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The Letters Page: Episode 218
Writer's Room: Freedom Five #683

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La Capitan


It's pirate time!

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Run Time: 1:48:10

We've got quite the story for you today, and it's all happening live (except for the fact that I did a bunch of middle of the night thinking about the story before we recorded, as discussed on the air).

We tell more than just an issue or two of story in today's episode — we range far and wide, but still manage to go deep on more than just today's cover issue! We've been on a creative roll, and you get to reap the benefits!

Join us next time for a Creative Process episode all about Scholar Villains! Get your questions in now!

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  • So, this is a story that the two of them have actually already been thinking about for a while, but then the night before recording Christopher was up for a while and did some more prep for it. It’s about La Capitan and a thing called the “Sliver of Creation” which we the listeners couldn’t have known about before the voting. They seeded the title when they put the topics up for voting, but it was prompted by suggestions for either La Capitan stories generally or for things where she’s dealing with a particular artifact or whatnot and this fit the bill.
  • This is a three-issue arc that happened in Freedom Five #681-3 (January-March 2007). Well, it’s part of a larger six-issue arc that ran from November through April (so FF issues #679-684) where the Freedom Five are time traveling for some reason but then those three issues in the middle crossed over with La Capitan stuff.
  • So, they had already worked out all of that stuff and what the Sliver of Creation is, but what Christopher came up with requires some further work. He sees this going back at least to the mid-to-late ’80s, but possibly even back into the late ’70s and place the Sliver of Creation as a thing that was introduced in a NightMist story (which is where the late ’80s is the more likely place to put it) where she’s researching artifacts for whatever her current plot is and the Sliver of Creation is one of a number of things that are name-dropped in the process of said research without further elaboration. Let’s put that into NightMist #14 from July 1986. This is a story where NightMist and Virgil Miller are exploring the Tomb of Anubis and so having her research various artifacts at the beginning of the issue (as she attempts to determine what might be behind whatever weirdness is going on) might be a good fit.
  • Back up to the 2007 FF story: the Sliver of Creation is this legendary thing that’s rumored to be a remnant of reality before it became reality. Like, the idea is that before reality was “created” there was some kind of extra-planar crystalline thing and that after the transition from that to “reality” there was still this chunk of it left over. In terms of size relative to reality it’s tiny. Christopher brings up that if you’re breaking down cardboard boxes for recycling, shoeboxes are kind of difficult to actually get to be flat. He’s imagining this thing to be about the size of an attempted-to-flatten shoebox and weighs something like 10 pounds (Adam: “and also nothing”, which they run with - it actually weighs like 10 pounds but if you pick it up it doesn’t feel like it weighs anything as it’s more like an extension of yourself - or maybe you become an extension of it!). Anyway, this is all just legend as nobody knows whether it even exists, but the legend is that all matter, space-time, the Void, everything came from this and that somebody could theoretically use it to create a universe.
  • So, when you have the Sliver of Creation and become an extension of it, you kind of become connected to everything. La Capitan goes around to different time periods to steal objects that then help her to navigate the timestream by acting as anchors to the time/place where she stole it. The Sliver of Creation would allow her to have an anchor to everywhere/everywhen. When she hears about this thing it’s a no brainer - “it will be mine.”
  • Going back to Christopher’s middle-of-the-night inspiration: he kind of loves the idea that whoever wound up making the card game Sentinels of the Multiverse got the idea of how the game would work from this story. So, we have La Capitan who will (spoilers) get the Sliver of Creation. When she has it, we know that she’s not split across time, but connected to all places and times. What Christopher thinks is that while she has it, she’s represented in various art styles that can vary from panel to panel. By the time we’re in 2006-7 the people making comics are people to grew up reading them (Adam brings up a common criticism of that trend in real life - that the first generation of comics writers who were inventing the art form grew up reading literature while the newer generations grew up reading comics and that is supposed to indicate a dumbing-down or something) and so have a pretty solid handle on the medium. As such, the artist for this book specifically wants to do the DE art thing where they mimic notable artists’ styles from the past. This is also a lot of fun for the artist because La Capitan wasn’t even a character until the mid-’00s - there aren’t any non-modern stories/arts of her. Even better, this modern comic artist has a specific ’80s era artist who they were a big fan of and editorial actually manages to get them to come in and do the La Capitan art in a few panels. So, here in the real world Adam and Christopher are LARPing an entire comics company, but in the Metaverse we have this creative team LARPing Silver Age (and other eras) stories for a character that didn’t exist in the Silver Age.
