinguishable from the original (including specific individuals, just like his normal shtick). We throw the term “clone” around frequently regarding what Biomancer does, but it’s not really “cloning” them - “homunculi” is a more accurate term, but is more of a mouthful to say. Could you actually “clone” a vampire? Probably not - at least you wouldn’t get a vampire out of it because vampirism is a magical thing and genetic cloning wouldn’t copy that. They’re not even sure that cloning a vampire could result in a living being either (it’s possible that the Blood Magic actually does something to the person’s DNA such that, without the magic, can’t actually function).
  • Are Vampire World vampires vulnerable to the standard weaknesses like garlic? If a person were to drink a Vampire World vampire’s blood, would they become a ghoul? Yeah, that’s the standard ghoul recipe. They have the standard Sentinel Comics vampire weaknesses, but they don’t know that garlic is necessarily one of them - some don’t like it, but it’s just a preference thing like how a regular human might not like it or be allergic to it. Or, y’know, that’s fun if they just say that it’s a specific thing that happens - like how some people have a genetic quirk such that cilantro tastes like soap, once you become a vampire garlic becomes unpleasant to taste. It doesn’t hurt them, but they just don’t like it. As such, Christopher changes his earlier answer about becoming a vampire - he wouldn’t because then garlic bread wouldn’t taste good.
  • Does Sentinel Comics include the concepts of psychic/emotional vampires in addition to the standard Blood Magic variety? Lifeline kind of does the “drawing energy from other beings” thing (even before the Blood Mage stuff). Spite does as well. Those are still kind of distinct from the “energy vampire” though. Dark Visionary is a psychic parasite, but that’s still not quite the same. They can’t think of anything.
  • Are there space vampires (as in, we know that most vampires are due to a specific Blood Magic thing and we’ve seen aliens do Blood Magic, so did Captain Cosmic or others ever encounter them)? Oh that is a fun idea. Like, have Parse (in her space-faring days) show up on a planet that’s just all vampires. They’re all in stasis because the planet ran out of living blood so long ago, but they start to wake up now that she’s there. So, on the strength of how fun that story sounds, they’re going to say “yes” to vampire planets being a thing.
  • Did Tarogath’s people know about vampires (due to their knowledge of life energy and whatnot) before they were destroyed? Maybe that’s how that happened - the Procitors just rounded up all of the vampires they could and dumped them on one planet. Or [I assume jokingly] that’s actually what happened to them - Tarogath was the last non-vampire and that’s when Jansa picked him up.
  • So, you’ve named BloodMist (NightMist) and Frostbite (Absolute Zero) and Bloodline seems obvious for Legacy [You called it!], but what are some other good vampire names for established characters? They did a few earlier. Let’s do a few more just for fun. Vampire Naturalist obviously turns into a bat. Ambusvlad is maybe a bit too silly. The Chairman and thereafter the whole organization gets vamped and now he’s the Coffinman [which sparks a discussion of whether a coffin is “furniture” and it comes down to how it’s being used - for that matter could a chair ever not be furniture? This discussion goes on much longer than it needs to. Almost comically so.]. Okay, here’s a real one. There’s a guy that when he meets your gaze it makes your blood writhe - Equity becomes Curdle.
  • We know that vampires in Sentinel Comics came about due to Countess Bathory who is a real historical figure and so we can peg that origin to her lifetime 1560-1614, but when did werewolves first come about? If not an actual origin point, does the Diamond Book of Monsters have a note at least on when the earliest werewolf attacks/sightings we know of were? They like the idea that werewolves are significantly older. Like, maybe “early written history” time. Vampires have been around for hundreds of years, werewolves have been around for thousands and so there’s less known about their origins and you get multiple conflicting myths around it.
  • There’s a lot of potential story for a “vampire world” that has superheroes in it - was this a one-off thing or did it wind up being a longer story? It started off as a one-off story in volume 1 of Disparation, but then we got the occasional story in volume 2. It’s not as ubiquitous as the Inversiverse, but there’s enough of interest there to return now and again (“more than thrice”).
  • What would happen if a werewolf was infected with vampirism? Well, we probably go with the coolest option. “They’re immune” is boring so that isn’t it - the only time that’s interesting is if the story is that the vampire is going to get our hero, but wait! Turns out it doesn’t work because it turns out they’re actually a werewolf! Huzzah! Now, that can (and likely did) happen, but the more usual case they think is some kind of hybrid vamp/wolf that is just always a monstrous “wolf-man with vampire qualities” that can’t change like regular werewolves can. Between the two curses they’ve lost too much of their humanity and therefore can’t “pass” as human.
  • Does the Blood Raven (or similar) version of the Harpy show up in Vampire World? Is she actually a vampire in the main continuity? Is there a cure for vampirism (like there must be for lycanthropy otherwise we’d still have Werewolf Haka running around)? The Blood Raven variant is tied to the story they told where Harpy goes to the Court of Blood and is tempted. She doesn’t become a vampire in that story, but she does pick up how to use Blood Magic. As for Haka, he never fully became a werewolf, but was stuck in the “transformation” stage for a while. His own physiology took care of that for him eventually. They don’t know there’s a cure for either if the transformation is complete.
  • Do either Hermetic or Bugbear (characters with connections to Blood Stones) appear in Vampire World? What, if any, are their notable differences? They aren’t sure that either of them would actually show up in Vampire World stories as those are better suited for stories were we deal with people who aren’t normally vampires being vampires.
  • How’s Hunter Fulepet doing in Vampire World? They kind of thing he’s dead. He’d likely go out in a blaze of glory, though.
  • How about Bloodletter? The same problem as Bugbear above - she’s already too close to the gimmick to make her interesting to spend pages with. These are the kinds of people you just see in the group shots as cameos rather than having the story actually involve them.
  • We know that Æternus is a place of torment and it therefore makes sense that the beings that rise to the status of “ruling” the place are good at that job - my question is this: if some Lord of Æternus did all the math and came to the realization that they could maximize the amount of torment in the world by opening a puppy and kitten cafe, would they do so? There are certain Lords of Æternus who would go for that. Most of them are just going to stick with the tried and true methods that they know works, but not all of them.
  • I thought you had lied to us about Painstake being a new character when you described her as a girl who can transform into a demon due to the Form Changer archetype art in the Sentinel Comics Roleplaying Game core book, but then you said she was Japanese with black hair, so never mind I guess… [No actual question.] They did consider having that art be her retroactively, but decided against it. Most of the art in the book was not depicting a known character but was instead just meant to evoke the kind of ideas they were going for. Like, “somebody could have made this character in the game” inspiration points for your own characters and aren’t meant to be canonical Sentinel Comics characters.

Cover Discussion

  • It seems like this is going to be either Frostbite vs. Pulse or Frostbite vs. Bloodline. Adam leans towards Bloodline because the very next month’s cover is Visionary vs. Tachyon. Do we want to have words on a cover now? Maybe - if so it could just be “Return to Vampire World!” or similar. If you wanted to have fun with it you could even do “Can you survive the Return to Vampire World!?” Sometimes these really are just “do the obvious thing.”
  • Well, while we’re here do we want to talk about Frostbite’s look? They’ve kind of talked about “broken, but still kind of there” as the look, but it’ll just come down to Adam designing it. He had an ice sword for that one part, but they don’t think it’s something that he just carries around. He should use ice as blades/spikes/stakes more in this version.