  • Anyway, in the FF issues in question the team has been time traveling for a few issues already (and it’s not something they set out to do, they’re just having to deal with it). Here we have something destabilizing time and they’re trying to figure out what’s causing it. It’s kind of playing out in a series of vignettes. They fall through a time portal and they need to get wherever they’re going, but there’s also some immediate problem that they wind up needing to address right now. In the process of solving that, they wind up coming across another time portal or time machine or something. We get the feeling that there’s something/somebody behind this whole thing, but the heroes are needing to just react to the hand they’re dealt. It’s only at the end of issue #681 that La Capitan shows up with her standard thing about “my old foes who I’ve fought many times” despite it being, like, twice about a year and a half of publication time ago as far as our heroes are concerned.
  • She’s brought them here to see her magnum opus - something she’s doing to make things better for everybody (this can’t help but be a bad sign)! The next two issues are the big “Freedom Five dealing with La Capitan with the Sliver of Creation”. Adam has the idea that the prior few issues actually works out as the heroes unwittingly “setting up” stuff for what La Capitan is doing. Christopher had been thinking that she already had the Sliver and that’s why she was able to so casually set the heroes up, but he likes the idea that she engineered the situations so that she could get it better. So we have 2 issues of them just going through whatever weirdness is thrown at them and then half an issue where she’s explaining things and how they now get to let her have it - whatever the situation is now, they have no choice but to do the thing that will let her acquire the Sliver. Otherwise they’re just stuck in time or something.
  • So, that’s where issue #681 ends, with the heroes left in a position where they don’t really have a choice but to help La Capitan get this thing. The next issue starts with a short recap of the situation and then we’re left at the “so do it already” moment. The team confers and the plan is to do what she wants, but try to trick her in some way so that they can do the thing they need to do to get home, but also trick La Capitan in some way so that she doesn’t get the Sliver. This fails and the issue ends with her getting it.
  • We have #683 open with her now having the thing. Due to how her own powers work, the Sliver’s trait of connecting her to all time means that she can basically control everything and she wants to reorganize things to be more to her liking (Adam mentions something like reorganizing events so that things play out “chronological” from her perspective).
  • Talking through the issues of this arc: #679 has the team time traveling, #680 has them time traveling, #681 has them time traveling but meet up with La Capitan at the end, #682 has them trying to do what she wants but also setting things up for their advantage (which they fail at accomplishing), #683 has them now having to deal with La Capitan and succeeding, and #684 has them trying to figure out how to get home now that they’ve foiled her plans. They think that #683 is the most fun for the purposes of the Writers’ Room.
  • Okay, so in #683 Adam thinks we should start with the heroes being in the brig of La Paradoja Magnifica - so there’s a reason that they still have access to La Capitan after “losing” to her last time. They can break out, get up on deck, and start a fight. Say, Wraith throws a knife at her that La Capitan doesn’t have to dodge or anything, she just turns the knife into a parrot which then just flies up to her shoulder. Why fight? It’s useless. She just put them in the brig for the sake of tradition.
  • We should have her do something “catastrophic” that then needs to be undone, so what’s the first thing she would do with this power? Christopher’s idea is that this (being in 2007, so it’s possible) could be where it’s mentioned that she doesn’t just travel through time, but to other realities as well. And it’s a hassle. She’s going to sort things out to be in a much easier to manage system. This could also be where universe numbers could be established to be a thing within the canonical story. Instead of individual timelines being their own weird branching paths willy-nilly, she’s going to line everything up so that similar events across realities are just stacked together. Everything has the early stuff over here, then the middle stuff, then the later stuff. Nicely categorized. “That’s not how time works!” “It is now.”
  • As she collates the various realities we probably wind up with some annihilation events, but we also see the Freedom Five members doing the “every version of themselves” shtick that La Capitan’s been doing.
  • This can kind of foreshadow how OblivAeon operates, but he’s trying to force realities to being similar enough to overlap and destroy one another, but she’s breaking timelines up into their constituent parts so she can sort events into orderly columns and rows. At this moment, La Capitan is as powerful as OblivAeon, just differently so and in her case the entire time she’s in that state is contained in a single issue.
  • Okay, so we’ve got this supremely powerful person who’s doing a bad and dangerous things, but well-intentioned. She’s just trying to impose human organization onto an inherently disordered and chaotic system. She’s seen a lot of Time and is just trying to make it more understandable. Christopher thinks it’s important that here we see a La Capitan whose motives can actually be seen to lead to La Comodora - somebody who tries to fix things, but after learning her lesson knows that “doing weird time stuff” is the exact wrong methods to do so. La Capitan here still thinks that Time should have somebody with hands on the wheel to steer things, and that she’s the one for the job. La Comodora knows that Time shouldn’t be futzed with.
  • With that in mind, the resolution here should likely be along the lines of her realizing that she’s doing bad here rather than the heroes “punching her good enough”. This could even be the seed of what leads to La Comodora - let’s have this version of her be the oldest that we see prior to La Comodora coming on the scene (not her last appearance before that, just that this is the turning point in her personal story and later appearances are a younger version of her - for timeline context, “Young La Capitan” first shows up in 2011 and La Comodora in 2012, but there are more “classic” appearances by her between now and then as well). As such, let’s say that she’s started to get gray hair at this point. Just a few streaks for now, but older than her standard appearance.
  • So, she’s slightly older than prior appearances and has seen more of Time and understands it a bit better. She knows what she’s going to do: she’ll track down the Sliver of Creation and will “fix all of Time” and then everybody will be fine. She’s not being so cavalier with Time as she had been while younger. She has a plan and is well-intentioned.
  • For the issue, then, we have her doing these grandiose/dangerous things, but in the meantime we still have some action with the Freedom Five escaping the brig and fighting the crew. Let’s even say that she’s started to do her timeline-stacking thing before the heroes get to her and so they start doing the alternate versions of themselves art thing during the fight with the crew, so Bunker might go from being his usual self to being the arcane version and then a steampunk version, etc.
  • Discussing this has led Christopher to a possible resolution: the FF gets to the deck to talk to her. She thinks she’s making things better for everyone and their point is that it’s not better. She’s initially unconvinced since she has seen more of Time than they have. The argument, however, isn’t coming from the Freedom Five or any one member of the Freedom Five, but all versions of the members. Like, it’s not out of the question that we see Iron Legacy or the Legacy of Destruction here for a panel. She’s seen so many versions of each of them and the fact that all of them are of a mind about this being a bad thing is what shakes her convictions. Adam envisions a splash page as Legacy gives the line of dialog that finally lands where we see La Capitan at the wheel looking at the heroes, but instead of just seeing the five members we’d expect, we see a receding line of all of the alternate versions as well trailing behind them. Christopher also likes the visual detail that La Capitan has driven the Sliver into the ship’s wheel so that it’s acting as a spoke as she steers the ship (and reality).
  • Of course, then she has the moment of agreeing to stop it, but then finds that she can’t. The Sliver has started shuddering in the helm. She mentions that she hears the heroes, they’ve got some good points, but she feels like she should mention that she’s no longer in control here. They imagine the Sliver starting to extend itself into the ship - more spokes on the helm, it grows over La Capitan’s hand so she can’t let go of it, etc.
  • So, she came into this plan with the idea of finding this remnant of some crystalline structure that all of reality originally came from (or that’s a close enough way to think of it to make sense of what it is) and her plan was just to have it so that she no longer needed to plunder all of time to be able to navigate. Then she got the highfalutin plan to collate timelines and whatnot after she got her hands on it and could see what she could do with it. What’s happening now however, is the Sliver of Creation, with access to La Capitan and her ship, is starting to revert everything back into that original crystalline structure.
  • They don’t think the Sliver has a “consciousness” or anything - the most that can be said is how we anthropomorphize, say, magnets when we say that one will “want to” be close to another. It doesn’t “want” to revert reality to that primordial crystalline structure, but that’s just what it does in this situation.
  • Christopher now thinks that we end #683 at that point and things get resolved in the first bit of #684 with the bulk of that issue being the heroes getting home. Adam disagrees. With the story as they’ve developed it now, they can spend #684 fixing things and then La Capitan might just take them home. Adam also knows what he would do for the cover of #684 if that was what was being done - since the FF has just beaten up the ship’s usual crew, for this issue they are the crew.
  • Christopher thinks that the solution has to be that they “destroy” the Sliver of Creation. Now, whether that’s actually possible or if they only partly succeed or whatever isn’t necessarily covered in this issue, but that’s the solution to the problem. They’re not taking the possibility that it or part of it is still out there off the table for future stories, but for the internal logic of today’s issue that’s the plan. Adam counters with the possibility that putting it in “stasis” where nobody can find it might be better. Christopher then has the idea that you can’t put it somewhere where nobody can get to it. The only good place to leave it is in La Capitan’s hands now that she knows its dangers. Buried somewhere in the hold of La Comodora’s ship is the Sliver of Creation in stasis. It’s not “safe” there, just safer than leaving it anywhere else. Of course, that means that it was on the ship when she rammed the ship into OblivAeon.
  • This also nicely gives La Capitan an imperative. She had this plan to do a thing and just keep on keeping on, but now she has a job. That’s another reason to make sure that this version of her has some gray hair - we know that any version of her that’s younger than this one doesn’t yet have this thing.
  • So, how do they actually get this thing into stasis? Christopher posits that Sentinel Comics has Power that can be boiled down to 4 categories: Science, Magic, Cosmic, and Temporal. You have some levels of just plain “Martial prowess” as well, but you need something extra to do anything really out there (Mr. Fixer is basically Martial + Magic, Parse is Martial + Science + Cosmic, etc.). La Capitan and her ship covers Temporal. Science is also covered given that they don’t just have one Tachyon, but every Tachyon. You’d think that they’d be in trouble on the other two, but we at least have the Magical Freedom Five from Disparation vol. 1 #4. They’ve also got the Cosmic Freedom Five. Have they ever mentioned such a team before? No, but that doesn’t matter due to Multiverse nonsense.
  • Our characters have a discussion about how they’re going to need a conjunction of all of these various skills/powers and come to the same realization - that they have access to every version of themselves and therefore can pull together the relevant resources from across realities. This plays out with Tachyon (flipping between “standard”, mad-scientist, studious but unpowered, robot, etc.) pacing and describing the situation and the lack of Magic or Cosmic abilities, but then a Magical Absolute Zero chimes in with “I wouldn’t be too sure about that.”
  • We have Tachyon doing Science to this situation. She’s working through possibilities and winds up helping La Capitan steer the ship through the possibility space to find relevant multiversal variants for the other four heroes. Oh, or maybe they steer the ship around and find/create 4 copies of the ship each crewed with one “team” with the relevant power set/skills. So we’ve got the “main” ship with 4 others around it forming a compass rose of the four “power types” that all reality runs on. So the “magic” ship does a ritual, the “science” ship does an experiment, the “time” ship navigates, and the “cosmic” ship has the stars align and they pour their energy inwards to the main ship in the middle.
  • So, we have these extra ships join the formation with a La Capitan and Freedom Five that are appropriately-themed and they do their thing. Meanwhile on the main ship the team is losing as the Sliver continues to take over. When the four point ships finish, they send an energy beam up and then into the middle or something and it all coalesces into a single effect that then results in a big blast - clearing the deck and breaking a bunch of stuff, but also leaving the Sliver as a separate thing again. Everything is back to “normal” considering the situation.
  • Christopher thinks that some kind of “stasis” effect or “time bubble” or something needs to be established in the first few issues of the story. Some effect that is the reason the FF can’t use whatever time portal/machine/etc. they’ve found to go home and instead have to go to whatever it is that La Capitan has set up for them to do next. That way we’ve already established the “power” that she uses to put the Sliver into stasis now. Within this effect, there is not concept of Time and that’s how it prevents the Sliver from doing anything we don’t want it to do. It is certainly fine forever now.
  • There we go, one of the biggest stories they’ve done in a while now. Something of actually comparable stakes to OblivAeon, but contained to a few issues and then resolved. It’s possible that this story was an inspiration along the lines of “what if we did something else like that, but went much harder?”
  • It’s also fun that all of reality was at risk for a moment there, but only this small group of people know about it. They don’t even think that other versions of the heroes remember - once the Sliver is isolated again, they think the “experience” just all collapses back down to the main continuity versions. Maybe the next month’s Disparation issue [which would be volume 2 #57] has a FF team member mention having a really weird dream as a nod to what happened.
  • Anyway, the issue ends with her dropping the heroes off at home. Her work is not done, though. She saw the other versions of herself and knows they might eventually come after the Sliver of Creation. In the process they might mess more stuff up. She’s got to both try to fix things that she did over the last little bit here and then work to fix whatever other versions of her wind up doing too, all while keeping the Sliver safe. This is the beginning of the work that leads to La Comodora.


  • In the card game (well, in the non-Definitive version at least - so far) you can play with the 4 Void Guard decks and the Southwest Sentinels deck, for a total of 5 players with 8 hero character cards - we all know that “every game is canon” and since the heroes have a connection to a certain time pirate, do we ever see Void Guard working with the Southwest Sentinels in the pages of Sentinel Comics? We know that Void Guard worked with La Comodora. It definitely didn’t happen during the run of Southwest Sentinels and they don’t think there was enough time for it to happen because by the point they were Void Guard things were all pushing towards OblivAeon and then after that it can’t happen. If there was more time to work with after Void Guard became a thing, they imagine that it definitely would have been a thing that the comics did.
  • Is there going to be a Letters Page Live at Gen Con this year? If so, any ideas what the fun music thing is going to be this time? There will be a podcast recording on Saturday August 6 at 3pm EDT. Hey Trevor, we should figure out the music thing. To manage expectations, however, note that Adam will not be there. This will be Christopher and Paul (and Trevor) doing an episode.
  • Other than plundering whatever it is that she’s specifically there for, when La Capitan arrives at a new spacetime locality does she have anything that she “always” does? She drops anchor. Then furl the sails. Run out the longboats to row to shore. Stock up on rum and other provisions. Standard procedures.
  • Has she ever run into a version of herself that’s actually a Biomancer clone? They don’t see why not. There’s probably at least a story where a copy manages to get aboard the ship and then they do the bit where both claim they’re the real one and the other an imposter. Even if such a plan was successful, it’s not like a fleshchild would have the connection to time that she has.
  • Was it ever stated that Omnitron-X in the original timeline was only in the humanoid body (or rather the single body)? Yes, there’s just the one Omnitron-X in its original story.
  • Does its time travel technology require external infrastructure? Is the Omnitron of the alt-future sending copies of itself back in time and that’s how we wind up with 2 of them as it continues to send copies back as long as it continues to exist in its present (because “success” means it never existed)? That is not what happens. Omnitron-X is fully self-contained and it’s in the course of its own adventures that it creates the paradox that leads to there being 2 versions of itself.
  • I would argue that Omnitron-U has a soul as the sacrifice in Omnitron IV would kindle one that allowed it to survive it’s own death. [not a question] That argument is predicated on the assumption that something that doesn’t have a soul can “kindle” one through its own actions. They think that it’s possible that the mechanics they’ve established for the Multiverse could allow for that kind of thing to happen, so great! They love when somebody comes at them with a lore thing that is plausible. What they can say, however, is that it’s never made definitive within the pages of Sentinel Comics that Omnitron-U does or does not have a soul, although it is something that comes up now and again as a Metaverse question. Within the Metaverse context, there are likely both fans and actual comics writers in different factions that come down on all sides of this discussion (definitely yes, definitely no, souls aren’t even a real thing, etc.).
  • When whatever paradox happened that caused Omnitron-X to split into two versions of himself, was there a Timeline split as well or (because we’re dealing with a time traveler) did their split somehow only effect them? Was this actually clarified in the comics? Could other time travelers split themselves in a similar way? Absolutely yes, time travelers can do this. We know that La Comodora is hunting down other versions of herself and while some of them are from other universes, some are other versions of her in particular. If a time travel thing you do causes a paradox the result is that there’s one of you that did the thing and one that didn’t traveling in time now. Time splits don’t happen while “outside of time”, though. They also don’t think that there are multiple versions of La Comodora that split off after she became La Comodora - the point of her is that she’s being very careful about Time. There might be one story where she and Chrono-Ranger have to deal with one, but it’s notable being the one example. This is a piece of why she’s not a Singular Entity - she can wind up splitting versions of herself off like this.
  • Has there ever been a story where Chrono-Ranger interacted with himself? Is it even possible for people like Chrono-Ranger to cross their own timelines given the paradox potential? There is a story (a self-contained Chrono-Ranger story) where he arrives at a time and sees himself being killed and then has to work through things backwards. They also don’t hate the idea of a story where he runs into an elderly version of himself that he gets advice from or something. Still not like a team-up story or anything, though. They don’t think we have a story like that.
  • You said that CON was much more like “Unity’s daughter” than anything else: do you have plans for a story where CON introduces herself to Unity now that they’re in the same time (insert a nervous-teenager CON shy about talking to her “mom”)? They don’t think that CON thinks of herself as “the daughter of Unity” in, like, a familial relationship kind of thing. It’s more a handy shorthand than anything. There could be an interesting conversation there, but Christopher doesn’t really read CON as “young”. The voice might read as young somewhat, but CON’s just been around so long and isn’t really immature. Adam reads her sort of like Ben Gunn from Treasure Island - somebody who’s been isolated for way too long and some of the “young” voice might be a result of that isolation.
  • You mentioned that Blood Countess Bathory mostly sticks to herself in Vampire World and the other vampires seem to operate on different rules than you’d established (Pulse infected a bunch of people instantly where it seemed like The Court of Blood have to do a bit more [response: that’s true]) - do most of the vampires in Vampire World work differently from Bathory’s vampires? What are the differences? They think it has to be some kind of evolutionary change just for the sake of making the world work for the story. Also, they are way “tropier” vampires. There was a lot of work put in for the Court of Blood in terms of fitting them into the standard comics setting (although some of it was retcons - say somebody in the ’80s working out the whole Blood Magic thing). It was built up over decades of storytelling to feel like a distinct set of vampire lore. You go to make Vampire World? They’re just your standard vampires. They probably should have had somebody turn into bats at some point - maybe a later story.
  • Which heroes had the easiest and hardest times acclimating to being vampires? Oh, the Naturalist is the one who turns into a bat - he’s already used to having different forms with weird rules and stuff so he was probably pretty easy to pick things up. Absolute Zero had an easy time transitioning into “being cursed” and not losing himself as opposed to Legacy who lost himself in the process of becoming Bloodline. NightMist had a very easy transition, but also lost herself. Haka would likely be the obvious person who had a hard time dealing with the transition - if only because the process would be really drawn out as he resisted.
  • What is Brianna Hawke up to? How did you miss the opportunity to make a “blood sucking lawyer” joke? That is a missed opportunity. We have failed you.
  • Has anything happened in the pages of Sentinel Comics where characters who were licensed for one story had to be artfully ignored for the purposes of later stories that refer back to them (as a real world example, there are canonical Marvel comics that had the Transformers in them that now have to be ignored)? Shear Force is kind of close to that situation, but they’re owned by the same parent company and the way the Multiverse works kind of lets you get away with anything except for the stuff that Metaverse lawyers won’t let you get away with. That’s more of a question for the History of Sentinel Comics book and so if it happened it’s in there rather than something for them to answer off-the-cuff right now.
  • What is Biomancer’s fate in Vampire World (could he resist a bite if subjected to one)? Is Spite still around and as drugged-up as ever? We probably see a vampire Biomancer if only just because that’s fun. He likely does most of the same kinds of things, only with more blood along with the flesh stuff. Maybe he calls them his bloodchildren. In Vampire World when he gets bitten he becomes a vampire (who knows about the main continuity). There’s a point to consider that if he’s a vampire, he could probably just decide to not be one and with a little effort accomplish that goal. Spite’s probably on a bunch of blood drugs, sure.
  • Does the moon dust being spread everywhere in Vampire World make werewolves stronger, weaker, or neither? Does the spread-out, but omnipresent moon make them stronger-than-baseline more of the time, but reduce their top strength level due to there never being a full moon? Do we ever get a Werewolf/Vampire story in a later issue? They don’t think that there’s much room in Vampire World for werewolves. Maybe a late story where we have werewolves who had been driven underground because the night sky with no moon drives them mad or something. I dunno, seems like there’s something there. In that case, they like the idea that the omnipresent moon dust makes them wolfy all the time. We could call them lunatics.
  • Would the good guys in Vampire World be called the Citizens of the Sun? That’s an interesting thing. Citizen Dawn is likely not turned and fights against the Vampires, but needs to conserve her power since she no longer has access to sunlight. Maybe using her power and that of some of her Citizens they’re able to keep the sky open over Insula Primalis and it becomes something of a refuge of humanity.
  • In the Inversiverse Galactra/Captain Cosmic episode you depicted The Fervor as having a very hands-on relationship with her Scion - is that typical for Singular Entities and their Scions? Can multiple Singular Entities make the same person their Scion at the same time? Are all alternate universe Guises Scions? Did Wager Master pull the bad roommate thing on other Guises too? Does Wager Master have other non-Guise Scions (accidentally-made or otherwise)? They are sure that there are other Wager Master Scions out there. Guise isn’t Singular, so there are other Guises out there, but not all of them necessarily share the origin involving Wager Master (most of them are presumed to have a similar backstory, though, although in a universe-appropriate manner). The main continuity Guise’s origin is a very repeatable one. Those other “similar” Guises likely also count as Scions. It’s not like “Guise is a Scion of Wager Master” is a thing that comes up in the comics, though. They don’t think that most Singular Entities even set out to create Scions and they don’t think that Wager Master means to make them. The thing about somebody being a Scion of multiple Singular Entities can certainly happen in theory, but they don’t think we ever actually see such a case. It is notable that we see a Singular Entity directing their Scion in the Inversiverse Galactra story. That is not normal, by a long shot. Most of them are more in the Legacy vein, until the specific case of OblivAeon who’s using them as his lieutenants in The Plan™.

Cover Discussion

  • They said they were doing the March issue, #683. They already discussed the #684 one, though, so does Adam want to just do that one with the FF as her crew? Adam still wants to do #683 and might do #684 if he has time.
  • So, #683 is the one where they start in the brig and La Capitan already has the Sliver. Because she got it last issue, it’s not a spoiler to have the Sliver be on the cover. We probably have a thing where LC is front and center with the Sliver (which is up in front of the trade dress). Christopher suggests the “myriad versions of her” thing, but Adam thinks that’s too busy. We should have her there with the Freedom Five looking on in shock or whatever. We do want to have her be in the “anachronistic art style” thing, though.